Most Dangerous Sports: Thrilling Athletic Pursuits with Extreme Risks and Rewards

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Buckle up and get ready for a heart-pumping ride as we explore the world of the most dangerous sports. These sports are not for the faint of heart – they are for those who crave the rush of adrenaline and the thrill of pushing themselves to the limit. From soaring through the air in a wingsuit to facing down a raging bull, these athletes put their bodies and minds on the line to achieve greatness.

But where to come across such thrilling and adventurous moments? Obviously, we do not come across such fantastic moments quite often in our daily life but keep on doing our normal chores which make our life monotonous and transform us into less adventurous and pains-taking persons. 

Whether it’s the death-defying feats of BASE jumping or the intense physical battles of boxing and mixed martial arts, these sports demand a level of skill, courage, and endurance that is unparalleled. The risks are high, but so are the rewards – the satisfaction of conquering fear, pushing past limitations, and achieving the impossible.

So let’s take a closer look at the most dangerous sports in the world and the brave athletes who dare to take on these incredible challenges. From the rush of wind in your hair to the pounding of your heart in your chest, get ready to experience the thrill of the most dangerous sports on the planet.


Following are some of the most dangerous sports updated list which is very popular all over the world. 

37. Hockey

What can you say about the hockey game? It is cold and fun to watch. This could be the only sport without a fight in which you always run the risk of being hit. Despite a large amount of filler used by players, they still figure out how to crush their countenances and break bones in each game. Afterwards, they grin at the press after their ridiculous faces fill the games pages.

And to your surprise, there was a pair of blades attached to each player’s feet! Therefore, hockey, in addition to being a sport with known risks, may be greater than the possible rewards. Head injuries, such as concussions and other head-related injuries, occur when players come in contact with other players, boards, slip and fall, or are accidentally hit.

Girls get injured playing hockey

36. High Altitude Climbing

The high summits have always been challenging like k2 mountain elevation or climbing Mount Everest and require extreme guts and committed determination to surpass the top 10 highest mountain peaks. Besides the usual climbing dangers, people often have to pass over frozen dead bodies on the way, on steeps, on valley glaciers, and in the snow-rivers. Up there, every step is final as gravity also works against climbers.

When you reach a high altitude you can enjoy your success. Remember your work is only half done, for the return will not be an easy trot. UV radiation can harm your eyesight and you’re this very accomplishment may make you careless. One can never think of medical aid, physical rescue, or even helicopter assistance which is always uncertain under a fast-changing climate. The fatality rate is declining but is around one dying for every six summits. So this very popular most dangerous sport is a real test of the climber’s real physical and mental strength

High Altitude Climbing

35. Lawn Bowls

Lawn Bowls is a really popular game but the most dangerous sports as well. This game is the highest death claimer worldwide. The players are deeply involved in the game till their last breath. They stop at nothing short of victory, in their pursuit. Those who escape death end up with bruises, torn knees, broken hips, and bone fractures. The game generates extreme stress resulting in strokes and even heart attack. This most dangerous sport is very enthusiastic and produces nail-biting results whenever and wherever played.

Lawn Bowls

34. Cliff Diving

Highly most dangerous sports also include cliff in because it can never be called safe no matter what height you choose to dive. This is because it puts tremendous stress on your body even if you dive into a water body from a height of just 15 to 20 feet. Entering into the water feet first in a vertical line may reduce the stress a great deal which otherwise in a horizontal position feels like hitting a concrete. World High Diving Federation recommends a maximum height of 20m for the non-professional divers whereas professionals may jump from up to 148 ft because of high-level training and practice, but even they can sustain injuries. Cliff divers may experience dislocated joints, slipped discs, compressed spine, broken bones and even death.

