Revolution or Devilution? The truth behind the Ruthless American Political Strategies!

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Ruthless American Political Strategies!

Uncle Sam
Uncle Sam

In the aftermath of WWII, with the rise of bipolar world, the mad race between North America and Russian federation diminished the values, ethics and regard to humane attitude in pursuit to establish own ascendency over arch rivals, not only limiting in conventional mosaic but also extending own authority even in the outer space.

With a fall of Lenin and Stallin’s statues, the demise of Marxism which was the basis of Socialist ideas also became eminent. The genesis/rise of unilateralism provided the face of the earth with even more horrifying scenes than the ills of bipolarism. The rise of USA, as the so called sole superpower of the world, provided it the opportunity to bring peace, stability, and economic prosperity to the people of the larger world; however this status came with a lot of responsibility and considerate thinking which was unfortunately not adhered to; thus leading to ruthless use of power, lust to tap the natural resources around the world and the insane greed to establish own authority over the entire world for the rest of the times.

This fall sense of superiority led to out-of proportion reactions towards any likely force which had the potential to challenge or stand tall in front of the unilateralist ideas; change of regimes, revolutions, rise of Arab-spring or anti-capitalist ideas occupying the Wall Street are just few of the recent examples. In order to analyse the ills and goods (if any) that came about from the concept of unipolar world to the people of this planet, it is necessary to weigh it in the paradigms of economics, security and improvement in the quality of life.

Revolution or Devilution?
In this portion of the article we are going to disclose how in the name of revolution, America is actually playing the part of a conniving devil. It has often used the guise of assisting countries in reshaping its economy, politics and livelihood.
Economy has always driven the international motives and interests of nations towards each other and has resulted in events like world wars, formulation of economic blocks (NATO and European Union, ASEAN etc) and shifting of small dependable nations from one donor to another (Common Wealth, Shanghai Corporation Organization and G8).

Conservative-AmericaThe efficacy of international financing and banking system has already lost its credibility in the aftermath of international global financial crisis and great economic recessions of 2008 and 2011, further strengthening the theories and ideas about the hollowness of US Central Reserves and the shallowness of Wall Street/NASDAQ based economy.

The control exercised by international financial organizations like IMF and World Bank in throwing bait to the fragile economies around the world and in turn controlling their policies which give a very negative impact on the lives of commoners is just an absurd and bizarre example of how economics are being used to drive the larger world towards designed objectives.

The unjustified and discriminatory rule of petro-dollar which makes it mandatory for all the countries to purchase the petroleum oil lubricants (POL) in dollar gives a fake/pseudo support to the crumbling US economy thus dis-allowing its competitor currencies to compete on open playfields. The Zionist control over Wall Street and US Military adventurism inspite of its collapsing economy are the desperate efforts to retain its economic viability with regards to its hegemonic designs. Lost upon US are the lessons from erstwhile Soviet Russia whose expansionist designs could provide scant support to its dying economy and which stands as a monument to the folly of pulling the rubber a bit too far.

Even recent efforts by Obama administration of resurrection of US banking system have paid no dividends in this direction. Inspite of being a weak economy, US continues to increase its defence expenditures, remaining one of the largest donors to international organizations and other dependent economies to retain its viability and undertake further military adventurism alongside its NATO allies leaving the general US masses bewildered in the awe of unemployment, high tax collection and comparatively low life expectancy than many of the European countries. The new US health insurance policies are testimony to the facts mentioned above that the US economy has an extrovert approach while neglecting the commoners.

Faceoff America

9/11 – Example of most ruthless act, to start a ruthless revolution!

For a long time now, America has enjoyed the ruthless game of placing blames on other races and religions and all the allegations placed together give an impression that America especially relishes in placing the blame on Muslims belonging to different countries. Even though, all the changing governments of America continued this mutually entertaining recreation one after the other, it is now time that they should be held accountable. People need answers and they demand a logical justification behind the political movements and the unwanted interference into the social, political and economic networks of other countries.
Thanks to media and the rapid exchange of data, information and secrets through online portals, all has not remained hidden. With a little bit of research, an average person with a little bit of interest can realise that perhaps there is a larger network that is behind horrific events like that of 9/11; that Islam or its pious followers are really not the answers one is looking for. After all, men and women deployed in distant continents in the guise of foreign military occupations to correct what is wrong also belong to families and they too demand an explanation.

9/11 was not planned by Arabs or extremists hiding out in the caves of Afghanistan; in fact the master plan was built and executed from the high offices of the so called politicians of the Western world. There is ample proof and valid information present in both online and offline scriptures, yet no one wants to openly talk about it or place the blame where it should be placed. This particular event and others like it both directly and indirectly hurt not only the Muslims of the world but the American citizens as well.
Whatever the motive and whoever was pulling the strings, there is a condemning sense of fear that hangs over the world. America has over extended its welcome in all of the foreign military stations still trying to find other plausible excuses to linger on and to suck out the lifeblood of that particular country. The result is economic distress and unnecessary loss of precious lives all over the world.


