Ultimate Adventures of the World

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Ultimate Adventures: Sports were originally organized to encourage healthy group activities in communities and later expanded to the whole country population. Good performance and fair play within safety limits were the foremost consideration. Nowadays adventurism and thrill seem to have engulfed the new generation. And they do not care about hurting themselves.

This trend is the climax of self-satisfaction to achieve all at any risk, including one’s own life. This suicidal risk tendency is claiming hundreds of lives. Moreover, thousands are left disabled every year, besides uncountable injured. No doubt big achievements lift the spirits sky-high and honors are bestowed. Only the living can celebrate the hard-earned decorations. The precious LIFE is only ONE. Risking it in pursuit of hitting records, that are bound to be bettered soon, could only be termed emotional madness.  To me, playing with limited Risk is THANKS-GIVING to our Lord our Creator.

List of Few Ultimate Adventures of the World

Big Wave Surfing at Ship Sterns Bluff – Tasmania, Australia

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The Ship-sterns Bluff is situated very remotely off the southern coast of Tasmania.  It is reachable by boat or across wild terrain. This point break is extremely unpredictable. As a wave crash from above 8 feet to 20 feet. The expert surfers like Kelly Slater and Ryan Hipwood are often confused. And they swing dangerously close to the rock fields. The coast’s smaller black cliffs underwater pose a big danger when surfers return from riding giant waves. Once committed, the surfers only concentrate on what is in front. It is one of Most Dangerous Sports.

K-2, Karakoram Range, Pakistan

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K-2 is admittedly more deadly than Everest. This remote peak (28251 feet/8611 meters) has very unpredictable weather. And it is far difficult accessibility. The professional climbers say they face adventurous conditions every time. The recently devised trend is to descend by jump ski down. The famous ski guide Dave Watson skied down starting 800ft. (250 m) below the summit in 2009.  Moreover, a Swedish Fredrik Ericsson died trying this in 2010. The downward hazards are fierce winds, avalanches, and rocks below the snow surface.

Wenger Patagonian Expedition Race – Chile

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This is more of an expedition stretching over 350 miles (550km) and takes up to ten days travelling the remote and rough terrain of Patagonia. The teams of four racers each travel without any maps and navigate by satellite images. The course passes through high peaks in Torres Del Paine, Southern Continental Ice Field vast spans and very rough seas around Cape Horn. Racers climb mountain bike, trek and kayak and get very little sleep. The course changes every year.

Mount Everest – Nepal

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Everest has been surpassed by hundreds of climbers since 1953. Despite the extreme hazards involved like bitter cold, avalanches, stormy winds. Moreover, the other uncountable challenges the rush to the peak is increasing too. Now the blind and the amputees are also struggling to clinch a new record and to stand on TOP of the WORLD. Every spring sees new achievements.

Descend Into Active Volcano – Vanuatu, South Pacific

Image Courtesy to NATGEO

Geoff Mackley, an Australian adventurer recently led his group to perform a real daring feat of descending into a live volcano deep down. They descended about 650 feet (195m) into Vanuatu’s Marum Volcano. And they also saw personally the Earth’s explosive molten matter in 2010. They were also wearing heatproof suits. Besides these, one of them came within 300 feet (90m) of the viciously boiling lake of lava and went unconscious. There are unpredictable and unfriendly gases, extreme heat, falling rocks. Furthermore, explosions splintering molten lava upwards. But they did it.

Hahnenkamm Down Hill Ski Race

Image Courtesy to NATGEO

In 1931 the race organizers opened a new most hair-raising ski course on earth too. The two-mile run descends 2800 vertical feet. This track is full of bumps, heaps, and off-camber turn that bluff the racers.
The successful participants reach speeds recorded 87 mph (140 km). World’s top skiers are now attracted to this Down Hill Ski Race. The extremely enthusiastic 100000 spectators crowd the full course length cheering their favorites.

Sahara Desert – North Africa

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World’s largest Sahara desert stretches 3000 miles (4800km) across from the Atlantic Ocean to the Red Sea. It is a great challenge for adventurers. And also one of the Ultimate Adventures. Those who face dust-storms, thirst, intolerable heat, hostile tribes, and wild animals. The explorers take a lot of survival gear. As little help is available when something goes wrong. Days pass on the sand dunes without contact. The braver also cross Sahara on foot or camel.

Kayak Waterfall – New Record – Washington, U.S.A.

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Freefalls from high waterfalls are dangerous. But seem irresistible by the young kayakers who shun the thought of being mortal. They derive their motivation from ‘this is possible. And I can do it’. Tyler Bradt, who holds the 2009 record with a 3.7-second freefall over 186 feet (57m) at Palouse Falls in Washington. The experts say the participants should be convinced of getting hurt. And they also believe in own immortality. The final conviction helps ‘I want to do it because I can’.

EL-Capitan, California, U.S.A.

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Mount Everest was first surpassed in 1953. Attracting the attention of adventure prone people Worldwide. The tough and difficult El-Capitan was noticed rising above the Yosemite Valley California. The huge rocky tower is twice the height of Empire State Building, New York. Warren Harding was first to target the rocky Nose projection at the top. And ascended successfully in 45 days in 1958 without any route map. The next legend was Lynn Hill who made possible free climb in 1993. With the routes determined, the average climbers take about 4/5 days. And more talented take much less time. The hard rock has over 30 pitches and most picturesque cracks. That’s the way it is known as one of the Ultimate Adventures. El-Capitan is known as the birthplace of climbing in the U.S.A.

Seven Summits Climbing- All Continents

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A unique trend is becoming popular to summit the highest peak in every continent. The masters of this sport are continually improving the challenges. These are higher-up to keep alive serious climbing. This way the more coveted. The smaller peaks are also conquered to display mountaineering skills. Dick Bass and Pat Morrow clinched the first titles in 1985 and 1986. Potential climbers and skiers of ages from 17 to 73 years. And from all countries are pulled by unseen mountain gravity.

Tell us, what are your ultimate adventures?

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