Travel Vlog: Tips to Grow on YouTube as a Vlogger

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Vlogging has become a more and more popular way for people to express themselves online. People vlog about a range of topics, from original food and drink creations, to clothing hauls and makeup tips. One consistently popular topic for people to vlog about is travel; not only can this be a fun way for people to document their adventures, but it can also be used as an easy method for earning a little extra income. When travel vlog provide insightful, unique and aesthetically pleasing content, they can easily start to trend, and this, in turn, is what leads to profitability. If you are thinking of becoming a travel vlogger, or if you are looking to improve on your existing travel vlog channel, here are four simple tips to help you to improve the success of your blog.

Use Good Quality Equipment

With so many travel vlog out there, taking a few quick snaps and short video clips on your smartphone just isn’t going to cut it. While the initial costs of buying good quality camera equipment can be expensive, the more you use your tech, the quicker the expense will even out. Plus, if your travel vlogs are successful enough to become profitable, eventually the equipment will pay for itself.

Good Quality Equipment

Find Your Niche

While you might get a few views with a generic travel vlog, with lots of nice pictures, that is unlikely to be enough to make you stand out from the crowd. If you really want to make your travel vlog worth watching, you need to find an angle which will give people a reason to watch your content over all the others. Perhaps it will be your witty and outstanding insights into each countries culture, the really unique places that you travel to, or the way in which you travel (for example, going with family members or traveling on a tight budget). Whatever it is, make sure you keep your content specific to your niche, so that you stay true to your brand.

Keep it Short

People will watch YouTube videos for hours on end, but rarely will they spend all of that viewing time on just one vlog. Many consumers have a short attention span and are unlikely to continue watching a video which seems too lengthy or monotonous. You should also try and make your videos as engaging as possible, such as by looking at how to make a YouTube intro eye-catching or asking the audience questions which you provide answers to later on in the content.

Be Creative and Experiment

Doing the same shots for each video will eventually mean that your audience loses interest. Therefore, it is important that you find ways to mix it up and try out different setups and photography techniques during your travels. If you’re not a trained photographer, it may take you some time to learn what works and what doesn’t, but you can always save the unusable footage to use in some outtakes vlogs!

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