Young Bentley Driver

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We all know that there are a few very lucky young drivers out there who have their pick of some of the world’s fastest, and inevitably most expensive, cars in the world. Just before Christmas a story emerged in the British newspapers of a Bentley with learner driver plates. This lucky young driver has attracted attention due to his atrocious driving. Having parked across two bays the unidentified owner attracted the curiosity of passers-by in Hans Place, near Harrods, in south-west London.

Photo by Dave Hamster

The £140,000 Bentley Continental GT has a top speed of 194mph with optional extras costing up to £22,630; it is one of the most luxurious cars in the world. There are few teenagers who can afford a car of that calibre. With most teens scouring comparison sites like Money Supermarket for the cheapest car insurance, money can’t have been an option for the learner driver, or his parents.

In Britain the car insurance debate has been raging on, with headlines dominated by extortionate insurance claims and the enormous prices that young drivers have to pay for insurance. This debate has only been exacerbated by recent rulings by the European Parliament, who ruled that it was illegal to vary insurance costs in relation to sex. Young drivers in the United Kingdom are now paying more than their car is worth in payments. A fact which can only allude to the cost of this young driver’s insurance. There may be many more young people paying over the odd for their insurance, but one thing is for sure, this young driver must be paying through the nose for his insurance.

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