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33. Jousting

Another highly most dangerous sports is jousting involving two armor-clad opponents charging at each other on horses while wielding 11-foot-long wooden lances. The target is to break the lance on the opponent’s shield on a metal plate fitted to his chest. Moreover, unhorsing is an added thrill and a sure way to rack up points in the contest. A lot of injuries including back and neck fractures, trampling from the horses, and even deaths do occur during this sport. King Henry II of France is the most prominent figure victimized to death while enjoying Jousting in 1559. So, one has to be pretty careful while playing this dangerous sport.25

Highly dangerous sport is jousting

32. LUGE

Olympic Games include a lot of fantastic games which fascinate the player as well as the spectators. Among these is included a dangerous sport under the name of Luge. Here, the athlete races down an icy, high-banked track at about 90 mph or 140km/h and proves himself a really brave person. At the last corner of the race, the Lugar has to bend or adjust his body at an angle of 270 degrees at a speed of 140 km/h. Here, he must have to be dead careful because he will lose his life due to a hairbreadth mistake. Very serious traumatic brain injuries and even deaths have occurred due to severe accidents in this activity.


31. White Water Rafting

This is a very dangerous water sport in which the rafter has to face a lot of risks and dangers. These include drowning, hypothermia causing an increase in the blood pressure, heartbeat, and breathing rate, equipment failure, dangerous water conditions, sunburns, etc. One has to be very careful while enjoying this sport which was introduced in the late 70s. Occasionally, casualties also result due to severe water conditions. Only a healthy and safety-conscious rafter can enjoy these most dangerous sports to the maximum.

White Water Rafting Most Dangerous Sports

30. Volvo Ocean Race

The Volvo Ocean Race is the longest ocean race and most dangerous sports that cover about 39000 nautical miles in a nine-month period. This is also known as the Endurance Challenge race. The tough and long journey through rough seas and oceans has no match. Participation is limited to 8 yachts. These pass through the freezing and chilling zones, near huge icebergs, and encounter relentless and horrifying storms just to mention a few hazards. The race is arranged every three years and each time a new course is adopted. The Somalian pirates have posed another possible dangerous obstacle to it. The race organizers are taking all precautions for safety during the race.

Volvo Ocean Race

29. Pole Vault

Another sport that appeals to the youth a lot is the one with an athlete having a long flexible stick in his hands and running at full speed towards a 20 feet high bar which he has to jump over. This is, undoubtedly, most dangerous sports which involves you first as a sprinter and an athlete and then as a gymnast when you jump over the bar keeping you well-poised and well aware of your body control and spatial status. At the same time, this sport also involves a lot of risks of head, spine, neck and pelvic injury. One safety measure has recently been taken by increasing the vaulter’s landing pad in dimensions. This measure has reduced the injury rate a lot while enjoying these most dangerous sports.


28. Swimming

Swimming is an individual or team sport with events in freestyle, back, breaststroke and butterfly.

All sports carry inherent risks, but swimming is the only one where you put yourself in danger when entering the sports field. Humans are not ideally designed to breathe in the water, so even experienced swimmers can be in danger in the pool if something unexpected happens. But it is not drowning that causes most swimming injuries: it is the repetitive strain of doing the same strokes for miles and this is the main risk for competitive swimmers. There were 202,051 injuries in total in 2010.

An Australian study followed 5 different clubs for 12 months, with 74 swimmers participating in a self-reported study. 38% of swimmers reported missing training due to a shoulder injury. 22% had injuries that lasted more than two weeks. Injury rates went from 0.2 to 0.3 per 1000 km.

Man doing Swimming

27. 24 Hours Of Le Mans, Le Mans, France

Le Mans is the most dreadful of all the car races in the world. This race was initiated in 1923 and has claimed over 130 death so far. The race strategy stresses the high speed and the number of miles each driver travels in 24 hours. Track-rounds are of lesser consideration. The winners are placed in different categories by classification. In 1955 a Mercedes-Benz driver Pierre Levegh crashed his car into the spectators stand killing himself and 83 visitors, extraordinary high speed enhances the chances of high death toll rate. In spite of that, a large number of spectators still come crowding to watch this race and most dangerous sports.

