World’s most favorite characters of all times!

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Most favorite characters

Favorite cartoon characters are not only entertaining the kids but also playing a great role to gain attention in adults. There was a time when cartoons used to be meant for only children and movies and drama for adults. but i am talking about years old story. And now they are becoming strong everyday, when the film makers are making them so strong in personality, that they start reflecting in ones self, as soon as it becomes any ones favorite. You can find the branded clothing, households, gadgets video games and many more things. These reflections some times leave a negative role but sometimes positive. In any case, the Walt Disney characters have always been on the hit list. Why? is it their strong conception or great marketing skills and budgets? But one thing is for sure that there is something behind it, we have not been told. The below mentioned almost 30 characters displays a unique roles and conveys great message, and story telling that can be a good source for knowledge and when you feel like going sentimental.

Jake Sully


Tom and Jerry


The Smurfs






The Lion King


Mickey Mouse


Minnie Mouse


Kung Fu Panda
Mega Mind
He Man
Dory Nemo
Thunder Cats

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