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The Honda Civic has consistently been a top economy class car ever since it first came onto the scene almost 40 years ago. This trend continues with the 2005 version of the Civic. It is offered in three different formats. Customers can choose from sedans, coupes or hatchbacks. It also comes with a variety of trim packages. This makes it easier to select a Civic with just the right features.

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There are many reasons why the Honda Civic is such a popular used car. Many younger owners find it economical for their budgets. Many young couples with small children and college students drive Honda Civics. Not only is the Civic easy to drive, it is also quite simple to maintain. Drivers and passengers find they have a comfortable ride in the Civic whether they are driving in town or out on the open road. When searching online for a second hand car you find a Honda jazz for sale if you’re looking for another popular car by this manufacturer.

There are four main trim packages for both the coupe and sedan versions of the Civic. The base package for the Civic sedan is the DX while the base package for the Civic coupe is the LX and EX. These base trim packages offer very few amenities. In regards to trim packages, the LX package would be a better option. With this package, the car would have more features a person needs. For instance it would come with cruise control, keyless entry, power windows, power locks and mirrors and a tachometer. The next package up from the LX would of course be the EX. This comes with more top of the line features. For instance, alloy wheels, moon roof, seat height adjuster and more.

The 2005 Honda Civic does come in some specialty models. These would be the HX coupe, SE coupe, SE sedan, Si hatchback and hybrid sedan. The HX coupe has features similar to the DX package. The SE coupe’s features more closely align with the LX sedan.

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