The best Lamborghini: Murciélago

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This sports car was introduced by the Italian automaker best Lamborghini to be later referred to as a supercar. The flagship marketing of Lamborghini comes as one of the best in the Italian automaker’s line up. So, Murciélago is one of the super high-performance cars that come with a dual coupe. Moreover, this powerful car has been engineered. And designed to perfection with its V12 engine and roadster version. First, this was also introduced back in 2004.  And the re-edited version was again introduced in 2001. Moreover, it was also to be released forth as the 2002 model. This was a huge concept coming as the successor to the famed Diablo. Therefore, it was the top candidate for the best Lamborghini. And also one of the best drift cars.

Lamborghini Murciélago

best Lamborghini with V12 engine

The Diablo based supercar was based on the 1st design of these greatest car lines. Later there came the 1st next great also design under the ownership of the Audi. Therefore, Murciélago was named after a famed Spanish fighting bull. And the car got stylized under the Peruvian born Belgian Luc Donckerwolke. Moreover, he also stayed at Lamborghini’s head designer from 1998 to 2005.

Traditional Design:

Lamborghini’s tradition has been bringing forth great cars. And that is akin to their old fashioned fighting bull techniques. They bring them all tough and ready for good, old speed. The Murciélago was in fact named after a bullfighting master who happened to survive 24 sword strokes. This fight was held again Rafael El Lagartijo Molina Sanchez held at Coso de Los califas in Spain. At the time bullfighting was one of the serious means of extending your valor. This particular bull that came from Joaquin’s farm was gifted to Don Antonio Miura for its huge prestige and powerful nature. This is how the line of the famed Miura line of fighter bulls came into the mainstream. More than a century later Lamborghini was about to find some of the best cars under their belt with the same name.

Murciélago has also been the name for the flying bat. With all these etymological information to their name, the expected characteristics of their cars can be well discerned.

First Generation:

As the 1st generation of Murciélago, this 4-wheel drive car is a typical sportscar with powerful backing. It has some super features that include scissor doors and an exotic image. The differential integration to the engine unit could be onto a six-speed manual or a feature of carbon and fiber steel bodywork. The rear spoiler nicely scoops the air and electro-mechanically activates the folds from the body. This brings forth great speed for the car and high-class aerodynamic performance. The engine also cools well and this leads to make it a highly progressive and strong car. It has a central viscous coupler with the 6.2-liter V12 engine. The body is quite low slung with the roof rising 4 feet above the ground level. The model has an exotic and attractive built.

40th-Anniversary Edition:

The 40th-anniversary edition of this car is really special with its Pferdestarke (German) or horse strength; a unit of power generally known in Europe. The engine produces just about 580 PS and is commonly used across Europe. The engine powers on well enough and brings about a speed of 60 mph or 97 km/hr. in right about 3.8 seconds. The 1st generations came between 2001 and 2006. The subsequent versions had engine output with the original cars being LP 580 and in line with the later conventions.

The Roadster version came at 2004 and then as a 2005 model. The design was directed and advised by Donckerwolke who had a B-2 stealth bomber style worked on it. This was totally new and innovative, something that got stellar attention.

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