$8m Maybach Exelero, World’s Most Expensive Car

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A challenge for engineers at the Mercedes-Benz Maybach Exelero to build a car that does not exist in the world. Moreover, a super car that defines the most luxurious. And the most expensive is not so the simple task at this time of competition where the competitors are always on for the competitive battles.

This is what they call Maybach Exelero, a state of the art luxury, which is completely handmade and gives an enormous speed of 700 horsepower.

This can be the world’s dream car. Maybach’s length is based of Davidoff Stogie. And that is overkill for car’s lovers. An incredibly free-breathing twin turbo 5.9 liter engine that cough up with the power of 691 horse-power. Low end torque 752 lb-ft of this beast assists in maintaining balance. You can say it transport of “Darth Vader”. The engine’s sound effect grab your ear drum and the proportion design will leave you cold. Two pornographic pipes embedded on side which emit earth-shattering and thunderous sound.

Mercedes-Benz Maybach Exelero, World’s Most Expensive Car

The famous tire company Fulga Tire Company, paid the bills to make this car. In this they can implement the world’s biggest tires of 23”. Their initial plan was to make a very big car that can be installed the biggest tires with biggest rims on low profile tires, who can carry 6000 lbs weight and can go up to 200 mph.

Maybach Exelero is 19 feet long in length, has 23” inches wheels, and the company says, that it will never build again. The gas mileage is 2.5 mpg when it is at full throttle. The world is asking them to build a two-seater car as well, so it can be more practical for sport car lovers. But as yet, the Mercedes has no serious plans for that.

Discover the World’s Most Expensive Cars

Automobiles like Rolls-Royce, Bugatti, Pagani, and Rimac are afforded by elites to quench their thirst for luxury. We all know that luxury doesn’t come without expense. So, let’s know more…

Maybach Exelero Price

When it comes to price, it cost at $8 million, which makes it world’s most expensive car, and which puts away any other car light years away, when it comes to price.

Maybach Exelero

Maybach Exelero Interior

In sense of luxury and comfort, Maybach has no competition. The long doors open widely and cozy leather seats move back enough to accommodate limbs and legs. Moreover the shiny carbon fiber door panel and Fluda Red Stripes are some real class and peace of mind.

Maybach Exelero – Interior

For instance, the piano black stack works along familiar HVAC control. Moreover, the adjustable power steer wheel is a four-spoke gadget with a cushion hub so big it could house enough air bags for the entire family. Designers say that when they were designing cockpit they combined elements from Maybach 57 Sedan with new racy touches such as the transmission gate, carbon fiber trims, free drafting air conditioning, and aluminum accents. The Air Conditioning system has been temporally terminated to just make sure that all power of horses on the board.

I guess this is very small price for exchange of high power dose and torque to make your riding experiences joyful. Driver’s tongue will get the taste of racing fuel 110 octane. Moreover, when twelve cylinder will go wild, driver will get his/her vision badly blurred. Death metal music of Maybach will definitely numb your ear.

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Maybach’s Performances

On 1st of May, racing driver Klaus Ludwig proved Maybach’s speeding point by whipping it to top speed of 351.45 kph (218 mph) in Nardo High-Speed oval in Italy. The 36-valve V-12 produces peak speed at 5-k RPM but it’s red line RPM is 6000. The Maybach Exelero offers more displacement from 5.5 to 5.9 liters with bigger turbochargers, a manlier radiator, and a larger inter cooler. But standard Maybach 57/62 engine offers less horse power.

In the hot summer season, you’ll get your wheels spin during first, second, and third gear. The transmission system feels compelled to change down when you throttle bit tight. Because of this sideways maintenance is quiet difficult. At the throttle a mild stab is enough to kick out the tail and cause paroxysms in the stability system.

Better cooling system is needed because of its heat like Dragon Hisses. One more interesting thing is that almost after seven decades, the two different car maker collaborates together to break the speeding limit barrier of 350-kph (217-mph).

Moreover, the stage, the suspension, and the fuel tank were taken to a great extent from the car, a moment firewall must be included. The seats, the controlling segment, and the pedal box were 15.7 inches. Accordingly, the Exelero closely resembles a legitimate, dislike a two-entryway notch back. Strikingly enough, the extents and measurements of the 2005 adaptation are very near those of the prewar unique.

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Update – 2024:

Back in 2019, Maybach was the most costly car in the world. We all know that the world is changing swiftly and so as the technology. As the manufacturing and production excels, the price tags of newly built vehicles with advanced features also elevates. Same happens here, in a slight time, this remarkable car has now stand at 9th number as the world’s most expensive vehicle. However, it’s not a bad number but it shook us all that how things take turn in just a couple of years.

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