Writing an Effective Introduction for a Research Paper

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There are two conflicting ideas about the introduction for writing a research paper. Someone says that it doesn’t have much meaning to work hard on it, as it only gives the general idea about the research itself, and the core ideas are expressed much further. Also, people choosing this side of argument state that you don’t have to make your introduction too engaging. As your professor is anyway obligated to read it, and much people outside academic won’t read it. Others are sure that a well-thought-out introduction can help make professors forgive you some minor mistakes in the entire work, as introduction clearly shows your understanding of the topic, its background, etc.

Writing a Research PaperWe want to say that of course, you need to write all the chapters of your paper brilliantly, but you are not an author with 10-15 years of experience working for a professional research paper service, so you have to choose your battles wisely. Let’s get a closer look at which items your introduction should cover in any case, no matter which position you support.

Must-Have #1 Introduction of Your Topic

Sounds obvious, but make sure not to forget to introduce your topic before you get to background context and rationale. When you begin writing, don’t try to edit yourself, you will cut sentences later. The first part of the introduction will be half technical half based on your desire to show the importance of the research questions. So it is normal to be a little “academically emotional” describing your topic. Often, research papers later become background to your thesis or dissertation, so it is important to do everything at the highest level of quality from the very beginning.

Must-Have #2 Background of Your Topic and Context

Once you have basically introduced the topic, it is worth stating how this topic has covered previously, by whom, when, to which extent, and why you think those studies are not enough to put an end to the discussion. Of course, you had not supposed to present a full literature review in the introduction. Your reader should be able to follow the development of the topic. Moreover, realize why you want to pitch in with this particular research. This is a time consuming part, as you need to dig in. That is also why when you send your do my research paper order with an academic paper writing service. However, they write much faster than you — narrow specialists they hire already know the background.

Must-Have #3 Brief Research Plan to Prepare Your Reader

This part is often considered not obligatory, as most of the research papers have to include an extensive outline. However, if you present your readers with at least a preliminary plan of the research in the introduction, it will be to your benefit only.

Must-Have #4 Rationale — Relevance and Actuality

Once you done with the background, you have to make it clear that your topic is relevant, up-to-date, actual. It is great if you can show how you expect the results will influence the field you specialize in. Also, don’t forget to mention the limitations of the research you anticipate to stumble upon.

Must-Have #5 Impressive Hypothesis

Needless to say that if you fail this one, your whole introduction will look exceptionally weak. Your hypothesis can take no more than two sentences and should present the whole idea, and, sometimes, the dilemma of your study. Start with writing 5-6 sentences explaining your position and edit, cut them. Remember, you can edit limitations to your thesis.

Normally, the final version of the introduction written only after you done with writing a research paper. Many professors offer to craft introduction part just in several points, finish research, and later coordinate conclusions with the introduction. We also advise not to polish introduction 100% from the very beginning, as changes are more than possible. You can also write the entire paper and later let a professional author create an introduction for you.

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