Florida Beaches: Heaven For Your Vacations

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Florida is the state of America which is located at the most southern bay. One corner of it is Atlantic and other corner is Gulf of Mexico. Florida became the house of wars with Seminole Native American in the 19th century. These wars were heated until 1842. It is the 3rd most populous and 8th densest populated state of US. Moreover, it would have also the 16th largest economy in the world if it were the country its self. It has an incredible economy state. Florida is distinctive for its Cuban community today. Economy of this US’s state is fully reliable on these factors such as Agriculture, Transportation, and Tourism.

Florida has also named as ‘The Sunshine State’ because of its number of beaches. The continuously enhancing tourism rate of Sunshine State is due to these beautiful and amazing beaches. Moreover, Sunshine State is also the magnet for sun’s worshipers around the world.

7 Top Florida Beaches:

The reason behind Florida’s fame is pure and clear water of beaches. As I have already told you guys that it is one of the main reason for tourism in Florida. It has numerous beaches that are pay visit. In my writing, I’m going to tell you about the beautiful and incredible destination (Beaches) that you should go if you ever had a chance to go to Florida. I’m dead sure that you guys are going to love this nature of beautiful Florida. Some are quite romantic beaches.

Here is the list of Beaches with complete detail.

(1) Fort Myers: White Sand Beach

The Beauty of Fort Myers is hidden in its uniqueness which is ‘White Sand’. It is situated on shiny Gulf Coast of southwest Florida. Fort Myers is a damn famous tourist destination because of its long golden beaches, fabulous fishing, and high-end shopping. And as much action as you can stand. Just lying under an umbrella on one of the county’s pristine beaches is fine too. Moreover, you can also get a chance to see ‘Dolphin’ surfing. And it provides an ambiance of walking on white powder while you are in Fort Myers.
It is also one of the candidates for your Honeymoon Destinations.

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Paddling on Hickey Creek, exploring barrier islands with Adventures in Paradise boat tour are also worth full for watching. Want to have an eye on panthers in Telegraph Cypress Swamp, Babcock Ranch, and alligators are all fun. This is the chance for getting to know a different side of Florida at the Edison & Ford Winter Estates.

There are great golfing and the freshest and pure sea-food available in very nice restaurants. Because my friend this is Florida. I’m pity sure that you aren’t going to be disappointed. If you are planning a family vacation because there are so many incredible things to do. In short, this beach has nice white sand to relax your feet after the walk around town. Many places are also around there to grab a quick bite to eat after the swim. A pier is also the thing that you could enjoy a walk to view the ocean but you need to be a little patient for parking.

(2) Cedar Key:

This is the enchanting little islands about 100 miles north of Tampa and fifty miles southwest of Gainesville. Moreover the beauty of this State is ‘Cedar Key’. Many of them are uninhabited. And this is also eye-catching destination where you can spend a day on the deserted beach by just lying on the sand. The biggest habitat of this area is Cedar Key located on Way Key. It is a region that discovered and taken over by the artist. Therefore if you have an artistic taste then you should consider visiting in April. This is the time when 120 artists from all over the world come for the annual festival.

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Furthermore, it is also declared as bird and wildlife sanctuary in 1929. And the park is known as the Cedar Key National Wildlife Refuge. You can get a chance for the view of rare white pelicans, majestic bald eagles, and vibrantly pink roseate spoonbills. And many other species of birds that make the islands their home. The islands are a beach lover’s paradise. And it is hard thing to choose which of the beaches you will discover is the most beautiful. Beachcombing, hiking, fishing, boating, or canoeing are the favourite are fun activities. In addition to that you can wait for the perfect shot by just sitting on the beach with your camera.

(3) Vanderbilt Beach: Naples Florida

The area of this beach is just spread across the south of Delnor Wiggins Pass State Park and north of Clam Pass County Park. Situated between two parks Gulf shore is lined with tall condominiums. Beach accesses are lesser in numbers. And far between but there are also three main access points for public on the beach. Along the beachside, plenty of shaded picnic tables are placed. Mangroves, cabbage palms, and oaks are also the reason behind ht beauty of this beach. A shallow backwater runs through the thick mangroves and it emerges a mile up the beach, flowing into the clean waters of the Gulf at Clam Pass. The beach is half-a-mile away from the parking and is reached via a wide boardwalk through shady mangroves. Most of the people walk but there is also motorized tram available between the parking and the beach.

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Once you out on the beach, there is an excellent snack bar and beach vendors who rent out all the necessities to visitors. So you should avoid taking gadgets on a beach picnic along with you.

(4) Naples Municipal Family Beach:

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The Naples Fishing Pier is one of must-see destinations. It is also one of the best family beaches around the world. Moreover, this beach is also eye-catching attraction close to the downtown. The main mode of transportation in the early days is boating. The importance of beach is hidden in the recreational rather than practical realm. White sand of shore meets waves that relax beach lovers (Six miles of flawless). You can also bring a rod for fishing. Or just simply enjoy by watching others on the reel in their catches. The pier and beach never close. And it provides the perfect place to catch the view of sunset into the endless sea. For fishermen, strollers, lovers, and pelicans it is natural relaxation.

It is a incredible eye-catching destination to have fun with your family.

(5) Tiger-tail Beach: Marco Island

Sand Dollar Spit is accessible from Tiger-tail Beach; the public access operated by Collier County and is known for its seashells. Moreover, at Tiger-tail, a lagoon has formed at the public access that fills with birds, especially in the morning breakfast hours. The access also has water sports rentals, a food concession, playgrounds, and restrooms. You can swim across the lagoon or walk toward the south where it connects to the land to get to the Sand Dollar Spit.

