The Mind Power a Living Creatures Powers to Think

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in-postMind Power: Our creator has given all living creatures powers to think, build, react to danger and love the surroundings to fulfill his needs. We see daily how animals find food, approach cautiously and fly away at the slightest disturbance. Keen observation will show that though animals are adaptable, still their basic needs are provided by nature indirect consumable form and their original lifestyle remains the same over the centuries.

This proves their brains resemble a fixed robotic programmed computer unable to alter the basic cycle or show signs of any ‘Free Will’—- the basic ingredient for ‘Change’.


The Ultimate Mind Power

The humans have the most complicated ‘Brain’ mechanism. The fastest computer with unlimited expanding memory capacity that allows split second decisions and reactions to what we see, feel and encounter. Besides controlling and managing millions of functions performed daily within and by our body, all on its own otherwise we would not have time to do anything else. The animal brain also does the same. In more simple terms humans are ‘Animals plus Free Will’.

The Invisible Mind is the spiritual self that is the Ultimate Master of the human beings. The physical brain is governed by this abstract or invisible Mind, Just as the body is dead without Soul.

The Mind uses the God-given Free Will powers to think above the animal instincts to explore the surrounding world, objects, landscapes, the climates, the space above the earth analysing why these are there and for whom. The intellectual instincts discovered how the objects and materials can be put together or divided to form new items to benefit.

This ‘Change’ instinct is in reality the ‘Free Will’ that God bestowed on the human beings providing them the cutting edge over animals. How we use it we are answerable to Him. Today we are cultured, clothed, communicate and use uncountable discoveries and inventions made through the ages to facilitate our living. All this tremendous betterment came about through centuries of continued pondering and instinctive deductions made by the more gifted persons using their strong ‘Will Power’ or recently termed ‘Mind Power’.

Mind Power

450px-63_-_Final_steps_-_From_eater_become_Food_and_from_Fierce_become_Sweet copyRecent studies in quantum physics that everything in the universe releases vibrations of energy. Similarly our thoughts also release positive or negative energy. As advocated, success is attracted by positive emissions. The therapists claim we can improve our work by how we think and practice. Control of thoughts restore mind at peace and then the focus is directed at what positive we wish to achieve. It helps us to do so.

The Sub-conscious Mind or the Sixth Sense

We are all aware of the sixth sense and often talk about it. This invisible power cautions us of danger, warns us of shrewder minds around us and helps us take considered decisions. Dreams true or false, are the product of our subconscious mind or also known as our Second mind. Most of us do not take note of its mysterious working. Medical scientists now believe that creating an understanding with it will help us forecast better planning. This is something that can see into the immediate future. We can listen to this inner being with some practice. The two minds work together.

Mind Power and Success

The experts are propagating mind power training to help achieve positive goals successfully. People are using therapies designed to reconstruct the attitudes towards success. The goals and aims to be achieved are targeted and fixed. Various suitable techniques are applied for mind convincing and to improve behavior. These are:

1.     Creative Visualization.         2.   Affirmation.

2.    Thought Transference.        4.   Motivation.

5.   Thinking Big.

Creative Visualization

Creative Visualization

You are required to decide of your major goal. Then imagine it, thinking about it and enjoy as if the goal is already achieved and you are living in the period of achievement. This may be a little difficult at first, but soon the images will start clearing towards the goals fixed. This can be practiced in day time like ‘day dreaming’ and several times a day, to be successful. This works with good results.



Affirmations are the positive statements that we say and are repeated over and over again, to ourselves loud and within our mind. These words will gradually sink within the subconscious mind and affects the behavior and actions. This technique is affective when:

  • Thinking is positive.
  • Use right words to describe your goals.
  • Affirmation should be short and simple.
  • Only say the words and do not force yourself to believe them.

Thought Transference

Thought Transference

Continuous failures badly affect the working of the mind. The minds hidden powers are to be awakened. The weaker minds can be helped by friends by transferring their positive thoughts to revive the confidence, as ‘you can do it’. The disturbed minds can develop their concentration and Will power by controlling their positive thoughts, patience and determination. This helps to heal and influence others for good social contacts.



We cannot achieve anything if we are not motivated towards our goals desired. Think often about the positive changes, benefits, and advantages of success in the desired objectives. Motivation generates tremendous power to help strengthen your association with goals.

Thinking Big

High Altitude Climbing

Think of the bigger goals that you desire to achieve. Do not limit your thinking as this poses limitations. Your targets fixed should be achievable. Avoid supernatural desires. This will help you expand your vision your limited consciousness will awake giving you unlimited thinking.

Benefits of Mind Power Programming

  • This relaxes body, mind and soul
  • Fears and phobias are done away with
  • Sleep and digestion improves
  • Stamina and energy are sustained
  • Eliminates stress and anxiety
  • Immune system is made stronger
  • Pains and aches are cured successfully
  • Healing power is enhanced

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