The lost heritage of men’s clothing. How should Men dress up!

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featuring Style & Elegance
Al Pacino in Godfather film featuring Style & Elegance

Men Dress Up: Have you ever noticed a man walking down the street and gaining the attention of everyone around them with respect and honor? or giving an impression of a complete personality. This happens when we see a properly dressed person that suits time, occasion and gender. These days, it is very often to see that men are dressing up with a stupid selection of colours, outfits which is difficult to decide whether it’s for a man or a woman, the men are more likely transforming into girlish stylings, whether it’s their dressing or hairstyles. This is my focus point in this post to educate new generations even older, how to pursue and design their wardrobes. not to adopt the wrong ongoing trends that lead you to lose your masculinity, but rather that uplift your looks and mannish personality! Yes, in this article I am only focusing on men’s personality and men’s fashion.

The lost heritage of men’s clothing

This is a research-based comparative study where I will share my experience and knowledge on ‘How should Men really dress up!‘ To explain this vital change, i have used some pictures from old times fashion and some from modern fashion, but focusing only on ‘what should men really wear‘ not to display ‘what men should not wear’. However, ‘what men should not wear’ will also be covered in a separate article very soon.

To spread an awareness among the new youth and young generations following fashion and for those who are bringing the new trends which are actually killing the Mannish look! This article will actually educate people who are destroyed their fashion sense by the newly promoted trends where they have lost the difference between a man and women.

“One is never over-dressed or underdressed in a Little Black Dress.” Karl Lagerfeld

Men Dress Up Fashion from 1960’s and 1970’s

Here below, the images show the pictures taken of different personalities at different times and occasions, the essence is this that they are stylish but still look man. Even then celebrities and artists used to be stylish and used to keep or adopt heroic looks but being male, only to enhance their looks for onstage purposes or to fascinate people around them, but they were kinda very picky on what to wear that uplift their looks not that, it changes all of you.

Men's Styling and dressing by famous Artists
Men’s Styling and dressing by famous Artists
Al Pacino in Godfather
Al Pacino in Godfather
007 Character displaying the dressing of old and new James Bond
007 Character displaying the dressing of old and new James Bond

Why i still like James Bond 007 film series, i know there are things that do not exist in real life, but to keep ourselves focused on clothing and dressing, we should observe the consistency and elegance of the styling of this one character. The personality affects directly on your personality how you carry it, or how you wanna carry it.

Dressing that used to inspire people, demonstrating neatness, discipline and masculinity to differentiate among women
Dressing that used to inspire people, demonstrating neatness, discipline, and masculinity to differentiate among women


From The Modern Era, Brands and Designers that are still producing the classic looks!

Well, it’s not about wearing suits all the time, you should also wear something casual or semi-formal, but here the objective is to keep your gender consciousness priority. The below images are from some famous brands who are still producing high-end fashion with the sense of ‘Style with Elegance’.

Photo courtesy to: Chess London and Calvin Klein
Photo courtesy to: Chess London and Calvin Klein
Demonstrating how clothing affect on our personalities and human behavior
Demonstrating how clothing affect our personalities and human behavior

The below images is a collection of the famous brand ‘Ralph Lauren Purple Label’ which is an example of decent and elegant look for men. It’s not the brand I am focusing on right now, we can all learn from this, and can build our wardrobes within our affordable range from any other branded and non branded outfits. The objective is to return to ‘being men‘.

Sometimes you also wanna wear something semi formal
Sometimes you also wanna wear something semi-formal

This was an effort to show different aspects of how time bring change within us, but we sometimes are unable to fore seek its drawbacks. I am sure, the ones who will read this will find it helpful and positive, not only men but also women. This is a very big topic to discuss and I am unable to cover it in one post, so I will keep posting more on such topics,

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Question: Did you also noticed this change that I have discussed above?

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