Gymnastics Bars (Reviews, Buying Guide)

When you twist, fly and whirl in the air, you cave in your disembarkation and earning a horrific score from the judges. A set of gymnastics bars helps to make your dreams come true.

Why Gymnastics Bars for Home

Gymnastics bars provide a platform for your little one for gymnastics practicing including jumping, tumbling, swinging, and stretching. By bars, you can create a specific area for the kids where he/she can do practice in a safe environment and can secure him/her from home furniture or sharp edges. Gymnastics and cheerleading both require a lot of strength and energy

After deciding to purchase new gymnastics bars for your toddler, then a question arises from where and how you could buy in your limited budget like gymnastics bars under $100. Here we are going to resolving their dilemma in the selection of best gymnastics bars. Below is the list of bars for the young ones.

Tumbling Bars Buying Price Comparison

Here is the list of the best gymnastics bars for home. We hope it will be a great help for buying best gymnastics bars. There is the list of best 7 cheap gymnastics bars in which Tumble Track is best one of them.

01. Tumbl Trak Junior PRO Bar

Tumbl Trak Junior PRO Bar

The Tumble track junior is easy to set down, organize and has a long-lasting, well-made frame. It has some distinct knobs that enable you for quick adjustment. This junior pro bar does not need any additional support to stabilize. The Tumble track also certify the athlete safety for independent practice.

The bar has the perfect support beam than other mini bars out there for the young gymnast. The tubular design of bar gives outstanding athletic and rubber floor pads make it non-slippery.

Product specifications:

  • Weight limit: 125 lbs
  • 1.5 in diameter beech wood bar
  • Height adjustment from 38in to 58.5 in
  • 4ft wide x 6ft long
  • Center cross support is 1.5in thick, so extra matting is required.


  • Height: The Adjustable height which has ranged from 38-59 inches perfect for the young gymnasts.
  • Dimension: The distance between the upright is 4’ and 6’ long which makes it compatible with standard size mat.
  • Material: The bar is made up of solid maple wood, round soft corner, and 1.5’’ railing as well.
  • The bar takes 5-10 minutes to assemble and disassemble it.


  • It has a negative point, not for the taller athlete.

02. Joom Beem Adjustable Horizontal Bar

Joom Beem Adjustable Horizontal Bar

This bar is higher than z-Athletic kip bar for adjustability. For strong stuck on the floor, you can tape at the end of pipes. The gymnast can perform up to level 4.

Product specifications:

  • Horizontal Bar height adjustable to 36, 42, 48, 54, and 60 inches with ultra-secure lock screw bolts for added safety
  • Strong and light 1½-inch diameter finely sanded wooden handle bar
  • Precision stainless steel support bars with black and pink powder coating
  • Corrosion and rust resistant
  • Soft rubber end caps for additional safety
  • Recommended for young gymnasts up to 14 years old
  • Weight limit: Up to 100 lbs
  • Recommended for gymnast levels 1 to 4
  • Works great with the Joom Beem 8’ x 4’ Gymnastic/Tumbling Mat


  • Height: The height of this bar reaches from 39-60 inches perfect for the taller gymnast who can enjoy the practice in a homely environment.
  • Dimensions: The bar has 4.2-by-4.2 feet of floor space, and 4’ large mat protects the gymnast from hurting.
  • Material: The bar has 1.5’’ in diameter same like gym, but it does not have a spring-spin system which is not too bad.
  • The bar is easy to assemble.


  • One drawback has, there is no extension kit for this bar

03. Z Athletic Expendable Gymnastics Kip Bar

Z Athletic Expendable Gymnastics Kip Bar

The bar is heavy duty, good constancy, and weight limitation is 130 pounds that average children can do safely practice over it. The bar has an option for purchasing the extension for weighty children. Best outdoor gymnastics bars.

Product specifications:

  • Weight limit: 130 lbs
  • 20 lbs. heavier than the other brands
  • No need to bolt into the ground
  • Covers 4.2ft x 4.2ft of floor space


  • Height: The bar has an adjustable height range from 35-59’’ perfect for the toddler and older gymnasts.
  • Dimensions: The Kip bar has floor space 4.2-by-4.2 inches which can adjust at any place in the home as garden and living room etc.
  • Material: The bar has 1.5 inches in diameter same like gym, and also available in 52’’ length which is made up of a fiberglass rod with wood cover.
  • The bar is easy to assemble and disassemble.


  • It requires sandbags to grip it down at maximum heights.

04. Gymnastics Direct Junior Training Bar

Gymnastics Direct Junior Training Bar

This steel base 81lbs which makes it heavy and sturdy piece of equipment. Weight limit is 130lbs which keep stand it firmly during performing.

