We are going to Sydney!

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It’s finally here; the trip that we have been planning for so many months is eventually going to come alive. There are so many places that we have planned to visit – places that we have read about and heard about from friends and relatives who have been to the oldest and most magnificent city of Australia. Of course all this is possible, if we are able to book one of the flights to Sydney.

Sydney, as a city, has always fascinated us mostly because although it appears to be resting peacefully along the miles of South Pacific coastline, it is actually a tourist hub and a truly cosmopolitan city that is very much alive inside. Numerous restaurants, hotels, shopping areas, beaches, bars, museum, and historical monuments, make up only a few of those areas that can be explored in Sydney, Australia. Although, the internet is filled with pictures, travelogues and historical information about Sydney and flights to Sydney, one just cannot grasp the whole of it until he has been there and seen everything for himself. Many of our friends and relatives have been to Sydney and they were all praises. And even though everyone has a different story to tell according to the places they chose to visit in Sydney, one very common thing was heard from all – “You must go there!” and so we have decided to go there ourselves to personally witness the aura of the famous Sydney Opera House and the magnificence and historic beauty of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Three Sisters.

Don’t get me wrong, we do intend to party a lot and be a part of that much-talked about Sydney’s night life; but that is just during the evening and the night time. During the day we are most definitely going to indulge in exploring the magnificent beaches, especially the Palm Beach and the Whale Beach. Someone has told us that if you want to capture some of Nature’s best, then Palm Beach and Whale Beach are definitely the places to visit. Of course, when reaching Sydney, there is no way we are coming back before visiting another world’s most famous beach – the Bondi Beach.

Besides the beaches and the famous hotels and restaurants, we have been told of other picturesque places to visit as well. These include The Rocks, which harbours all the latest and trendy establishments; then there is the Darling Harbour that we heard about so much. The Darling Harbour houses the many museums, aquariums and boardwalks which Sydney is famous for. The City South, City East and City West are all places in the midst of Sydney that are worth visiting.

Of course what we get to see in Sydney, depends upon when we choose to leave for Sydney. Sydney has a lot to offer during its summer break, which for most inhabitants of the world would be the winter season. And because it’s a busy season, flights to Sydney are almost impossible to get. Because whether you take domestic or international flights to Sydney, they all land at the one and main Sydney Airport. During the tourist season, flights to Sydney get overbooked; which is why one needs to plan well ahead.

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