Top Places in the World that Never Got World’s Attention

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If you are interested in going around the world and if you love to travel different places in the world you will find that there are many places where you can find the beauty of nature. The world as we talk might be filled with lot of negativity and corruption and politics and all the evils that you can think of.

marble caves, Chile

However, there are destinations and places in the world which are far away from all this and you will many such places in your own country if you have tried to explore it. Although, it is widely believed that you will find best locations in some of the top tourist locations like France and Italy and even Australia and United States but the fact is that nature is present all over the world.

Top Places in the World

Veneto Region of Italy

If you love exploring you will find some of the best landscapes and natural locations even in the weirdest places in the world that you have never heard about. This is because the Earth itself is so beautiful that you will find natural landscapes in every part of the world including the oceans as well. Let’s take some of the best unknown locations on the planet that have never received the attention that they should.

Green Mountains in China

If you are looking for natural landscapes you must not think about countries in particular because there are many countries that do not make it on the tourism list but that does not mean that you will not find exquisite locations in countries like Cambodia, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Zambia. There are top locations in these countries that have managed to gain more attention of explorers from around the world and they have been rated as one of the best places in the world mainly because there are many few explorers that have come to such locations.

Natural Landscapes that Missed World’s Attention

Hunza Valley, Baltistan Region, Pakistan

Kaieteur Falls in Guyana might have missed the attention of the world because most people visit Niagara Falls but if you are interested in watching another natural landscape that is nothing less than Niagara Falls then you must make your way to Guyana where you will find one of the most powerful waterfalls in the world. This fall is three times higher than Niagara Falls and located between Zambia and Zimbabwe in Africa.

Bryce Canyon National Park is another interesting location where you can find natural landscape that can take your breath away. Although, it is believed that this place is a canyon but it is a kind of natural amphitheater made from erosion. The rocks here are in red, yellow and white and therefore they make an interesting color combination that looks good to the eyes.

Hawaii has been popular for tourism around the world and there are many people that come to this part of the world to enjoy the fresh view of the world, but Kauai has been among the best places in the world that you can explore when you are here.

Beaches Still Unexplored Around the World

California Glass Beach
California Glass Beach
California Glass Beach

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Tahiti is among the few countries that have some of the best beaches and therefore you can always explore Tahiti for the best beaches in the world. Tasmania is also a great location where you can find some of the best beaches so you can pack your bags and move to Tasmania if you are exploring places around Australia. Of course, you can never leave out Australia when you are planning to explore some of the great beaches. Bahamas and Maldives are also considered as top locations where you can settle down on the beach and enjoy the heat of the sun and watch the cool breeze hit your face. Whitsunday Island in Australia can definitely provide you with the best location and beach landscape that you can find in Australia. Bora Bora Island is also quite popular with explorers that love to take on the best beaches in the world. If you are in South Africa you can definitely take a ride to Cape Town where you can find the beaches that can take your breath away.

National Parks

Kruger National Park South Africa

are equally popular when you planning to enjoy the Earth’s natural riches. Top national parks like Kruger National Park which is in South Africa has been popular with people that love to enjoy wildlife.

Fiordland National Park in New Zealand might not be very popular but many travelers and explorers feel that it is the best natural experience that they can enjoy because there are amazing boat rides that can keep you on your toes. Iguazu National Park in Argentina attracts many explorers from around the world because it has been voted as a World Heritage Site and it also has the best natural landscape views that can be found in Brazil and Argentina. You can enjoy the waterfalls while staying on budget, just look for the best hotel deals in Iguazu on Expedia.

There are many subtropical forests around the world that can show you the natural beauty of the Earth and astonish you with things that you have never seen before.

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