Product specifications:

  • Weight limit: 130 lbs
  • No need to bolt into the ground


  • Height: The height reaches the range of 36-59 inches and has an adjustable height.
  • Dimensions: The bar has 4.2’ wide, 6’ long, and 4’ wide standard mat.
  • The bar is quite easy to assemble.


  • The disadvantage of this bar is, frequently assemble and disassemble not easy.

05. Tumble Track 5 in 1 gymnastics bars

Tumble Track 5 in 1 gymnastics bar

The bar is made up of maple wood with round corner and can move horizontally as well. This Tumble track bar is a little bit expensive due to the double bar, but it is the best bar because of its unique features.

Product specifications:

  • Weight limit: 125 lbs
  • Unit weight: 141 lbs
  • Base frame is 4ft wide x 6ft long
  • Bars adjust independently in height as well as width apart.
  • Bar Height: 38in to 59in
  • Bar Diameter: 1.5in
  • Bar Material: Beech
  • Powder Coat Finish


  • Height: It has two bars with adjustable 38-59 inches and set in 5 different ways.
  • Dimensions: It has 6’ long, 4’ width makes the bar more adjustable along 4’ wide mat.
  • 5 in 1 bar is quite easy to assemble.


  • Due to expensive, this bar is not in access for a lot of gymnasts.

06. Tumble Track Junior Kip Bars

Tumble Track Junior Kip Bar

Due to round corner of this kip bar young gymnast definitely would love to develop his/her gymnastics skills. This kip bar is perfect for hanging and playing, but for skipping, circling, and learning cast you have to put some stabilizers.

Product specifications:

  • Weight limit: Up to 150 lbs
  • Color: Lime Green
  • EAN: 0849304002095
  • Part Number: TT-pjkb
  • Size: 4 ft x 54 in x 56 in
  • Item Weight: 22.0 pounds


  • Height: The gymnastics kip bar has an adjustable height from 38-58 inches in height.
  • Dimension: It has 4 feet in length and width which is not ideal for learners. For desirable height, you need an extension.
  • Material: Like all Tumble Track Gymnastics bars, the bar has also rounded corners with a 1.5-inch diameter.
  • An easy to assemble and need less space in a home.


  • The weak point of this bar requires an extra extension and wooden parts not easy to assemble.

07. Nimble Sports 3play Horizontal Bar

Nimble Sports 3play Horizontal Bar

The 3play is a more cheap version than Tumble Track 5 in 1 because it has two bars system.

The bar 6 feet length and steel construction make it long lasting and well organize for gymnastics bars practice. The weight limit of these bars is 125 lbs.

Product specifications:

  • Lock knobs included for simple adjusting
  • Intended for beginner to intermediate gymnasts
  • Base extensions not needed!!
  • Weight limit: 125 lbs
  • Designed and Made in the USA


  • Height: Both bars have an adjustable height from 36-60 inches make it little higher than Tumble Track 5 in 1 bars system.
  • Dimensions: The 3play bar has 4 feet wide and 6 feet long dimensions with 4’ wide mat. Due to a raised cross beam, it recommends 6-8’’ mat.
  • Materials: With 1.5'' in diameter, the bar is made up of wood and can move closer or further apart from each other.
  • It takes 10 minutes to assemble which is easy and fun.


  • A drawback is, an extension mat requires due to cross beams.

Gymnastics Bars Under $100

01. Oeyal Expandable Gymnastics Bars

Adjustable Height Gymnastic Horizontal Bars Junior Training Bar Children

It is the ideal gymnastic gear for preparing at home. The expert and stable plan give the youngster more certainty to do the preparation. It’s anything but not difficult to put it up.


  • Material:Metal
  • Dimensions ( Assembled ):58″ x 40″ x 52″ (Inches)
  • Color: Pink/Blue

Package Included:

  • 1 SET Gymnastics Horizontal Bar(only Gymnastics Horizontal Bar)


  • Gymnastic training bar has 4 height to adjust: 35''/41''/46''/52''
  • Perfect for meeting all your needs
  • Easily adjustable up or down in height
  • Can also be folded to save space
  • Dimensions ( Assembled ):58`` x 40`` x 52``


  • Chances to damage while folding and fixing heights

02. Saio Kids Gymnastic Training Bars Home Gym

Spieth Universal High Bar

The expert and stable plan give the kid more certainty to do the preparation with an ultimate gymnastic bar for preparing at home. It’s exceptionally simple to put it up. It brings down and put it away. Kids will appreciate unending fun and dynamic recess with this superb Gymnastics Bar.