In the guise of taking revenge of 9/11 or to purify the world of terrorism, it has in fact started out its own terrorist campaign in two main components of the Muslim world – Iraq and Afghanistan. And not only that, it has also compelled the Muslim army of Pakistan to carry out intensive ‘terrorist wipe-out’ campaigns in the outskirts of its own country. Imprisoning and torturing hundreds of Muslims around the globe, America has also conveniently deployed its numerous Special Forces troops in Somalia, Sudan and Yemen. Besides raging physical wars and tortures on Muslims across the world, it has also masterfully unleashed a war of ideas which made the shifting to Western norms in the society very easy. A change of ideas in the community has also led Muslim clerics to denounce violence and to spread enlightened philosophies.
One is also forced to think that if Muslims were really after the American sovereignty then there might have been another planned attack of some form somewhere. Yet in eleven years, there hasn’t been an attack and the only wars that have continued over this long stretch of time are the ones which are inflicted by America itself. Perhaps the only illusion they want to create is that America is now a safer place because they are taking measures against these terrorists.

But while there is much focus on how humanity is being punished in other states and countries, America is successful in distracting the world from taking a look at its own society which is engulfed in both major and minor crimes.

What every next American candidate has to say is all hoax because when they talk about the social and economic ills that are burdening the not so developed countries, they forget that the US actually ranks 34th amongst 35 economically advanced countries which have a disappointing level of child poverty; ranking only better than Romania. And where they boast about their technological and educational advancements, America actually has only 28% of 4-year olds who are attending preschool. The infant mortality rate of USA is in fact inferior to 48 other countries. When it comes to obesity, America can easily vouch for 10 times more cases than that of China.

The above mentioned are only few of the social and domestic ills that America has hidden; it also ranks higher in street crimes and other delinquencies like rape, murder, fraud, embezzlement and abduction.

So why Illuminati?

The New World Order???

Engrossed with crimes and economic failures, America continues to rage a fight against smaller communities of the world, placing its pawns here and there, ready to strike in an evil manner with some secret weapon that is not disclosed yet. What, therefore, is the driving force that urges them to neglect own shortcomings and pursue something that has an even uglier face? It is the ‘Illuminati.’

This was a secret society that was formed over 200 years ago. It is believed to have formed a mastermind known as Adam Weishaupt and was targeted at the weaker population of the world which could be wooed by wealth and other temptations. In other words, they wanted to create a world of the enlightened people; people who could not be discriminated due to the various religions. This secret society worked endlessly to promote rationalism into people and wanted to abolish monarchies and secularism to create a New World Order.

Though the government of 1784 banned all such secret societies, we are receiving information that a secret conspiring society, which could be the Illuminati still exists and in fact is constituted with members who reside in The White House. For example, Bush was also once heard saying in his press conference about creating the New World Order.

one eyeMembers of the Illuminati are present in the whole world; how they convey their concepts and missions to each other is still unknown. However, there are signs and evidences which prove that all these members do in fact belong to the same society. Members of the Illuminati are not just politicians; they are also the film makers, singers and cartoon makers etc. who are psychologically inducing their ideology through entertainment. Disney entertainment, Michael Jackson, The Simpsons are all elements of entertainment where you will find signs like a Pyramid, All Seeing One Eye, Face of the Devil and few others.
While military operations continue to confuse the world, members of the Illuminati play their role in parallel dimensions by controlling the minds of men, women and kids around the world through entertainment.

Go Green or Creep?


Indeed America portrays itself as the flag-bearer of the Go-Green concept, yet who is behind the massive massacres that are being carried out in the Asian territories, killing innocent women and children by mistake, all in the name of finding the one terrorist, Osama bin Laden, who wasn’t after the 9/11 attacks in the first place.
With the demise of Soviet Union, the US military might needed a potent enemy, or at least perception of one, which could prove justification of its military interventions in the specific areas of interest.  The images of Saddam Hussain and Osama bin Laden provided that adversity to the so-called US nationalism with the real intent to tap the natural resources of the world thus making up for trembling US economy.

The fabrication of presence of WMDs (weapon of mass destruction) in Iraq or planning of 9/11 attacks in the Tora Bora caves were dramatized in a Hollywood blockbuster style with the occupants of Oval Office raising their fists, grinding their chins to take revenge of fundamentalism threatening liberalism.
The linkages of important events related to Iraq/Afghanistan made a direct impact on the result of US Presidential polls like capture of Saddam Hussain and the Abbottabad operation cannot be simply ignored by any vibrant mind.

What is Next……or left?

Last, but not the least, the perception of NATO forces leaving Afghanistan in 2014 is a mere hood-winking as US already signed a declaration with pseudo-Afghan government legitimizing stay of US forces in Afghanistan up to 2024 which can further be extended to another decade; thereby clearly revealing the US interests to maintain its presence at the mouth of energy rich Caspian Sea/ Central Asian Republics.

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