Top 5 Best Places to Travel in South America

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Best Places to Travel in South America can neither be explained in one sentence nor portrayed in one photograph. Its landscapes are excitedly striking and the flora and fauna are amazingly varied. So South America is more than just a natural destination and home for the magical blue macaw and blue and gold macaw or blue and yellow macaw. There is a cultural variety, peculiarity, and culinary multiplicity. Real travelers love South America travel, a place that builds for travel excites, thrills, challenges and infuriates basically build for travel. South America is a continent that changes you, your state of mind, and your outlook on life. As soon as you step foot on South American soil, the transformation begins.

South America Travel Guide

Tourism has increasingly become a significant source of income for many South American countries. Historical relics, architectural and natural wonders, a diverse range of foods and culture, vibrant and colorful cities, and stunning landscapes attract millions of tourists every year to South America travel. Some of the Best Places to Travel in South America are Machu Picchu, the Amazon Rainforest, Rio de Janeiro beaches, Salvador, Isla Margarita, Natal, Buenos Aires, São Paulo, Angel Falls, Cuzco, Lake Titicaca, Patagonia, Cartagena and the Galápagos islands.

South America is very unique in its culture, people, and landscape. They each possess eye-catching scenery and their own natural wonders, some of which have made them well-known.

South America Each region has something wonderful to present like:

  • Vibrant fiestas
  • The exotic wildlife
  • The Amazon
  • The volcanoes
  • Glaciers
  • Pristine lakes of Patagonia
  • The bright blue coral-reef waters of the Caribbean
  • The majestic Andes
  • The ancient ruins of the Incas,

and many other memorable highlights.

The 5 Inspiring Places You Must Visit in South America

Galapagos Islands:

Galapagos IslandsThe Galapagos is a cluster of islands located to the west of Ecuador. These volcanic islands embraced the world’s most varied species of plants and animals. It has been affirmed as a World Heritage Site and it presents an astonishing marine journey. You can go underwater to find sea lions, morays, and more. As the Garden of Eden of evolution, the Galapagos Islands are glorious.

Galapagos Islands1The underwater volcanic configurations surface is a segregated heaven of flora and fauna. It is a one of the world’s most unique and captivating ecosystems island. Isolated from the mainland for centuries, the island is home to many exceptional species of plants and animals. Entry to the region is strongly controlled, but most visits combine a mixture of glide and walking around the islands. If you are captivated by animals, the Galapagos Islands are best to fulfill your dream.


Argentina is well known as the land of the immigrants. With its gorgeous landscapes, cosmopolitan cities and lively culture, Argentina is a traveler’s paradise. It stretches almost 3500 km from Bolivia to the tip of South America, covers a wide range of geography and climates, and is almost the size of India.


Nature-lovers would like to climb on Patagonia, South America’s highest peak, walk among thousands of penguins and admire the world’s most amazing waterfalls.


Its six major regions are as follows:

• Cuyo & the Andean Northwest
• Mesopotamia & the Northeast
• The Chaco
• The Pampas
• Patagonia and the Lake District
• Tierra del Fuego

Lake Titicaca:

Lake Titicaca
Lake Titicaca is located on the border of Peru and Bolivia. It is 3,812 m (12,500 ft) above from sea level and volume of water making it one of the highest navigable lakes in the South America. Because of 3,200 square miles in size and up to 1,000 feet in depth, Titicaca is one of the largest, highest, and deepest lakes in the world. The lake turns on a kind of grey color in cloudy environment and when the sun sets its soft blue tone makes it truly beautiful surroundings.

Lake Titicaca

Lake Titicaca is well-known for its full of meaning blue beauty. Recently, a large temple was exposed inundated in the lake, adding to its secrecy and charm. The water in Lake Titicaca comes from a combination of rainfall and melts water. There are stone ruins more ancient than the stone land bridge leading out of Lake Titicaca. These shells are buried under six feet of residue on the slight foundation of Lake Titicaca.

The residue contains pre-historic that is more ancient than 12, OOO B.C. sea shell vestiges. There was not sufficient loam on the peaks surrounding Lake Titicaca to have windswept down and sheltered these ancient ruins with six feet of residue.


Everything in this country is the uppermost in the world. The Plurinational State of Bolivia is a landlocked country in central South America. It is bordered by Brazil to the north and east, Paraguay and Argentina to the south, and Chile and Peru to the west.

Bolivia is one of the most stunning countries of South America. It will triumph over your soul and touch your heart. It’s such a travel gracious country. The thing you love will the breathtaking combination of customary and contemporary life.


This gracious mountain leads from the Altiplano down to the Amazon Basin, exposing visitors to almost every kind of ecosystem, from high mountain fastnesses to deep jungle. Bolivia is the world’s highest capital, highest international airport, and highest lake, the incomparable Lake Titicaca.


Whether you want to roam in the markets of La Paz, hike the ancient temples of the sacred city of Tiahuanaco, or participate in a tour to the underground lake, Bolivia travel will satisfy your nomadic recommends and place you under a perplexing spell, fascinating your mind’s eye. Bolivia will always welcome you with open arms.

Machu Picchu:

Machu Picchu
The strange Inca castle concealed deep in the green Urubamba Valley’s jungle, high on a mountain top is the most well conserved city of the great Inca Empire. A train, or the famous Inca Trail, takes you through twisting and stunning Andean scenery, following the river, and ultimately arrives at the quite contemporary town of Machu Picchu lying in a deep steep-sided valley.

Buses take you up through until you reach that famous vision. You can feel the ambience marvel at the Sun Gate and awesome sight at the location and how it was built, and looks out for the legendary Condor after entering here.

Most renowned architectural sites in the world, ‘The Lost City of the Incas’ has extensive been one of the foremost magnetisms for South America tramping holidays, and it definitely lives up to the excitement.

Machu Picchu

Hanging on the top of an isolated mountainside, this outstandingly conserved set of ruins lay undiscovered until the beginning of the 20th century, and is perhaps the finest set of antique Inca site on the continent. When you are there, don’t forget to climb up the close proximity mountain of Huayna Picchu for some stunning views of the ruins from the top.

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