Product specifications:

  • Foldable and easy to store. It is absolutely great for a child practicing gymnastics at home
  • Outstanding quality and structural integrity
  • It is constructed of heavy gauge steel and has a rust proof powder coat finish to protect from scratching
  • 4 rubber floor rings keep the bar stable and prevent sliding.
  • The triangular structure makes the bar more stability and safety
  • Can withstand kids swing, climbing, kipping, hanging, etc
  • 4 adjustable heights ( 51 in, 46 in, 41 in and 35 inches)
  • Suit a child 3 to 10 years old, withhold up to 120Lb.


  • 4 adjustable heights ( 51 in, 46 in, 41 in and 35 inches)
  • Suit a child 3 to 10 years old
  • Withhold up to 120Lb


  • There are very restrictions about weight and height

03. Jamery Termax Gymnastics Training Bar

Spieth Exclusive Parallel Bar for Men

Termax Gymnastic junior training bar is perfect for beginner gymnast aged 3 to 7 year old. It features easy to assemble and fold design to save space. Your little gymnast will absolutely love it!

Product specifications:

  • Applicable user: Beginner gymnast aged 3-7-year-old
  • Weight: 22.4 LBS
  • Dimension: 38.6″ x 57.9″
  • Height Adjustable :34.8” to 50.8”
  • Color Available: Pink/Blue
  • Weight Limit: 110 LBS


  • Gymnastic bar height can be adjusted from 35” to 51” to meet, Not Only a Horizontal Bar But Also a Hanger and Swing Bracket, Good Value for Your Money

Top 3 Adult Bars for Sale

01. By GMR N Series Elite Uneven Bars

By GMR N Series Elite Uneven Bars

All the product of GMR are fig certified. This bar has features of dual slides on both the front and back upright with which uneven bar exceed to bar width specifications.

Product specifications:

  • Flexible financing
  • Application-only up to $75,000
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Financing for new and used assets
  • Terms from 24 to 63 months


  • The bar has width range from 95 to 192 centimeter, the low bar range from 61 to 73 ‘’ and high bar adjusts from 93 to 104 ‘’. Dual spinlocks and snaplocks are for the height adjustment with 39mm round rails. It is outdoor bar.


  • This bar is for the trained and qualified athlete.

02. Spieth Universal High Bar

Spieth Universal High Bar

Spieth is another name of brand for Gymnastics High Bars. High bar is also known as Horizontal Bar. This standard bar has an easy-tension design and is made up of corrosion-resistant special steel. Spieth has fig certified and ultrasound tested bars.

Product specifications:

  • Extremely stable thanks to rope tensioning
  • Optimal vibration characteristics
  • Break-resistant horizontal bar
  • Height-adjustable horizontal bar (155-275 cm)
  • The ideal training bar


  • The high bar height is adjustable from 265-310 centimeter in 5 cm increments. The diameter of these bars is 28mm. All cables are of stable steelmaking remain the bar tensioned, even after breaking the bar it prevents from serious accidents. The bar has double cable tensioning with slides. It has two adjustable turnbuckles and four steel chains. This high bar is ideal for training in schools and clubs.


  • It requires four ground anchors for each high bar.

03. Spieth Exclusive Parallel Bar for Men

Spieth Exclusive Parallel Bar for Men

Spieth is the name of brand for Gymnastics parallel bars for men also and make the bars for shock absorbent. The bar is very stable with steel tube construction and fig certified competition bar.

Product specifications:

  • Sturdy “Original Reuther” competition parallel bars
  • Base frame made from thick-walled steel tubing
  • Special construction clamp allows the bar to be tensioned
  • Patented, threefold secured clamping jaw locks
  • Bars are made from plywood with 3 GRP inserts

Dimensions and weight:

  • LxW: 210×123 cm
  • Without castors approx. 242 kg
  • With castors approx. 250 kg


  • The parallel bar length and width is 254 and 250 centimeter. The bar of this device made from plywood with approximately 350 cm long. This parallel bar is user-friendly and extremely safe clamping device. The bar's height is adjustable with 5 cm increments from 160-210 centimeter and width from 41-57 cm.
  • The bar can be available in with or without coaster and base. The bar is stable in all directions. It requires four pieces per set and easily fitted. Easy to assemble and Fig certified competition bar.


  • It requires to play or perform under trained or qualified supervisions.

Kids Gymnastics Bar

Kids gymnastics bars

Many kids gymnasts entreat their parents to purchase them gymnastics bars. Off course this is their right to request for this. Parents must let them practice in a safe environment. When the children are passionate about gymnastics and want to develop their skills then soon they made the furniture as a gymnastics apparatus in the house. Let little gymnasts practice on the right gymnastics bars so they won’t hurt themselves.