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(6) Haulover Florida: Nude Beach

Haulover may be very well known the pearl of Florida’s nude beaches and the best-known and oldest officially recognized public one. It located on a welcoming wide strip of sand north of BAL Harbour, centrally located between Miami and Fort Lauderdale. And it is also ranked regularly among the Top 10 nude beaches in the world. Plenty of parking and restrooms are available within convenient walking distance. And of course the Atlantic Ocean is lapping gently at its shore make it family-friendly.

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“This is one and only place in Florida where you can go and feel like that you’re also the part of a community,” says Shirley Mason, the driving force behind creating a clothing-optional beach in Miami. “I chose a spot where I would go and feel safe with my daughter.”

Gay naturists from around the globe are also behind the fame of Harbour, says Seth Paronick, a member of the board of governors of the B.E.A.C.H.E.S. Foundation Institute. His advice: “Come, stay at a clothing-optional guesthouse in Fort Lauderdale. Enjoy Haulover by day and the gay nightlife in Fort Lauderdale.”

(7) Fort De Soto Dog Beach: Petersburg FL

Large fenced areas for both large and small dogs, including dog showers for hot days offered by Fort De Soto. Except beaches dogs are allowed anywhere in the park on a six-foot leash. The Paw Playground area is also the exception where dogs are allowed on the beach, and they are allowed off leash on that area of the beach. They can also run free inside the fenced areas and you can cool off your dog by hosing him down, and drinking water is available too. Moreover, the park also has plenty for two-legged visitors too. There is an old Spanish fort to explore, gorgeous parks, overnight camping with plenty of amenities, and picnic areas.

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The 5 Ultimate Places in Florida for Free Beach Access

Break out the beach towels, sparkling water, and suntan oil — it’s time to surf it up with the best Florida places for free beach access.

(1) Pensacola Beach

Cobalt-emerald waves beckon beach-goers from around the globe to the top of the Panhandle at Pensacola Beach. The combination of sugary and warm sands and picturesque horizons give the ultimate milieu for boating, snorkeling, and even dolphin watching for sharp eyes.

Parking is free, the surf clear, and the water perfect to play or swim in for individuals and families alike. There are many nearby restaurants to satisfy your appetite once you’ve gone for a relaxing swim.

(2) Delray Beach

One of the less touristy locales in the off-season, beach lovers will fall for the sights and wildlife that populate Delray Municipal Beach. The water is so clear you can gawk at the fish sans any goggles.

Parking is metered and limited. Try the Schoolhouse Square lot then walk. The beach is calming and quiet and a savvy find if you enjoy relaxation in lieu of the busier beach crowds. An exceptional beach for families and warm sand aficionados who crave lazy, sun-soaked days.

(3) St. Augustine Beach

Body surfing, strolls across the dunes at low tide, and sand fine as powder depict the sweet life on St. Augustine Beach. Parallel parking is a short jaunt from the coastline. Families with children and couples convene on the beach with no lifeguards, and showers and restrooms are complemented with recycling bins for a further green experience.

The City of St. Augustine is lauded as one the oldest at the northern and central coast of the U.S. There are restaurants and enough visitors to people-watch while beach strolling, dipping into the soothing waters, or lounging at your leisure.

(4) Jupiter Beach Park

A 156.5-mile jaunt from Orlando takes you to easy beach walks and fishing on the pier at Jupiter Beach. The park is moments from the sand and sea. While you’re visiting, indulge in a travel by jetty, or laze in the on-site lagoon. A great escape from the bustle of the city and even greater find for smaller children. Parking is tight so consider trekking light.

(5) Indian Rocks Beach

This beach got its moniker from the healing a Native American medicine man did for an Indian chief! Water from a sulfur spring was the curative of legend next to Indian Rocks Beach. A nature preserve, the beach features a boardwalk, dog park, and free parking. Soft, white sands and pristine blue waters are only part of its vistas — you can glimpse seashells everyplace.

Make it a vacation by lodging nearby. A cafe and restaurants are a short stroll; with a library and boardwalk stretching through mangroves and a stunning view of the Boca Ciega Bay Intercoastal waterway.

Few places in the U.S. boast pristine sandy vistas and water just as crystal clear. Add in sunset views and refreshing sea and marine life, and there’s never a time better than now to get back to the beach!


Can Florida beaches be private?

NO, there are only some areas where locals aren’t allowed.

Can you drink on the beaches in FL.?

Yes, it is legal

Can you smoke on the beaches?

No, it is strictly banned in public places.

Can you drive on beaches shoreline?

Not on all beaches.

Can you camp on the beaches?

Yes, if you want.

Can you grill on Florida beaches?

You can’t grill on the shoreline; there are rental properties to do BBQ.

Can dogs go on Florida beaches?

Yes, there are many beaches in FL. which are dog-friendly.

Can you swim in Florida beaches?

Within the safety range.

Where are Florida’s best beaches?

Everywhere, because it is quite famous for its beaches.

Which beaches have white sand?

Caladesi Island, Clearwater Beach, St. Pete Beach, Anna Maria Island, Longboat Key, Lido Key, Siesta Key, Fort Myers Beach.

Which Beaches have red tide?

Beaches of East Cost have a red tide.

Which one has clear water?

Fort Mery’s beach in the list has clear water.

What Florida beaches are safe?

I guess every beach has the same safety measurements.

What time do Florida beaches close?

There is no time restriction but there is possibility that some specific area such as parking close after certain time. Beaches are open 24/7 for walk and swim except private beaches but as far I know they are not many.

How many beaches are in Florida?

663 miles of beaches.

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