15 Top-Rated Beach Resorts for Couples

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Are you thinking of romantic beach resorts for a travel and leisure activity for yourself and your spouse?

The best place to hit would be at your favorite destination. Don’t worry; it won’t be heavy on your pockets – follow these amazing traveling tips!

However, traveling over the vast oceans to reach faraway destinations is optional to make this dream come true.

Surely there will be many beach resorts located close to your accommodation.

A romantic beach resort is the best place to go with your partner. Not only will it help refresh your relationship, but it will also be relaxing after those hard days spent at work.

So here you go; take a look at some of the best Romantic Beach Resorts for leisure and enjoyment!

P.S. Don’t forget to pack extra bottles of tanning lotion and sunscreens!

Let’s Go Through the Most Romantic Beach Resorts in the World

Mii Amo in Sedona, Arizona

Mii Amo

Mii Amo is an adults-only resort among the magnificent Red Rocks of Sedona. In addition, it has a world-class spa and many wellness options for a fantastic stay.

Guests may choose an all-inclusive stay of three, four, or seven nights. The facilities include luxury accommodations, locally-inspired cuisine selections, and two spa services each day.

There is an indoor and outdoor swimming pool, steam room, and sauna. Hikes, yoga, gymnastics, meditation, and mindfulness experiences are other available activities.

NOTE: Mii Amo is an adults-only resort, although it is part of the Enchantment Resort, which also contains a child-friendly hotel if you fly with kids.

Spice Island Beach Resort, Grenada

Best Accommodation at Spice's

Spice Island Beach Resort is a popular choice for couples looking for all-inclusive accommodations in the West Indies.

This is a favorite wedding and honeymoon resort among couples. Likewise, it is rich with tropical flower gardens, pool suites, and sunset sails to add a little romanticism.

Sea and Surf Terrace & Bar deliver authentic local dishes. On the other hand, Oliver’s Restaurant is more formal and features Creole, international, and vegetarian food.

Similarly, a spa also offers various massage services for your relaxation and comfort.

The Ritz, Paris, France

Dining Area at Ritz

If you’re seeking epic romance at a hotel with over 120 years of history, the Ritz is calling your name.

The Ritz is opened in 1898. This opulent hotel has welcomed everyone from Hollywood aristocracy to F. Scott Fitzgerald, who has a suite named after him.

In addition, it’s sumptuous, sophisticated, and perfect – a wonderful romantic getaway that will last a lifetime in your memory!

Rasananda Resort Beach

Rasananda Resort, Thailand

To relax and feel satisfied with your vacation, Rasananda Resort is the best place to go.

Very paradise – receive lunch under the towering coconut palms of Koh Phangan to enjoy the magnificent looks of this tropical heaven.

Moreover, its luxurious suites and villas have an exclusive and sophisticated grace that differentiates from other Koh Phangan romantic beach resorts.

For romantic couples, it’s the ideal place to experience the beauty of nature. The white sand floor before the villa expands to Thong Nai Pan Noi Beach. Combining traditional, ancient spa treatments here will make you feel a balance in your life.

The indulgent luxury and fine cuisines make lovers blend with the atmosphere to restore their inner peace.

Las Ventanas Al Paraiso in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico

If you plan to visit Mexico with your partner, then romantic beach resorts on the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean side grab the attraction!

Los Cabos has been known and widespread over the last few decades as one of the top vacation spots. It exists in the Mexican state of Baja California Sur.

Los Cabos is based on two towns, San Jose and San Lucas; Cabo San Jose is a Mexican town, and Cabo San Lucas is all about luxury resorts and restaurants.

The uniqueness of Las Ventanas al Paraíso, a rosewood resort, involve tourist in their friendly environment with top service and unwavering attention to detail.

Privacy is vital here to cater to the guests!

Las Ventanas Al Paraiso
Qualia Australia

Qualia Australia

Qualia is a special place with its distinctive style, bright location, and good service formed on luxurious world-class standards.

Qualia means collecting more profound sensory experiences, so this resort has some specialty for the perfection of human physiology on Hamilton Island.

The design of the resort combines a distinctive sense of space and coherence. Each pavilion is handcrafted from the finest imported and local timber and stone.

Moreover, the resort’s interiors are furnished with fabrics and patterns inspired by nature.

Last but not least, many cafes and cuisines here serve the yummiest dishes ever!

Copacabana Palace in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Rio’s Copacabana Beach is a vibrant place for visitors and couples.

If you stay at the Copacabana Palace, a world-class five-star hotel, you’ll never forget the palace’s delicious cuisine and famous Brazilian alcoholic beverages.

You can see beach views all day to feel the real Carioca life. Being out on the balcony makes you feel like a highly valuable spy hiding in Rio.

Furthermore, penthouse suites are decorated with works of art, exotic carpets, and French fabrics to form the best elegant comfort.

