Things to Do in Ireland without any Tour Guide

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Thanks to the internet nowadays traveling without a tour guide has never been easier. Everything can be researched online, from places to visit, restaurants to eat in, to even different types of accommodation. These make it easier for travelers to pre-plan their trip and browse through all the options to choose the safest and best choice that suits their wants.

Ireland is a place that has traveling destinations that fit every type of interest and travelers, and even better with no need of hiring a tour guide. Let’s check out what best things to do in ireland

7 Ultimate Things to Do in Ireland

  1. Visiting Castles

Castle is an option that will spark your imagination with all the stories that might have occurred on those historical and majestic places. These are perfect sites to go unguided as it will give the liberty of roaming the grounds at your own pace.

Travel to ireland you must see Castles



  1. Pubs and Distilleries

Ireland is most prominently known for their whiskey, so it’s no surprise that there are various tours online that promote this. With this option, there is a ticket that will need to purchase, but most of them can have the opportunity of walking through the tour on your own.


Ireland is most known for their whiskey

  1. Food Tours

It’s a long-running joke that people from Ireland mostly eat potatoes and meat, but while it may have been true for a while ago, this has changed. A great choice is Irish Food Trails which is a webpage that shows different tour options all around Ireland for food lovers.

Ireland mostly eat potatoes and meat

  1. Outdoor adventures

There is nothing that says independent traveling quite like surviving on the outdoors. Ireland has extensive landscapes that are perfect for people who enjoy adventure and being in nature. It is significantly important to have insurance to be safer on the outdoors, and a great company in Ireland is Insurance, that offers different types of insurance cover, like medical cover and winter sports, cover at an affordable price.

  1. Motorcycle Routes

For those travelers that love high speed, there are options to travel through Ireland’s landscapes on a motorcycle. It will be the ultimate experience of choosing your itinerary while enjoying the open road landscapes. It should be a requirement to have reliable insurance to be safe on the road. Thanks to the internet, it is easy to find and compare cheap travel insurance for Ireland online.

  1. Historical sites

Ireland has lived through more than 5,000 years of history, so it ’s not surprising that there are various historical sites to visit like Hill of Tara and the Ceide Fields. Other options go from passage tombs, cemeteries, monasteries, al being iconic landmarks.

St Mary Cathedral

  1. Game of Thrones!

Did you know that various scenes from the series shot in Ireland? The memorable battle between Brienne and the Kingslayer as just one example. There is also the option to do this guided but we think it is a great idea to explore solo some of the castles and locations used in shots for this internationally known TV series.

Game of Thrones in ireland

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