24 Hours of Le Mans

26. BAJA 1000 (Mexico and California)

The dune buggies, motorcycles and hundreds of non-conventional vehicles experience a 24-hour dune bump ride that includes numerous blind turns, channel crossing, wild terrain and unlimited thrills of the rugged and unfriendly track that stretches across 1000 miles. The cheering viewers also increase the menace by throwing objects on the track course. The film “Dust and GLORY” illustrates the horrors faced by the racing drivers and their companions. The few surviving vehicles and humans show signs of an extreme shake-up to an almost-breakup condition. This most dangerous sports not only tests the physical strength and stamina of the driver but also his mental endurance and tolerance towards the nuisance he passes through.

BAJA 1000

25. Baseball

Baseball is played between two teams of nine players with a bat and ball in a field and is positioned among the most hazardous games. Although it may seem like a safe, slow and contactless sport, it is extremely dangerous. And sure, injuries do happen. The arms break, the knees twist, and even the bones break.

At the point when a baseball is hit by a bat, the speed can increment to more than 100 miles for every hour. Players hit in the head by baseballs have suffered significant brain damage and other serious medical complications. A noteworthy number of wounds occur due to the repetitiveness of the game over and over, which can provoke shoulder precariousness, tendinitis, and joint irritation.

Baseball injuries

24. Macau Grand Prix, Macau, China

There are two races organized and over 300 participants attend these events. The motorcycle event is held in the morning while the car race takes place in the evening. The tight city roads form the race track that involves extra thin turns making the whole affair most Dangerous Sports. The riders get killed even in warm-up sessions. This apparently charming and attractive sport is a real ditch inwardly. It allures the drivers to get underway but gradually takes them to the worst and may in their death.

Macau Grand Prix

23. Iditarod

Iditarod is also known as the “Last Great Race”. The rough Alaskan ice terrain is always changing its shape across the 1150 miles track that crosses mountains, tundra, and snow forests. The Dog-sled racers face temperatures of minus 50 degrees and strong cold winds. The organizers of this brutal race simply ignore the high count of the dogs that die during the races. The race participants suffer snow-bites, bruised or broken ribs and legs, broken bones and concussions. Rarely people finish the race unsheathed. So far only about 700 people have reached the FINISH LINE while Mount Everest has been surpassed by more people.

This clearly shows the toughness this sport has for its performers. But, this is the thrill wanted by most dangerous sports lover.


22. Helicopter Skiing

Having been originated from the Canadian Snowcapped Rockies in the mid-1960s, a more adventurous but dangerous variant of regular skiing, Helicopter Skiing, is increasingly becoming popular the world over. Here, a helicopter is used to uplift the hard-core, super fit thrill seekers to the carefully recommended snow-covered mountains from where they are to enjoy their skiing down the snowy slopes. The world’s dream Heli-skiing area is Canada’s British Columbia with 11-meters plus of super dry snow, steep tree-lined pitches and wide open glacial bowls. These most dangerous sports allows the skiers or snowboarders to enjoy the really natural mountain environment with the infinite joy of Heli-skiing and the minimum risk of injuries involved in this activity. Muscular and skeletal injuries do occur during this activity which may even lead to the skier’s death. In short, if performed with care, this dangerous sport may be converted into a jubilant adventure imparting a thrilling pleasure to its performer.


21. Basketball

This sport is dangerous but it is a massive game. Typically, basketball is a sport played by 2 teams of 5 players on a rectangular court. The goal is to launch a ball through the 18-inch diameter, 10-foot-high hoop mounted on a board at each end. And in the same way, it’s the holder of the absolute record of injuries as stated by American statisticians, almost half a million injuries annually!