NOTE: Stay at the Copacabana Palace if you’ve got a little extra money to spare.

Qualia Australia
Peter Island Resort

Peter Island Resort in the British Virgin Islands

There’s an island of paradise – palm-fringed beaches, bright green water, and pure isolation for visitors. You will find it all here by taking Peter Island’s private yacht from Tortola island and making your way into comparable hospitality.

For the utmost privacy, Peter Allens has a private heliport for those wishing to arrive by yacht or sailboat.

Peter Island’s choice of accommodation is as diverse and beautiful as the Island’s natural surroundings resting between the marina and pool and surrounded by the palm tree garden.

Oceanview rooms allow tourists to gaze upon stunning sunsets and the sight of sailboats drifting gracefully upon ocean waters.

Additionally, it caters to an unending list of activities, like snorkeling, kayaking, skiing, and a dive shop.

Scrub Island

Scrub Island is another British virgin island, just 1.5 miles off the coast of Tortola—the largest island in the BVIs.

Lovers find magic and beauty with the most transparent water and divine secluded beaches. Beyond the breathtaking shores, people can discover much more here.

From Dining to accommodation or IXORA spa, it enlightens your senses with a gentle breeze while the exotic scents soothe your soul.

Scrub Island
Alila Manggis

Alila Manggis, Indonesia

This is the best romantic beach resort in Manggis – a place of peace and calm of the coconut grove between the sea and Bali’s most sacred mountain.

The grounds and restaurants deserve their standards, serving delicious food with tasty desserts. The staff is highly active in reaching for your help and assisting you in making the best of your trip.

Furthermore, the rooms and balcony are comfy, from where you can hear the ocean whistles while enjoying a perfect pool area.

Awaroa Bay, New Zealand

To enjoy the peaceful and smooth sea waves, take a journey to Awaroa Bay in the Abel Tasman National Park, also known as New Zealand Beach.

The beach’s charm lies in its isolation, and the beautiful look of sand and sea with warm weather creates iconic results for your lovely photo shoot.

Awaroa Bay
La Samanna

La Samanna in St Martin, French West Indies

Belmond La Samanna is a luxury resort on the island of Saint Martin. A crescent of fine white sand and incredible ocean views evoke the visitor’s soul.

The resort has lush tropical greenery and colorful flowers to experience the beauty of nature. While staying, you can enjoy various fun-filled activities, like kayaking and snorkeling, the best Caribbean vacations for children, and participate in scuba programs.

If you want to go for an island tour, it can be easily arranged by the resort’s management. Other than that, this place is once again fit for magnates.

So dress up for the island and blend in their culture with a glass of wine. It offers world-class cuisine and excellent wines at the dining venue.

Sands Suites Resort and Spa, Mauritius

This resort is located on Flic en Flac’s beach on the west coast of Mauritius.

Sands Suites Resort and Spa contain the local image of the island with lavish décor and fantastic infinity pools.

When visitors step into this beach resort, their eyes remain still on this absolute gem. The sand area, translucent blue, and Le Mome Mountains illuminate stunning effects that don’t let you leave this place.

Sands Suites Resort and Spa
Romantic Beach Resorts

Pearl Farm Beach Resort, Philippines

Pearl Farm Beach Resort is surrounded by pristine beaches, giving a stunning look and having a variety of activities to choose from.

After the arrival, the sand, sea, and sun welcomed their guest with luxurious lodgings and signature houses on stilts.

Moreover, suites, executive villas, and cottages have artistic and cultural distinctions of Mindanao’s tribes. The resort reflects the traditional structures of 6 Mindanaoan ethnic groups.

Le Saint Geran Resort, Mauritius

Le Saint Geran Resort is the perfect retreat for luxury and style guests. And has personalized butlers to satisfy your expectations.

It is located in the Indian Ocean and welcomes you with swaying coconut palms, deep blue Ocean vistas, and soft white sandy beaches.

Here you will find peace and pleasure to relax and rejuvenate perfectly. Beautiful gardens and surroundings create a strong bonding between romantic partners.

Le Saint Geran Resort

Enjoy Your LOVE

Couple running on the beach, ready for an adventure

There are several interpretations of romanticism.

  • Some of us see ourselves sitting around a fire in a lovely log cabin overlooking a lake.
  • Others believe that the ideal romantic getaway is steeped in history that sets the stage for some great love stories.
  • Perhaps you prefer an adults-only couples getaway.

We searched the globe for the top romantic resorts, inns, and lodges.

Our sole aim is to help you arrange a beautiful honeymoon, an anniversary vacation, or a quick romantic weekend getaway.

Whatever your plans are, from a romantic hotel on a vineyard to a lovely over-the-water villa, these places will leave unforgettable memories.

So are you ready to create memories that last a lifetime?

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