5 Best Places to Visit in Europe

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Europe is a very exciting continent filled with countries having a rich culture, history, and architecture. Believe me, you will not feel bored even a single day here. There is just too much to do and so much to explore. It is obvious that everyone has their own taste and their own interest. If you are looking to flee from rainy days in search of abundant sun, any destination in the south of Europe can prove to be fruitful. These destinations are particularly liked by the folks living in the United Kingdom, according to a recent survey which states they prefer Spain over any other country. If you are looking for an adventure to enjoy chilly nights and the night sky, the Scandinavian countries in the north are pleasurable. For a gratifying experience in Europe, book an exotic villa to make your stay leisurely. Let’s cut the chase, here is my list of best places to visit in Europe.

(1) Mallorca, Spain   

Mallorca is an island just off the coast of Spain. Here you can lie under the sun on the best beaches and get the much-needed tan. However, if tanning is not your cup of tea, enjoy the cuisine and cruises. For those of you interested in astonishing natural scenery, the Cuevas del Drach can prove to be a huge treat. Book a boat ride and explore these ancient caves in all their glory.

Mallorca, SpainIf you enjoy a bit of exercise, a scenic hike atop the Torrente de Pareis is the best place to view the ocean and cut off that beer belly you got on Christmas. Just make sure to get back down before dark. Mallorca receives lots of tourists from all parts of the world, and English isn’t an alien language here. So, no need to learn Spanish to impress the locals.

(2) Rome, Italy

Get your dose of Roman history by visiting Rome in Italy. The entire Roman Empire was reduced to just one city near its demise and so this is one city where you see the majority of architectural and historical wonders of that time. The Colosseum was a place for battle, where gladiators fought to the death, so it’s surreal, standing in this huge bowl-like structure and imagining yourself in those times.

Rome, ItalyThen you have the Pantheon, which is a Renaissance-era architectural wonder. Another interesting thing about Rome is that it borders the Vatican City. The Vatican is the city where the Pope resides and it’s a place with ancient buildings and history. You should not miss the Vatican City while visiting Rome. While you are in Italy, don’t forget to try the Pizza Margherita, the famous Gelato ice-cream, Risotto, and Ravioli. It’s true you can get this almost everywhere in the world now, but it’s best to try a cuisine from the place of its origin.

(3) Berlin, Germany

What better place to see the remains of the Nazi era than Germany’s capital? Berlin hosted Hitler during World War 2. Therefore, it gives us a stark reminder of that era.

AlexanderplatzThe Berlin Wall although nullified still remains to this day, not for separating East Germany from West Germany but as a reminder of the grim past of the country. The Alexanderplatz and the Jewish Memorial should also be on your list of places to visit in Berlin. However, it’s not just grim history you experience here, you can enjoy the countless yummy dishes. Germany is known for its Pretzels, Sauerkraut, and coffee. And no, this coffee is magically very different and tasteful than the coffee you get from your local Starbucks.

(4) Paris, France

Who can forget the city of love, Paris? One of the best places to visit in Europe. A trip to Europe will not be complete without visiting this place. Paris attracts millions of tourists every year.

You will seldom see an empty street here. The place literally swarms with tourists throughout the year, so if you are a bit perturbed by huge crowds, you have to prepare yourself. Paris is also very famous for its museums and art. The famous Louvre museum houses famous artworks like the Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci. However, to see the Mona Lisa you have to stand in the queue for hours. My top tip for visiting Paris is to have patience. If you have the endurance, you can get through queues and enjoy the beauty of Eiffel Tower at night. When tired from your excursions, get a Baguette Sandwich, a croissant or two, and enjoy the hustle and bustle of the city.

(5) Svalbard, Norway  

The Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights are an amazing natural phenomenon that takes place in countries far up north. Norway is one of those countries where you can witness this spectacle. However, the capital city Oslo has too much light pollution to fully enjoy the light show.

Therefore, the best place to go is Svalbard – the northernmost city in Norway far away from the light pollution of big cities. It is actually an island where you can not only enjoy the lights but also do some kayaking, visit a museum, and find some glaciers and polar bears. However, be ready for extreme cold and pack very warm clothes before you leave. I must tell this island is unadulterated. However, there are lots of yummy foods to be devoured. Try the highly famous sea-food or go for the special open bread sandwich. And always be ready for some altitude sickness.

While this list does not do justice to Europe’s tourism potential, it does give you best places to visit in Europe. As you get more money and find free time, pack your bags and be ready for another Europe bound trip.

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