Basketball causes the most harm to adult athletes in their 20s and 30s. Well, the jerks on the floor in different directions that especially damage the knee: the rupture of the Achilles tendon. The latter leads to the fact that a person can no longer restore previous speed and sharpness. General trauma also occurs in the knees, hips, ankles, and even the face.

Let me describe why it is not the safest sport in the world due to the large size of the players. Heights of up to seven feet tall and weights of 300 pounds are not uncommon. When they collide, serious injuries can occur.

Man playing Basketball Game

20. Isle Of Man Tourist Trophy, Isle of man, U.K.

The high-speed motorcycle race runs along the narrow pathways, streets and stone-lined tracks of the 33  x-13 miles island. In 1907, the original track was designed for bicycle racing. Later on, the motorcycles were introduced. The modern fast racing machines have made it very hazardous as the old-fashioned tracks cannot accommodate the super speeds and this is why about 200 racers have lost their lives so far, and become most dangerous sports

The scintillation and jubilation it imparts is the real charm of this most dangerous sports, through very fatal at times as well.

Isle Of Man Tourist Trophy

19. Cave Diving

The diver dives down about 100 feet into an unknown pitch completely at the mercy of the conditions underneath the surface. The base jumper’s safe landing depends on the parachute opening while the cave diver’s return depends upon what he discovers below. These most dangerous sports may result in the spinal cord or brain injury along with the chances of heart or lungs failure. Besides, unfriendly creatures may also get attached to them. Reportedly over 500 have died since the first such dive in 1960.

Cave Diving

18. Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is a very tough and courageous sport but carries a high death toll rate. The spirits and strength are at the optimum level when ascending. These are at the lowest level when descending. The slippery tracks, climatic changes too much and fatigue make it hazardous to retrieve. Medical help is almost impossible up there while helicopter assistance is always uncertain.

The insurance classification rates this sport at category 5 which is next to naked knife sports. About 20 lives are claimed each year in the U.S.A. alone. Just imagine how many could be there across the globe. Nevertheless, this is one of the most dangerous sports in the world over. Sport with most deaths

Rock Climbing Most Dangerous Sports

17. Bullfighting

Bullfighting is a dangerous sport that involves a rider who gets on a bull and tries to stay mounted while the animal tries to resist the rider. To receive a score, the rider must remain on top of the bull with the use of a hand holding a rope tied behind the bull’s front legs.

This sport involves a bull, and bulls are big and scary, no matter where you face them. Neck and head injuries, along with bone fractures, are common in bullfights. Bull riding, due to its level of difficulty, definitely deserves a place among the most dangerous sports.

Bullfighting may not be associated with extreme sports, but it is surely dangerous. You can get out of the field with your legs or take your next ride by ambulance! This is because one of those bulls, weighing up to 1800 pounds, can crush a fallen rider under its weight. And you can imagine the wounds!

Bullfighting injuries

16. Downhill Biking

Just the very thought of a 12-inch wide trial running downhill at 20-40 miles per hour, hurtling through rock formations, and flying around the corners fills one with the utmost thrill and excitement as well as fear. This dangerous sport has become very popular worldwide apart from the fact that it involves many a risk of endangering one’s life. Broken bones, concussions, internal bleeding, and organ damage are some of the major injuries involved in this dangerous sport. One Downhill biker suffers a major injury per ten bikers. The main reason/cause of the accident consists of two lapses, 70% biker’s error, and 30% trail’s condition. Knowing what to expect will keep you a lot safe on the mountain. Always keep in mind the relative dependence of speed on gravity, the bike’s condition, the recommended lessons, and the importance of gear while undertaking downhill biking. So, enjoy this thrilling sport with a proper amount of caution.


15. Big Wave Surfing

Wave surfing is great fun and gives unlimited joy. Surfers with a lot of guts and a high level of alertness can only risk riding the giant 50 feet water walls. These monster waves can offset life for miles deep into the coastlines. The huge force can kill the surfers or bury them deep underwater to drown or smash onto hidden rocks.

