Why Vacationing in the Tristate Area is the Best

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If you reside on the East Coast, you won’t have to travel far to have a great time this summer. Those living in the Midwest or on the West Coast can travel in an RV and have an adventure of a lifetime driving through a tight conglomerate of states. The Tristate area can consist of New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, while others think that Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey are the more accurate states. No matter what, if you come to the region you will easily be able to get to each neighboring state. Each summer, Tristate area locals tend to stay put as they know that there are loads of things to do nearby. Here’s a guide to summertime travel in the Tristate region.

The Best Beaches

You’ll have to take a trip down to the Maryland and Delaware beaches if you want to say that you have truly experienced the Tristate area this summer.  In Maryland, there’s Ocean City, which is known for having clean beaches, excellent seafood, and a boardwalk that you can walk on at any time of day or night. The Delaware beaches always stay crowded and it can be difficult to get a room, which is why this is a great place for RV fanatics to visit.

The Best Roads

Now, people who live in the Tristate area might not think that traffic is the best or that their roads are in pretty good condition, but visitors are always pleasantly surprised when they see how easy it is to travel from place to place. If you took your RV from a camping site in Maryland, you’d be able to get to New York City in just a few hours. Take I-95 for the most direct route where you’d pay the least amount of tolls. Alternatively, RV owners have the option of taking Route 1 and Route 13 if they prefer less traffic.

The Best Attractions in Tristate Area

If you like visiting theme parks, then you will be pleased with all the water parks and other themed activity centers that are located in the area. First, there are Six Flags Great Adventure, located in Jackson, N.J. Accessible from the New Jersey Turnpike, you can find lots of spots to park your RV as you go on some of the fastest roller coasters in the world. Once you’re done seeking thrills, you can head on over to Hurricane Harbor to cool down. Hurricane Harbor is a world-renowned water park known for its water slides, wave pool, and fun attractions. The Tristate area is home to lots of other theme parks, such as Jungle Jim’s, in Rehoboth, Delaware, and the famed Hershey Park, of Hershey, Pennsylvania.

Why stay home when you can get in your RV and visit several states in the Tristate region? Consider how far you can go on a full tank of gas and all the fun you’ll have dining, shopping, and relaxing. Let this summer be the one that you explore all that the Tristate region has in store.

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