Different Types of Artistic Gymnastics

Usually, Artistic gymnastics differently categorized for men and women. Parallel bars and horizontal bars for men,s events and uneven bars for women in Olympics gymnastics bars.

Parallel Bars Gymnastics

Men act on parallel bars and accomplish with a series of swings, balances,  and then set free that need strength and synchronization. According to needs of the player,  this is an adjustable bar in width.

What size is a parallel bar?

  • Exact measurements of parallel gymnastics bars at a professional level are the following,
  • Length is 350 cm or 11.5’
  • Round length is 5cm or 2’’
  • Width is 4cm or 1.6 ‘’
  • Height is 200cm or 6.6’
  • Bars distance is 42cm or 17’’

Gymnastics Horizontal Bar or High Bars

Another name of the horizontal bar is a high bar that performs by men. It consists of a steel bar which is held above and parallels to the floor by a system of cables and rigid vertical supports. During act on this bar, men wear suede leather gymnastics bars grip to avoid slipping.

What size is a horizontal bar?

  • Here are the perfect dimension and size of these gymnastics bars,
  • Length is 240cm or 94in
  • Height is 278cm or 109in
  • Bar diameter is 2.8cm or 1.1in

Gymnastics Uneven Bars

Uneven bars or asymmetric bar are two parallel horizontal bars fix at different heights. The width and height of uneven bars can be adjustable according to the need of a player. In the beginning, these bars kept close to each other, but now the distance has increased. The cause of increased distance between uneven bars the player performs swinging, circling, transitional, and set free movements by passing over, under, and between two bars.

What size is an uneven bar?

  • The standard measurement of this bar is below,
  • Upper bar height is 250cm or 8.2’
  • Lower bar height is 170cm or 5.6’
  • Length of bars is 240cm or 7.0’
  • Diameter is 4cm or 1.6’’
  • A diagonal distance between two bars are 130cm or 4.3ft

Table of surfaces of apparatus and safety zones

Discipline Apparatus Floor area (m) Height of hall Height of
hall (international)
Mens artistic gymnastics (MAG) MAG floor 18 x 18 7m 8m-10m
MAG pommel horse 4 x 4
MAG rings 6 x 6
MAG vaulting table 3 x 35
MAG uneven bars 6 x 12
MAG high bars 6 x 12
Womens artistic gymnastics (WAG) WAG vaulitng table 5 x 35 6m 8m-10m
WAG uneven bars 6 x 14
WAG balance beam 6 x 18
WAG floor 18 x 18
Rhythmic gymnastics (RG) RG performance area 18 x 18 8m 10m-12m
Aerobic gymnastics (AG) AG performance area 18 x 18 6m 8m-10m
Trampoline gymnastics TRA TRA 1 trampoline (sync) 15 x 15 8m 10m-12m
TRA 2 double-mini tramp 5 x 35 6m 8m-10m
TRA 3 tumbling track 5 x 45 5m
Acrobatic gymnastics
Acro 1 performance area 18 x 18 7m


How to practice Acrobatics at home?

  • The player can repeat all those acts whatever done in any learning institute.
  • He/she can teach crafts through videos.
  • They can hire a professional trainer at home.
  • The gymnastics sport is a high risky so never try to start from initial level alone.
  • To see the videos of gymnastics bars for practicing in home
  • There are various gymnastics tricks can perform at home comfortably.
  • If you want to maintain the strength and vitality of your brain do practice mental gymnastics exercises

Things to consider when buying Tumbling Bars

Things to consider for gymnastics bars are,

  • Stability
  • Weight Limit
  • Matting requirements
  • Bar height
  • Ease of assembly
  • Max skill level

Before purchasing gymnastics bars, you must know skill level either a beginner or skillful. You must prefer purchasing bar along accessories like landing mat and mini balance beam because gymnastics beam and mat are mandatory for training at home. Buying individual bar can be less expensive, but without Combo mat is a waste of money.

Bar Material

Most often gymnastics bars made up of metal, wood, and fiberglass.


Metal can be in the form of an element, compound, and alloys type material. The metal is hard, shiny, and good conductors of heat and electricity. Due to malleability, the metals can be pressed permanently without breaking.


Wood is a permeable, and fibril structural tissue found in stem and roots of trees and other woody plants. Wood is an organic material and uses in fuel, construction material, making tool and weapons.


Fiber reinforced polymer is the general type of fiberglass. Fiberglass can randomly align, compress into a sheet or braid in the fabric. Fiberglass is a cheap material than carbon fiber and more strong from any metals by weight.

