The Best Travel Apps You Need to Have on your Phone

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Our mobile devices provide us with virtually everything we need from phone service to those little apps that help us navigate new places, estimate server tips, and keep current on the news. There’s an app for almost everything, but, perhaps, the best travel apps ones are those that help us have a better experience, while we’re away from home.

We’ve Picked out Few

Best Travel Apps for Android and IOS


Some people are excellent packers. For others, there’s PackPoint and it’s so much more than a random checklist. The travel planning app will ask for details about your trip, such as:

  • Destination
  • Dates of your stay
  • Activities you’re planning

From there, the app creates a customized list. It will recommend clothing specifically for that climate and suggest gear you’ll need for your planned activities. All you will need to do is to fit it all into your suitcase.

Android or iOS

WiFi Map

This is another best travel app, because it will let the user find hotspots in any city. It also supplies the password for each hotspot, so you can gain access to the location. As well as helping you save time, it will also help you avoid the high roaming charges that seem to have become a part of every vacation in the 21st century. This app is particularly helpful, if you’re traveling for business, or need to get some work done, while you’re away one of the best travel apps.

Android or iOS


In spite of the name, this app won’t help you find car title loans Orlando, but it will help you get the best deals on car rentals at your destination location. You simply supply the details for your rental reservation and AutoSlash will do the rest. After a quick search, it will provide you with the rates for area competitors and apply any online coupons or discounts that may be available. A lower rate will be emailed to you with a link that will let you change your reservation.


This app will definitely come in handy and best travel app if you’re reaching your destination by air. Because hotel checkout times are early and your flight might not leave until later in the day, you may be left wandering this strange city for a few hours. Previously, your only other option was to hang out at the airport for most of the day. Now, DayUse can find you a hotel room that you can rent at a significantly discounted rate, sometimes as much as 75% off the regular rate. You’re free to use the room and hotel amenities for a few hours until it’s time to head to the airport.



This app will improve your dining experience significantly by letting you make reservations for the finest eating establishments in the area. Whether you’re in Los Angeles, Miami Beach, or New York City, Velocity will help you find a restaurant to your liking and make the reservations for you. The app also helps to estimate the tip and split the bill between multiple parties.

Android or iOS


This is another dining app, but for a quick bite to eat on the go. The app identifies all of the restaurants in the airport and maps your route. Depending on the restaurant, you may also be able to place your order right through the app, so it will be ready for pickup as soon as you arrive. Currently, the app can be used at 17 airports with 174 restaurants participating. Dallas/Fort Worth Airport will soon add its 200 eating establishments to that number.

Android or iOS

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