If the board hinge sticks they are pulled along with a force that can bulldoze complete house structures in seconds. Often sharks are drawn in which increases the hazards. People regard big wave surfing as Most Dangerous Sports by bikini-clad girls and their rescuers, when wave intensity persists. Most of the rescued survivors stay paralyzed for months, if lucky to have avoided the sharks.

Big Wave Surfing Most Dangerous Sports

14. Longboarding

This is a type of skateboarding using a longboard instead of a regular skateboard. Longboarders often practice on open roads which increase the chances of injuries due to various obstacles in the form of moving vehicles and light poles coming on the way. Longboarders often suffer from head injuries and bone fractures including intracranial hemorrhage. The use of the helmet may reduce the injury rate to a great extent. This sport may also cause traumatic brain injury, which may even result in the longboarder’s death. Skateboarding is a bit less dangerous comparatively most dangerous sports because they use a regular skateboard in place of a longboard.

Longboarding dangerous sport

13. Buzkashi

Buzkashi, very popular in the central-Asian countries but least popular among the Western countries, is another very risky and Most dangerous sports. Often played as a symbol of prestige by a lot of Afghan heads of tribes, this sport involves the dragging of a goat-carcass by a number of horsemen towards their arena. Both the players and the spectators are at great risk of getting injured although no weapons whatsoever are allowed to be used. The horsemen use the whip to push up the horse, but sometimes they beat the opponent with it as well. Hair pulling and grabbing the opponent from his horse cause a lot of consequent injuries which range from ordinary bruises and fractures to even the death of the participants. This most dangerous sport also has a great political impact on the society.

BUZKASHI Most Dangerous Sports

12. Football

Football is a sport played by two teams with goals at each end. Also, it is the definitive sport that combines speed, strength, planning and teamwork.

Of course, like any other form of contact, injuries and even accidents are sometimes inevitable. First, the usual injury to a football player is a ruptured cruciate ligament and other knee injuries, sprains, fractures, and bruises. This happens not only among professionals and has a tangible impact on the future life. Second, the problem with football is a concussion: 8% of players won this dangerous injury. In 2012 alone, there were 394,350 pediatric injuries reported by football.

It may be hard to believe, but football is one of those very dangerous sports. In the past, it was even more dangerous than today, as the first games left dozens of dead on the field. Head-to-head collisions were often to blame for most life-changing deaths and injuries, as the protective gear was rudimentary compared to what you see today.

Football Players

11. Snowboarding

A good combination of skiing, surfing, and skateboarding is another most dangerous sports, snowboarding. It has become very popular winter sport over the last two decades. Like all other dangerous sports, it also involves the risk of injuries. Snowboarders often get their wrists and ankles injured and sometimes they also get their major organs/areas badly hurt which may even cause their death. These injuries can be avoided by using a helmet and other protective gear. Also, you may use your heels or toes to control your board instead of putting your whole weight on the board which will make you unbalanced. Always try to keep your center of gravity over the middle of the board and keep your knees bent so that you may keep enjoying your snowboarding.


10. Bull Riding- Most Dangerous Sports

Bull riding was entirely associated with Old Western Ranching activities. In the earlier fairs, some sort of cattle/bull gymnastics laid the basis of the bull riding that we see today. This sport is painful for the animal as its genitals are tied to make it more ferocious. The bull exhausts its energy by hurling its 1700 lbs. weight twisting, leaping and tossing the rider, at times, 10 feet up in the air. The rider’s abilities reflect how he manures his fall whether on the animal or on the one-inch layer of dust cushion on the ground. Consider being the most dangerous sport in the world.

The ultimate fate of the rider depends on the posture of the landing. He is lucky if he does not hit the ground flat or get locked on the horns for another big toss. At times, the bull gives a horrible chase when the rider lands upright within its reach. The breaking of jaws, ribs and collar bones is quite common. The other participants help divert the bull’s attention, otherwise, this sport would involve much bloodshed of the riders. In short, this is fantastic most dangerous sports which keep the riders ever alert and on the psychological guess to enjoy it to the maximum ever at the cost of his life.

