5 Ways To Spark Your Children Reading Interest

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In this age of mobile phones and TV, it is always a struggle sparking your kids’ interest in reading. You shouldn’t let screen time win though. As a parent, that is one battle you absolutely have to win. Reading has immense benefits for your child. It develops their brains, and you don’t have to deal with eye problems every now and then. This does not, however, mean you have to on an all-out war- confiscating their mobile gadgets and thrusting books into their face. That is the surest way to lose the battle. These tips will get your children reading to naturally like reading without it being shoved down their throat as if it is some bitter pill;

Embrace storytelling

It doesn’t have to be reading all the times. Storytelling can also trigger their interest in books and children reading. Find helpful podcasts and shows and let the kids listen to them. You can also read stories to the kids yourself and keep them engaged by asking questions. Keep the questions as open and engaging as possible. Yes/no answers is the quickest way to kill conversations.

Make it fun

Unlike adults, kids don’t believe they have to sit through something they don’t enjoy. They will walk away to find some dirt to play with. Whatever you are doing has to be fun or it’s a no deal for them. Find ways of incorporating fun in your children reading sessions. Try rhyming words, doing accents or acting out scenes in the book. You can also learn How To Make A Meme Comic for your readings. Make sure the memes are appropriate for kids though.

Let the kids suggest a read

Letting the kids choose what they want to read helps in keeping them interested in books instead of dictating daily reads. Let them develop their own taste in literature. It is better to let them read something you don’t approve of and discuss it later than shut it out altogether. However, if it something that is likely to give them nightmares, let them read it during the day. You can arrange reading dates with kids of family or friends who like to read and let them share books and ideas.

Lead by example

Your kids aren’t going to read when you are going to be laughing off an episode of your favorite comedy during their reading time. Sit on the reading table with them and read something if they want to be left to read alone. Also remember to keep books within their reach- on the drawers in their closets, shelves, the reading table etc.

Fight on

If their interest isn’t picking up, it is always easier to just give it up. Don’t fall for the trick. Keep exploring different types of literature until you find something that makes your children tick. You can ask for help and suggestions from someone who has worked with kids before- maybe their teacher or a librarian at a kid’s library. Have a specific time dedicated to reading so that they can embrace consistency.

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