The Fortune of the Ultimate World!

The Ultimate World!

The massive technology development strides in the 20th and 21st centuries have extended convenience beyond human expectations. The reduced workload has extended the leisure hours and people simply cannot consume the long weekends at home. This added with long distance easy and affordable traveling has opened unlimited tourist resorts around the four corners of the world. The human inquisitive mind is prompting everyone to travel far and wide to explore the natural intricate patterns in which the mankind, as a whole, is interwoven. How the undeveloped faraway lands, with their varied primitive cultures and musical lifestyles, attract the ultra modern people. The following resorts and places offer new feelings usually desired.


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Rome has been a romantic place since centuries. The classic trends had attracted millions and the magic still lures all to its sculptured fountains, gardens suiting special moods and the exotic night cultures in big crowdy atmospheres.


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The island’s old styled culture compromise of peaceful villages and serene spreadout beaches. Tourist hideouts are designed to offer complete holiday mood in company of friends and local hosts. Tahiti is one of the few places that keep the tour memories fresh for long.

Venice, Italy

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The Roman culture dominates the whole vast city with exotic, religious and romantic sculptures. The term “Postcard City” correctly describes the unlimited views it offers. The tourists experience light mood entertainments throughout their stay in this ancient city of stunning beauty.

Dayl – The Grand Canal
The historical canal running through the heart of Venice is best viewed by boat. The Pride of Roman Empire offers Architectural master pieces that still dominate the visitors by its shear grandeur. The huge buildings and gondolas that pass the canal provide striking views with romantic backdrop. The classic beauty of Cad’Ora and Ca da Morto with huge arches reflect their awesome beauty. The well-known Polaggo Corner and Grimani dij San Luca provide memorable touches to the journey.

Paris, France

Paris, France

Ever since the Eiffel Tower was erected, the unending romance of this city lures people of all classes and tastes to feel the joys it stores for everyone. The indulging gardens, casinos, sunset cruises, the unlimited nightlife romances, foods and deserts are all unmatched elsewhere.

Vancouver Wild Pacific


Vancouver Islands Sooke Harbour House has vast picturesque ocean span spread out. The unending sequence of waves hitting the rocky shoreline provides hours of soothing joy. The 28 guest rooms with large bathtubs, offer a unique change. The candle light restaurant nearby, offers typical dishes and is surrounded by a vast garden with plants trimmed in delightful patterns that will conjure memories for long.

Millenia, Singapore – Ritz – Carlton


The modern fantastic fantasy rises into sky in Singapore on the shore side. This giant 32 storey pillar of glass and steel is really beautiful. At the top floor it gives a sensation of floating on the sea with sea and cityscape combination. The vast city offers a good view from the top.

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