Bull Riding most dangerous sports

09. Boxing

No one can reasonably argue that boxing is not the most dangerous sport. Most boxers end up with some type of enduring injury, be it vision or coordination issues, discourse obstructions, or even brain damage. And also, they have been disabled in wheelchairs.

Boxing has to do with violence, where the only objective of the participant is to hit his opponent; not surprisingly, this is not an injury-free sport. Statistics reveal that 90% of boxers suffer brain damage during their career. In any case, with the privilege of defensive rigging, you can limit the danger of injury.

Approximately 10 people die each year in boxing from approximately head and neck injuries sustained. The number grows much more when you consider the number of people who died after a prolonged race of hitting their heads.

boxing fight

08. Cheerleading

The past few decades have seen a development of a new joyful but risky trend in sports. The morale lifting is entrusted to dancing girls grouped just outside the field lines. They jump into action at the slightest advantage taken by their team. These girls in skimpy outfits cannot feel the danger instantly.

All happens in seconds when team players chasing the ball suddenly change direction or the fast superstars are carried over by their sheer body momentum and come banging into these fragile jumping dolls completely unprotected to bear such impacts. The result is obvious. The whole glamour vanishes away instantly by the sudden onrush of misery in this most dangerous sport. Broken legs, ribs, spinal injuries, and bruises are the most common. Reportedly about 20000 cheerleading girls suffer injuries every year worldwide. Much is needed by them safety-wise. There are many arguments is cheerleading a sport?

Cheerleading most dangerous sports

07. Mixed Martial Arts

The most beautiful and fantastic sport on the earth is mixed martial arts (MMA). It gives a real thrill to watch two highly skilled fighters showing MMA’S techniques in the cage. But, at the same time, MMA is an equally MOST DANGEROUS SPORTS as well in which the main objective or target of the player is to hurt the opponent to the maximum. A lot of injuries or even casualties may occur at any time not only during the fight but also during the training. The training sessions of MMA are perhaps the most arduous physical endeavor in the world. Muscles pull, ribs fracture, bones break, head or skull gets injured quite often even during training sessions. These most dangerous sports can never be made safe and secure because they will lose all their charm if a fighter does not hurt his opponent.

Mixed Martial Arts Most Dangerous Sports

06. Rugby

The world’s roughest and brutal contact sport has the least protective gear. This is regarded as the maximum injury prone game. The vicious tackling produces far more broken bones, torn muscles, and concussions than even martial arts. The totally absorbed players don’t stop till exhausted by injuries. The flow and rhythm once established can hardly be stopped. This is the beauty of this most dangerous sports, but all this may also prove quite lethal sometimes.

Rugby Most Dangerous Sports

05. Bicycle riding

Cycling also involves a large number of victims. Many might immediately conclude that injuries can be attributed to extreme mountain biking, while in fact, the primary cause is ‘other vehicles’. According to The New York Times, in 2009, about 86,000 people were treated for head-related cycling injuries.

Bicycle riding can also be dangerous because cyclists travel so close to each other that falling off can create a buildup, causing numerous injuries to many different cyclists. In the same period, 22 deaths occurred in the competitive sport of cycling.

It is not so easy to classify sports according to the dangers involved. Many sports have not made this list, but that does not necessarily make them less dangerous. But one thing to remember is that being prepared and taking the necessary protective measures could go a long way, possibly even saving your life!

