9/11 was an Inside job! – Discover its true facts!

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Unveil the dark and hidden facts which lead this significant incident of the American history to be connected not…911 an inside job

911 an Inside Job!

The multiple air crashes that took place on September 11th, 2001, commonly known as 9/11, is the pivotal event of these time, yet. This seminal event has for ever changed the regular perspective of the common man whether he is the citizen of the United States or belonging to the nations across the oceans. The whole cataclysmic event and the investigation (or lack of it) that followed has led the common man to doubt and question the authorities.

In this detailed account, we are going to unveil the dark and hidden facts which lead this significant incident of the American history to be connected not with the Arabs and extremists of Afghanistan but with the intelligence agencies and government officials of USA itself.

The catastrophic occurrence that took place in downtown Manhattan on the morning of 11th September, 2001 was going to act as a catalyst in the never ending war against terrorism. A war that has led millions of American troops to land and operate in the Afghan territory. As soon as the two mega structures came plummeting to the grounds, news had started to circulate about the destruction being a part of a mega-scheming plot that was conceived, planned and operated from the caves in the undeveloped parts of Afghanistan by a terrorist organisation known as Al-Qaeda.


But there is more, so much more to this life changing story that needs to be understood; and not just for people who became the collateral damage of this horrible event but for all other people who are also the followers of the religion that is followed by Al-Qaeda terrorists. Perhaps the people who really orchestrated such a disastrous event didn’t think that the people whose lives were going to be affected will be compelled to think deep beyond the obvious, beyond the facts that were made available.

Playing on the torn and battered emotions of those who had recently suffered due to the Twin Tower explosion, what the government (then led by George W. Bush) released, the people believed. The following synopsis is what the whole world was made to believe after the 9/11 catastrophe took place.

According to the federal authorities, the attack on the twin towers of the World Trade Centre (WTC) was conceived and coordinated by the Islamic extremist group, Al-Qaeda, in Afghanistan. The leader of this extremist group was named as Osama bin Laden who lived and communicated from a cave in a barren portion of this country. According to the US government, there were 19 militants who actually executed the whole plan of smashing two US airliners into the twin towers, one in the pentagon and one in the field of Pennsylvania.

It is strange and unbelievable that 19 terrorists supposedly escaped security with box-cutters, knives and other arms and boarded four different aircrafts, all of which were headed to California, from three different East Coast airports. The investigation reveals that they chose these aircrafts because they were loaded with fuel as they were bound to travel on transcontinental routes. According to the allegation placed on these people by the American government, within minutes these terrorists were able to take control and direct those aircrafts to the intended target.

The first Boeing 767 hit the North Tower of the WTC at 8:45 which created a wide burning hole in the tower, spanning over many storeys near the 80th floor. It is reported that the evacuation of the lower floors started right away and that of the South Tower; but within 20 minutes another Boeing 767 hit the South Tower near its corner which led to a shower of burning debris over the surrounding smaller buildings of the WTC which apparently included Building 7 as well. Sometime later the Pentagon in Washington was hit and one airliner crashed in the empty field of Pennsylvania. The investigation has led people to believe that certain daring passengers didn’t let the terrorists succeed in their plans as they had gained intelligence somehow that other planes were already hijacked and led to ill fate. The reports assume that the last aircraft was meant to hit the White House, Camp David or U.S. Capitol.

These were the horrible events and the data that accumulated soon afterwards. But soon after researchers and experts who were thirsty for the complete truth started speculating into what actually had happened. When the pieces didn’t start to add up as the government so conveniently intended, the new research actually led to the conspiracy being coined by none other than the government of U.S.A itself.
There were many aspects of this tragedy that were left unanswered and buried with the rubble. For example, where are the black boxes of those aircrafts? And although the total figure of people who died in this tragedy is in large numbers, one is forced to think that 3000 is not much when compared to the tragedy which struck in gigantic proportions. And most importantly who is answerable for the weird coincidence of WTC building 7 plunging to the ground in the exact same manner as did the Twin Towers when no aircraft or burning debris hit that huge concrete building with reinforced steel frame.

September 11th, 2001

Although operations against the terrorists were decided soon afterwards, FBI director Robert Mueller clearly stated in April 19, 2002 that “we have not uncovered a single piece of paper – either here in the United States or in the treasure trove of information that has turned up in Afghanistan and elsewhere – that mentioned any aspect of the September 11 plot.”

And though the FBI director seemed surprised, the actual reason why they never found the evidence was because there was no cave, no Laden and certainly no mastermind plot. What they should have been searching and inspecting was the Oval office to uncover the in-house perpetrators who were intended the creation of the next “Pearl Harbour” incident to gain public votes for carrying out their unsubstantiated mission. This was the mission which was stated in the Project for the New American Century in the summer of 2000 which clearly states one of their goals to be the economic and military securing of Afghanistan. The document also states that “this process of transformation is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalysing event – like a new Pearl Harbor.” (ibid.)

But those were just failings in the investigation to find a link between Al-Qaeda and the 9/11 attacks; lets elaborate on something more substantial and tangible– the black boxes from Flight 11 and Flight 175. According to the National Transportation Safety Board which overlooks the investigation of all massive U.S. airline crashes and publishes it, the 9/11 black boxes were perhaps the only ones that were ‘not found’ or whose serial numbers were not listed in the inventory. Can it really be a farcical coincidence that these particular black boxes with no serial numbers were never to be found?

