The 3 Ultimate Ways to Express Your Unique Personality

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Every person is different. No two people are exactly alike and that’s what makes our world so unique and beautiful. The fact that everybody sees things in a slightly different way allows us to experience things in a new way and come to understand life from a different perspective. If we were all exactly the same, it would be a very dull world.

Despite this universal truth, we live in an age where we see people rallying against alternate lifestyles and viewpoints. The news is filled with stories about people protesting against this style of dress, people who come from certain countries or subscribe to a particular religion. In short – we’re trying to destroy the very things that make us such an amazing species.

And sure, you could combat this by joining a protest yourself, or through your social media posts. But this efforts will probably just get lost in all the noise already crowding my world.

Worse, others will try to twist your words to their own vile purposes. I would argue that the best way you can combat this negative trend and enjoy your life to the fullest is to simply be who you are. There’s a song by the alternative rock band R.E.M. that said it best…”Living Well is the Best Revenge.”

To celebrate the beautiful creature you are and help you live a life free of regret, here are the three ways you can express the aspects of yourself that make you a wonderfully unique individual.

Wear the Clothes You Love – Coordinated or Not

Fashion has long been an outlet people use to create a personal that reflects the way they think and feel. When we wear clothes that reflect who we are, we gain confidence and strength. Our clothes act like armor to protect us from both the natural elements and the judgment of others.

When you assemble your wardrobe, choose the pieces that best reflect who you are. If you’re an organized person then pick designer outfits that you can easily mix and match. If you’re artistic, try some graphic t-shirts or a leather jacket adorned with patches. If you really want to be unique, don’t limit yourself to pre-established trends – wear cheetah pants with a button-down checkered shirt if you feel like it!

Whatever you choose, the idea is that it speaks to who you are. When people see you, there should be no doubt as to what kind of person you are. Whether they accept it or not is not a concern – they only one who has to like your style is you.

Design Your Home as an Extension of You

A house provides shelter, protect us from the elements, and give us a place to rest our heads at night; but a home gives us a space that feels like it’s a part of who we are.

For expressing the things that fascinate you, or the emotions that feel most strongly, your home is the perfect canvas to paint a picture of you. Everything from the colors to the patterns to the fabrics used should give a hint about what you value most. It should also help others see how you perceive the world.

If you enjoy daydreaming, leave yourself plenty of open space that foster imagination. Use soft shades of color that encourage your mind to wonder.

If you’re a person who lives for their work, go with leathers and chairs made of oak that reflects your devotion, concentration, and work ethic.

If you value indulging in life’s greatest comforts, use soft fabrics like cotton and polyester, and pieces like a luxury area rug, to set the right tone for your home.

Just like your fashion, your home decor should be a reflection of the type of person you are, and create a sanctuary that you’re proud to call your own.

Indulge in Artistic Pursuits

Even if you can only indulge it as a hobby, taking up an artistic pursuit is a great way to express your personality. It’s also a great way to blow off some steam and improve your mood!

Typically, when we think of art, we think of paintings, drawings, or sculptures, but art can be anything. Art is defined as, “Any expressive pursuit or endeavor that channels human ability and creativity, usually in a visual medium.” There’s a lot of applications you can interpret from that.

So yes: paintings, drawings, and sculptures are definitely art. But so are wood carvings, designs for a new car, a hand-stitched quilt, or songs you wrote. Whatever project you want to undertake, so long as you’re using your imagination, putting your skills to work, and expressing yourself, you’re making art.

Art is a powerful tool to release emotions, convey a message, or simply entertain yourself. There’s also a strong measure of pride that comes from making something of nothing. By pursuing your own art, you’ll be able to create something memorable and forge a lasting work that speaks volumes about your personality.

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