The Six Ultimate Places to Visit in Australia Continent

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Few places to visit in Australia can be compared to the world in terms of amazing features and natural beauty. Even with most of the continent taken up with the Outback, the country still holds a variety of environments and sights that will astound you.

Australia is full of experiences that you will want to mention in your blog. Take pictures and include them, show the world where you have gone and what you have seen. If you weren’t able to take a good enough picture, use the free stock images you can get off of the Internet. People will want to see where you have visited as well as read about your adventures.

Compiled here are some of those sights; the best that Australia has to offer. These are best places to visit in Australia, you absolutely must visit in the merry ole land of Oz. These are the places that can give you an entirely new perspective on life and this world.

Sydney Opera House

This famous structure is a manmade one that has such a unique design it can be identified by the majority of the world’s population. Its use of angles and curves gives the opera house incredible acoustics perfect for concerts and projecting voices in one-man shows.

This site is as much a hearing experience as it is a sight-enjoyment, so make sure to not only look at the building from the outside – which is incredible from both the street as it is from a ferry – but actually attend a performance. Hopefully, you can plan your trip to Sydney in accordance with a show that peaks your interest. If not, go to a show for the experience of being inside the opera house.

The Three Sisters

All of the Blue Mountains outside of Sydney are a great, rugged terrain perfect for hiking, camping, and mountain biking. But the biggest spectacle of all within this mountain range is the Three Sisters. Significant in aboriginal culture, the Three Sisters are side-by-side formations in the mountains that change colors throughout the day.

As the sun passes through the sky, the shadows created and the sunlight bouncing off of the rock gives them a new appearance. You can even view the sisters at night, although this change is manmade. Floodlights fill the area, highlighting them against a backdrop of night.

The Great Barrier Reef

Okay, not necessarily on the continent but running parallel to it, the Great Barrier Reef stretches along two-thirds of the eastern coast. This is perhaps the most amazing place on the entire planet to swim. Below the Pacific waves, among the 8,000-year-old living coral, are countless samples of sea life. Fish, rays, and whales swim around and above the ocean floor while eels and crustaceans bob in and out of the coral.

Under the clear blue waters is a realm of color unlike anywhere else. It can be enjoyed from a boat where you can view it over the sides or gaze upon the underwater world through the clear bottom. To fully appreciate this world, however, you need to dive into it. Snorkel, scuba dive; either way you choose will give you the full effect of this serene place.

Not only under the water, but there are hundreds of islands in the area where you can enjoy the ocean scenery from the amazing sandy beaches. The Whitsundays are a group of islands surrounded by shallows of white sand great for just such an event.


Uluru / Ayers Rock is a single slab of sandstone surrounded by the flat arid landscape of Australia’s Red Centre, deep in the Outback. Although it is in the middle of a desert environment, the region is anything but barren. Short-growing shrubs surround Uluru, giving it a ring of greenery among the red, dusty soil.

While it is a spectacle to stand at the base of this impressive natural feature, watching the sun set behind it is even more impressive. If you happen to catch this smooth, thousand foot tall structure during or after it rains, be prepared to be even further amazed. The waterfalls that form along Uluru are mesmerizing, especially as they glitter in the sunlight.

Horizontal Falls

That’s right – horizontal. But how can anything fall this way?

Horizontal Falls is a break in the McLarty Ranges in Western Australia. Water from the Indian Ocean flows through the gap. As the tides change, water builds up on one side faster than it can flow through smoothly, so it creates pressure and a side-flowing waterfall forms. With each change in the tide, water rushes through in opposite directions than the last time. The sight of the water bursting through is accompanied by the sound of fast-moving ocean water surging through.

You can experience at water level if you are brave enough. This is a popular spot to ride jet skis. The pressure and speed of the water can be rough so be careful, but locals and tourists enjoy bouncing and jumping on the waves this phenomenon creates.

Great Ocean Road

Take a road trip along the Southern Ocean. The Great Ocean Road has so many terrific sights that they constitute as one full experience; and if you do not travel the entirety of the road, from Melbourne to Allansford, then you are not getting the full experience.

The majority of the coast in this area is sheer cliffs with eroded sections isolated by the sea. This is how the Twelve Apostles came to be. Although only eight remain standing – the most recent of them have collapsed into the sea back in 2005 – they are still impressive nonetheless. Standing pillars of rock grouped close together and constantly barraged by the ocean, the Apostles can only be fully appreciated in person.

You will find some beautiful specimens of King Parrots, koalas, and other manner of wildlife as you reach the Kennett River. While you camp out here, be sure to watch the show as the koalas perform their acrobatics circus-styled. It’s a free show that doubles as a means for the small marsupials to reach food.

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