Boy doing Bicycle Stunt

04. Base Jumping

This is the sport of sports to participate in. The person has no control or checks on his performance. It all depends on the parachute. Jumpers are simply blind-betting their life on whether it opens or not. Either the jumper will land safely or embrace his death otherwise. Apart from being very risky, this sports appeals to the youth a lot. But at the same time, Base Jumping has consumed over 180 lives since its start around 1980 that’s why its most dangerous sports

Another very vast but Dangerous aspect of base jumping is the use of a wingsuit while performing the skill. It makes the jumper more attractive and compact but, unfortunately, it is causing more deaths than otherwise. The reasons behind this fact are the lack of know-how about it, the over-confident approach while wearing it, and the unnecessary mishandling of this suit on the part of the jumper. A little bit more awareness and carefulness may make these most dangerous sports safer a lot.

Base Jumping most dangerous sports

03. Soccer

Soccer is a game known for its distress more than its players, soccer is a risky game for some reasons. As it is a low-scoring sport, players take this sport very seriously and the fact that it is the most mainstream sport around the world.

Soccer is classified as a dangerous sport due to the frequency of injuries. Statistics state that there is a 75% chance of having a concussion in this game, compared to 5% in other games. People chasing just one ball and often throwing with one or two feet to attack their opponents is an activity that often goes wrong. Besides, leg muscles and ligament injuries are very frequent. Still, all of this doesn’t make players compete fiercely in soccer leagues around the world.

Every player is aware of the risk to their body and brain throughout their career, but the sheer love for the sport and the massive following of fans keep the fire alive in them.

goalkeeper saves penalty

02. Gymnastics

Though very charming and appealing outwardly, gymnastics may also prove most dangerous sports at times. It requires a lot of practice and stamina to be a good gymnast. The balance, strength, flexibility, and control of a gymnast is always superb and are tested time and again. The body shape of a gymnast is in the phase of natural perfection but it may get badly hurt if there is a slight mistake or carelessness on the part of the performer. Wrist and spinal fractures, ankle sprains, and neck and head injuries are quite common among the various damages caused by gymnastics. Only a gymnast can understand the real spirit and passion behind or within gymnastics. In short, apart from the risks involved, gymnastics is an excellent sport for youngsters and one of most dangerous sports


01. Horseback Riding

The most dangerous sports of riding on a horse’s back itself gives you more pleasure and divert your emotions toward freedom. Your senses and body become more agile, able to adjust start to discover the balance of your physique against the gravitational force of the ground.  You can never imagine how the weight of this giant animal can harm you while riding. Sometimes your first five minutes of a ride affect your whole life by having serious injuries.

For riders, it’s a challenging job in terms of commitment, time, patience, and most importantly building a bond with your horse. Build a good relationship with your animal and don’t go against him. Sometimes an experienced person is paralyzed when their horse kicked them down.

Just like horseback riding, other sports cheerleading, gymnastics, rugby, and bull riding are extremely Most Dangerous Sports that put your life at risk.

Horseback Riding most dangerous sports

What is The Most Dangerous Sport

Apart from these normal regular sports, there are some specific most dangerous sports which seem to be a bit dangerous outwardly but actually, they are the real bold games and sports.

These most dangerous sports require a lot of valor, stamina, strength, mental force, and a sharp IQ level. These most dangerous sports teach their players a lot and inculcate such qualities in them as to be helpful in their personal grooming and daily life.

Some people are of the view that such dangerous sports are a great security risk and the players may lose their lives while playing. I think this is a pessimist approach and is a poor attempt to reduce the charm and spell of these sports. Moreover, life and death go hand in glove with each other.

Every living being is bound to die whether or not he is a part of these most dangerous sports. What a man can do maximum is sheer carefulness on his part and then he should leave and everything up to God. He is the Creator who will take utmost care of His creatures and will protect them until the final time of their death destined to them.

So, it is very much advisable to take part and enjoy these most dangerous sports and improve your confidence and boldness and then face real-life affairs with the same confidence and boldness with safety measure.

