Smartphone Problems and How to Deal with Them

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Modern smartphones are designed to be relatively durable, but a lot of things can still go wrong with them. The higher-end phones now use aluminum frames with glass front and back, which means a substantial drop can shatter the phone. Software issues are still found, despite both Android Pie and iOS 12 being very advanced.

To make it even worse, we rely on our smartphones too much these days, so a severe problem could be devastating. Knowing how to best deal with common smartphone problems is a must, and that is what we are going to do in this article.

a broken screen
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A Broken Screen

As mentioned before, a drop can cause your smartphone screen to shatter, even when it is equipped with the latest Gorilla Glass. It may not break when the phone falls flat on the surface, but a single point of impact remains the weak point of screens today. When the screen is broken, replacing it with a new one is the only way to go. If the phone is still on, you can back up your data before sending the phone for repair. If it is completely off, you can rely on mobile data recovery services from Secure Data Recovery to get your files to safety before repairing the screen.

a corrupt memory
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A Corrupt Memory

Impact and other issues can also cause the internals of your phone to stop working. In a worst-case scenario, the UFS chips responsible for storing your data become inaccessible before your phone dies completely.

A repair isn’t always possible unless the phone is still under warranty. If the latter is the case, you have a big decision to make. You can either send the phone to Secure Data Recovery or another mobile data recovery services to get your files back or have the phone’s main board swapped with a new one to get the phone working again.

water damage
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Water Damage

Many of us have accidentally spilled a drink on our phones or drop it in the sink (alright, the toilet) before; we all know how dreadful this type of accident can be. The first few steps you take after spilling water over your phone are important.

If it is a phone with IP rating, chances are it will survive water just fine. Simply use a towel to dry the phone completely and you are good to go. If the phone dies after that contact with water, however, you want to make sure that the internals are completely dry before trying to switch it back on.

Rice – uncooked rice, to be exact – is a handy thing to have in this situation. Bury your phone in rice for two or three days. Rice absorbs moisture from inside the phone, which is why this is a good way to completely dry your phone before switching it back on. If you are lucky, the phone will simply switch back on without an issue.

As always, send the phone for repair if it remains dead after you put it in a bag of rice. Once again, you can choose to recover your files first with the help of professional mobile data recovery service.

Combined with the other tips we covered in this article, you should be able to deal with the worst smartphone emergencies without a problem.

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