Every jetliner is equipped with a Flight Data Recorder (FDR) and a Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR) which is enclosed in the ‘black box’. Because the black box carries such vital information, it is designed in a way that it can survive most kinds of crashes. The FDR and the CVR is enclosed in a safety capsule that can not only withstand 3,400 times the actual force of gravity, but also flames that can reach up to 2,000OF and stay ablaze for over 30 minutes. The capsules are also protective against submersion in salt water of up to 20,000 feet for almost a month. Furthermore, the black boxes are usually installed in the tail area of the jetliner that usually suffers the least impact.

Even after such safety procedures have been ensured, the federal authorities who controlled the clearing and investigation at Ground Zero, were adamant that the black boxes of these two aircrafts were destroyed beyond recovery in the crash. Not surprising enough, all the 9/11 Commission Report had to say about it was that the CVRs and the FDRs of these two flights “were not found.” This was the official statement but there were many other people working at Ground Zero and one of the NYC fire fighters later published a book in which he reveals that he was part of the team who helped the officials recover the devices. In fact, the NTSB also contradicted the official report saying that there were boxes but only FBI knows where they actually are.

Now let’s come back to the falling of the Twin Towers and the WTC 7 on 9/11. Although the officials would have us believe that it was the fire and the explosion caused by the jetliners which led to the collapse of the buildings, it is not possible because never before the 9/11 incident has any fire caused a steel frame of a concrete building to tumble.

Furthermore, the WTC steel showed signs of being dealt with explosives. However the investigation was not carried out; in fact the steel remains were shipped overseas for melt down. Surprisingly there is no one to answer on who authorized the violation of a federal crime scene. From the various videos that were captured of the WTC 7 falling, it is visible that smoke started to come out of its top centre after which the middle of the building collapsed followed by the walls burying themselves one over the other in the centre.

This kind of free fall, where the building falls over its footprint in a smooth and vertical motion is clearly indicative of controlled demolition which takes months of planning to prepare. Furthermore there are only a few demolition companies in New York which specialize in this science and according to them it takes a lot more science than lighting up kerosene oil on one of the floors to bring the buildings vertically down into their footprint under 7 seconds. One of these companies was also detailed to remove the wreckage from Ground Zero.

It should be added here that the steel skeletons of the Twin Towers and WTC 7 were extremely tough structures – structures that were built to withstand strong forces like that of hurricanes and earthquakes and built with such capacity to endure several times the weight and load which was anticipated in their complete lifetimes. Yet the federal authorities claim that the fire in the few offices of WTC 7 which were caused by falling debris from one of the Towers caused it to collapse. And similar explanations go for the Twin Towers; when in fact all three buildings fell in exactly the same manner whether they were hit by the aircrafts or not.

The aircraft explosion in the buildings actually camouflaged the smoke that would have come out when the explosion took place in those buildings as well and this explosion finally caused the Twin Towers to come down in a neat rubble pile.

But what is interesting is who ordered the crucial evidence to be sold in crap after the incident took place? The national standard for fire investigation doesn’t state anywhere that the evidence of destructed building which is more than 10-stories tall can be removed from the site unless complete investigation has been carried out; yet for months after this catastrophe took place, the evidence of the WTC continued to be cut and sold for scrap.

Another protocol that was not followed on that particular day is of allowing the 767 jetliners to proceed on its flight with a very low number of passengers. On an otherwise totally booked flight, that particular day, every passenger had almost a complete empty row to himself in all of the aircrafts used in that mission. The passenger list that was released didn’t even carry the name of the Arab hijackers, some of which by the way are alive and healthy living their lives.

Amongst all these weird coincidences, there is also one concurrence about the strange absence of almost 4,000 Jews from work that day at the WTC. There is no one who can give an answer to this simple question.

One can conclude from all these facts that the US officials had far more evidences against themselves than they had against the terrorist group Al-Qaeda at the time they started their baseless war against terrorism – a fight that has taken the countless lives of innocent women and children till now.

The controversies revolving around the Bin Laden’s tapes only call for more speculation about the incident instead of charging the Arab states deceptively. Whether the above stated facts point towards the 9/11 being an insider job or not, this much is clear, that George W. Bush and Tony Blair didn’t have enough evidence and grounds to carry out an inhuman act.

The 9/11 terrorist attack has only led to hatred against Muslims all over the world. The American Muslims who have always been enjoying life in the United States were suddenly scared because of the religious group they belonged to as a new form or religious racism took birth and crimes motivated by hatred against Muslims increased in the world over.

Although the truth to the 9/11 incident has not been totally uncovered yet, each day, the American troops accidentally kill hundreds of innocent victims including women and children on the Afghan soil. It is time to ask ourselves of who the real terrorists are?

Numerous American scholars like Michael Shermer, Jim Fetzer and Eric Karlstrom have spoken the truth about 9/11, yet nothing is done to stop the real terrorists. So we ask a simple question – who will bring these global law makers to justice? When will the real terrorism end from this world? And when will the world see the Americans for the people they really are?

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