Statistics: Sports injuries

   Number of injuries by age
Sport or activityInjuries (1)Percent concussion-
related (2)
than 5
5 to 1414 to 2425 to 6465 and older
Bicycle riding488,123320,085147,91687,869195,57636,646
Exercise (3)361,55115,69636,94775,015196,44547,432
Swimming (4)191,396218,08979,31232,30951,53710,133
Weight lifting107,65513,1608,92134,83356,5354,206
Skating–roller (5)57,192<0.538030,5868,75516,735736
Horseback riding56,72777549,26814,40228,0554,248
Golf (6)37,369<0.58553,9581,98212,96417,610
Gymnastics (7)35,063268627,6575,0191,68016
Track and field32,237211412,82114,3474,719237
Martial arts26,94931817,3517,82311,451143
Water skiing7,335405442,5353,946311
Hockey–street, roller, field5,9016171,7662,6351,4830
Water tubing5,280901,2051,3362,69049
Mountain climbing5,1862913151,8742,87731
Racquetball, squash and paddleball4,354<0.563921,1082,081767
Billiards, pool3,29921267523141,601506

Source: Insurance Information Institute

Most Dangerous Sports & Human Nature

Humans have a unique trend that is built-in their nature. Some opportunities exaggerate them adversely in extremes of good and bad just like most dangerous sports, and some refine their personality to differentiate between love and hate, selflessness and selfishness, it is noticed that the more developed societies are adopting extreme positions in their lifestyles. The less fortunate societies generally prefer midway options or have no choice at all.

The Old and Modern Sports: People had less mechanization and communication facilities and therefore less leisure. The sports encouraged fair play and had well-defined safety standards. The basic idea behind this was to promote physical fitness and a healthy body for all age groups. Latter more competitions induced professional players. The games then lost their calm atmosphere. Today some most advanced societies are encouraging very rough, most dangerous sports and pain-inflicting trends in their most popular sports and games that kill hundreds of participants every year. We must THINK to find the causes and again THINK how to reduce these damaging trends.

The modern space and computer age have increased the development pace faster than societies, as a whole, can really adjust to or fully understand its utilization, accept a few. The new technologies are promoting tremendous convenience in our lifestyles. The priority goals are being achieved much quicker, than a century earlier such as a house, stable handsome income, distant traveling in no time, ample leisure time, and all worldly enjoyments that are accessible to all including wealth, women, and wine. The fulfillment of basic needs leaves nothing more to be desired in the developed world.

Human nature is also designed to promote self-prominence, and self-respect, to be ranked top class, to lead others, to race ahead of others, and to achieve the ultimate feats that stay recorded unbeaten for long. More recently devilish selfish trends have propped up To DICTATE and ACQUIRE, what is desired by ‘Hook or by Crook’. This attains personal satisfaction and is the result of the increasing leisure time that keeps the mind VACANT for a long and renders it devil’s playground. The devil knows all intricate tricks to fool us and leads us to our self-destruction.

The Japanese have an increasing trend of committing suicide. Having satisfied all their worldly desires and nothing more to achieve, they consider it the bravest act. Most dangerous sports and life-risking exposures of ourselves to the extremes for the sake of momentary pleasures and “CHANGE”, means the same. We have nothing more to achieve, so who cares what happens?

Nothing else but most dangerous sports can bring this zeal and zest to our lives and make us daring and courageous to tackle the risky and puzzling situations in life.

Usually, all sports and athletic activities count a lot and produce a very healthy influence on both body and mind, but most dangerous sports are really very much thrilling and inspire the players and viewers with such vigor and fervor as to be required to meet the real dangers of life.

Again, sports are also of various categories demanding different levels of physical and mental involvement both on the part of the players and the viewers. Some sports and games are regular and everyone can play them according to the defined rules and regulations rather than most dangerous sports.

Such sports and games are very popular all over the world and their players and good performers are recognized and awarded at all levels. Besides, these sports carry equal weight in all the countries of the world.

Someone interested in most dangerous sports in the world should think very carefully before engaging in activities

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