The Thickness of gymnastics bars

All gymnastics bars have different dimensions according to the need of kids as well as adults.


No doubt regular training at home saves money and time, but you can’t neglect the safety of your child. Buy comfortable and secure gymnastics bars must be on priority for home.


Price is a very crucial step for purchasing gymnastics bars for home. A lot of stores are here with full of such type of stocks. Both options are available either want to buy a new one or gymnastics bars for sale cheap. In online stores, where gymnastics bars for sale under $100 are accessible.

Where to Buy Gymnastics-Bars?

There is an option of gymnastics bars for sale, where you can purchase gymnastics bars for home cheap.

For used gymnastics bars, all you can select the best selling product from the Amazon link.

Amazon is one of the online stores where you can buy cheap gymnastics bars.

There is online as well as an offline store of gymnastics stall bar from where you can take the advantage as you ease.

Aerobatics Equipment Bars

Here are some tricky points under consideration before buying gymnastics bars for home or Gymnastics Equipment Bars.

What is the Gymnast Level

The player skill level is essential before purchasing gymnastics bars for home. There are three skill base levels,

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Professional

In the light of three level, you have to decide what type of craft you entail.

Extra items included along gymnastics bars for home:

Gymnastics Mats and Bars

Mat is the first thing to consider for home gymnastics bars set up.

Gymnastics mats and bars are compulsory for each other. Mat protects the athlete from front and back injuries during training. Distinct kind of mats is perfect for the gymnast’s skill. Generally, gymnastics mats use in routine at home are,

  • Folding mats are accessible in a 6-by-4’ or 8-by-4 ‘ , and the advantage of this mat is its portability.
  • Landing mats are a 6-by-3 foot and suitable for the home. It is thick and excellent cushion support.
  • Incline mats are 3’ long and 30’’ wide. If the player desire to learn advanced gymnastics techniques like headstand, cartwheel and back extensions then must rely on such kind of mat.
  • Sectional mats are in measuring a 2-by-4 foot. Such versatile gymnastics mats design for aerobic, dance, martial arts, and Crossfit training.

Things to be noticeable for purchasing point of view are,

  • Thickness
  • Dimensions
  • Storage
  • Max skill level

Gymnastics Balance Beam

Balance beams are best for the beginners and intermediate player to practice cartwheel and handstand. The ideal measurement of balance beam is 4’’ wide,16.5’ long and 4’ above the ground. The player can practice split, front walkover, and back walkover. Gymnastics bars and beams are mandatory.

A couple of things to check before buying beams.

  • The Height of beam must be a couple inches off the floor.
  • Length of the beam should conveniently 16 feet long.
  • The Material of the beam must prefer leather or suede.
  • Beam Storage.
  • Safe ways.

There are two ways while practicing on the balance beam:

  • You should practice barefoot otherwise to wear some special shoes for the grip and stability on balance beam.
  • To boost up the stability on beam should scrubbing the chalk on hand and feet for avoiding to slip.

Types of Balance beams:

1. Sectional Balance Beam:

It is a 4-foot long sectional beam, and you have an option either to buy one section or multiple. It’s width the same as a competitive beam.

2. Suede beam:

The beam is 2’’ above the ground, 4’’ width, and made up of suede material. Great for the beginners and advanced gymnasts as slightly raised off the floor.

3. Foldable balance beam:

A foldable balance beam consists of high-density Polythene foam which has characteristics like firmness, durability, and lightweight. The Balance beam is the superb gymnastics equipment for home set up due to storage and occupies less space. The dimension of balance beam is 2 inches height, 9 feet long, and 4-6 inches on top of the base.

Gymnastics-Bar Grips

While playing on gymnastics bars, the athlete needs some weary outfit to make this sport more protective. On playing bars, the player flip, twist, fly, circling, and change his/her direction.

Gymnastics grips are for the safety of a gymnast either a beginner or skilled. Grips cater to the security of the gymnast and retain to stuck with the bar by performing any act. These are of distinct color, size, and fabrics.

By using metal bar loops no need to wear a wristband which is friction free.

How to measure bars loops and gloves?

For the beginners, there are an available different size and color of gymnastics gloves and loops for bars. But if you find any length issue then tell the length of the middle finger. The fabric of metal bar loops design to develop the learning of new moves in a secure environment and bars are blister free.


Gymnastics is a very insecure sport and the best way to enhance skills the gymnast want to consolidate gymnastics healthy routine at home. To grip in this sport is only feasible through proper equipment and professional guidance.

Through continuous practice, the athlete learns new gymnastics crafts which is helpful for body awareness and flexibility.


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