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When brain comes under the process of some difficult and complex cognition is known as mental gymnastics.
In other words, when a brain tries to solve complex arguments used to justify unjustifiable settlements or situations.

What is mental gymnastics?

When we hear or read word mental gymnastics, we consider it as go to the gym and give a shape of the brain to make it flexible. But the fact is converse. The Brain has a very dominant network with the whole body and control all system like CPU. The brain undergoes different changes with age, but the scientists are not sure how much age effects on the ability of thinking and reasoning.

Why does mental gymnastics essential?

There is a famous phrase about the brain use it or lose it. Carl W.Cotman, a neurologist at the University of California, from the number of studies assured him that a brain continuously performs very well if it is always in use. The brain consist of numerous nerve cells and each cell performs a specific function. Further, he adds that scientists have analyzed from laboratory studies the nerve cells remain healthy if they are active and firing electrical impulses. A famous mathematician Ronald Graham quoted that “once you stop learning, you start to die”. So according to above definition mental gymnastics is essential to retain brain engage in some activities to defend it from any mesh.

women doing Gymnastics Mental Block

What is a Gymnastics Mental Block

The mental block is a common hinder most probably in all aspects of human life. A mental block is when brain comes under high pressure due to some reasons. That pressure arose because of high expectations not only set by ourselves but also dearest people whose we love lots. As a known fact we all learn from mistakes, but some mistakes push us towards high mental pressure. The mental block is a fear which detracts you from performing your any specific skills. In this condition, our anxiety and stress level up. However, it’s a measure of degree may high or low according to undergoes circumstances. Anything we find against our nature creates stress and anxiety, and it puts an effect on the brain. During mental blockage, nerve cells can’t perform very well.

Mental Blocks in Gymnastics

Gymnastics is an unsafe sport due to high risk of injury. Mental blocks are the worst part of gymnastics. Sometimes it happens for no reason but despite this gymnast can complete a task without any problem. There are lots reasons of mental blocks in gymnast’s life. The same case in cheerleading, cheerleaders commonly experience the fears or mental block.

Factors to cause Mental Blocks

There are series of factors behind mental blocks.

Social factor

A human being is a social animal and can’t live without social circles and almost all human beings influenced by this factor. All of us like praise but in reverse we give critics. Negative comments will never be able to move gymnast up and don’t get a skill. Under society pressure, we adopt many habits even either we are comfortable or not.

Due to social pressure, gymnast’s mental capability becomes limited instead of limitless. Bitterness and menace can cause more stress in a gymnast. There is an unfavorable situation creates for a gymnast when he/she has to choose between to be a part of the fun out of a gym or go for the practice, skill can suffer.

Ineffective Coaching

Another significant factor of mental blocks for a gymnast is worthless coaching. Sometimes a coach gets irritated and tries to yell or punish the gymnast enough to unstuck him. It depends on a coach to create a fearful or fearless gymnast. Coach’s responsibilities are not only to train gymnast for specific skills, but he must be a good psychologist to build confidence. Every gymnast has different motivators and can change with the passage of time. So if the problem of mental block is ineffective coaching then must go outside the gym for a solution.

Fear factor

Fear is the big issue in the category of mental gymnastics.
There are series of mental blocks related to fear in the gymnast life .

Fear of injury/re-injury

A gymnast always learns lots and builds confidence through past success or failure. He/she has to face a high risk of injuries during a game. Sometimes they get lessons to move forward, but in some worst-case scenario, he/she gets a falls image of injuries.

Fear of embarrassment

Gymnastics is a psychic sport, and you can lose your balance, confidence through little error. Sometimes the gymnast becomes little bit show off and tries to be accurate above his/her level. After not performing well he/she has to face embarrassment. The embarrassment can put an effect on the craft of gymnast. In this case, a gymnast should avoid embarrassment and stuck to his/her goals.

Fear Factors


There is some fears come under the perfectionism. As

  • Fear of let down
  • Fear of looks
  • Fear of failure
  • Fear of success

In these cases, two types of a gymnast evolved. One is newcomer gymnast who will conscious about letting down people, looks, and failure, another type the gymnast who is an experienced for success but can come under pressure from juniors.

A gymnast can overcome all fears through commitment. As a human being, the gymnast has to face all pressures, but he/she must be dedicated and throw out all complexities out of the gym.

How to overcome mental blocks in gymnastics

By the following steps, a gymnast can overcome mental gymnastics issues.

  • Effective coaching
  • Family encouragement
  • Do more practice with good thoughts

The key to overcoming pressure to resolve it as.

  • Stay focused and dedicated
  • Self-trust and optimism
  • Stay away from negative feelings

Mental gymnastics exercises

When we exercise our muscles, they become strong and act well. Most people don’t know that brain needs activities. Like a body, the mind needs to be incited and equipped to reach its full potential. Spending 20 minutes daily for doing such acts to pull out your nervous brain from any severe type of trauma.

Two minutes mind work out

Let’s try some silly work out like to stay on one leg or raise your hands up using gymnastics bars for a half minute withholding any light things and the same activity try for another leg or hand. This technique will help you to overcome mental gymnastics.


If you are familiar with a strategy or puzzle games, then you are out of danger. Such types of games instantaneously convert your attention and change your mood. The puzzle is the best act save you from mental gymnastics.

Backward spellings

The mind-stretching techniques that will help you to come out from the pressure. Choose some words from any newspaper or books and then make more new words from them.

Enjoy your childhood

Do behave like a child and to dive deeply of yourself in your innocent childhood. Sometimes by doing ridiculous acts get away us from boring routines.

Break routine

Diversity from conventional work is very helpful in mental gymnastics. Like body brain also require some space, peace, and change.

You can try even these techniques in which you can forget your level of pressure at somehow as readings, surfing, exercising, driving or go to your favorite place for picnic or eatings.

Mental gymnastics is a physical exercise that develops our concentration, coordination, and alertness. We can keep our brain healthy and active through work and avoid worries. To hold the brainbox must keep it busy in some tasks to increase mind power for better living.

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