How to Increase Your Brain Power

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Girl Practicing Brain powerBrain is supposed to be the centralized controlling organ in human body. It can be compared to a microprocessor in a computer. It has the ability and responsibility to control all the voluntary as well as involuntary actions of the body. It has various control modes like electrical and muscular impulses or chemical secretions like hormones etc.

Majorly the strength of brain is determined by the way it responds to queries, memory capabilities including retrieval, the functioning of various activities, balance, timing, accuracy, learning and analysis skills etc.

Brain too like an automobile gets spoilt when not used. Push the limits of your capacity; do multitasking, develop ambidexterity, solve puzzles, riddles and inculcate logical approach to accomplish things.

Ways To Increase Brain Power

Practice the habit of analyzing things, calculating your bills in your mind rather than a calculator, and try to solve simple things with reason and logic. For example: you have 2 routes to reach your office; calculate distances approximately, the traffic scenarios prevalent, number of turns and traffic signals you encounter and your average car speed to analyze which route is better. That’s not all; develop your own criteria and priorities in determining solutions to problems.

Ways To Increase Brain PowerTry to think beyond the ordinary. If you have some waste materials to throw, wait for a moment and look at all the items to view something creative, innovative and unique. Defy the rules of the world – allow your brain to think without constraints.
Your physical habits and practices too play a major role in the quality of brain functioning. Ensure good supply of sufficient fresh air to your body everyday. Oxygen supply through blood can pump up the energy levels among the neurons (nervous cells). Practice Yoga, aerobics, Spend 20 minutes daily for mental gymnastics exercises or simple regular fitness exercises to not only keep your mind fit but also to keep your whole body fit.

Meditation is one of the best and easiest methods of improving brain power substantially. It helps improve your concentration powers, speed and accuracy in doing things.

Eat healthy! Eat lot of fruits, vegetables, berries, green leafy food in their natural form. Food rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals like grains, legumes, egg, milk, fish are all excellent to keep your bodily systems in tact including nervous system. Avoid oily and fat rich food as they tend to make us lazier and reduce our interests in those activities which require mind power.

Quit disgusting and harmful habits like using tobacco in smoking or any other form. You might only feel that smoking improves concentration, but actually it’s only channelizing your energy on a very temporary basis and on a longer run destroys your natural brain power.

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