Gear Guide for Women: Textile Jackets and Pants

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Finding great riding gear that is built for female riders can be a hassle sometimes. Unisex jackets and other apparel can provide the protection you want, but it doesn’t always move with you as it should. It also doesn’t do a lot for your personal style. If you don’t have options that built to suits you. Luckily, more and more top accessory and apparel manufacturers are embracing the growing market for gear designed for women. If you’re venturing into buying new gear, here’s what you need to know to pick out your first round of riding accessories, clothes, and outerwear.

Riding Guide

Jackets for Riding

There are a lot of people who make a regular jean or leather jacket work as riding gear. That’s because both canvas and leather provide a lot of protection. Riding jackets are more than just a tough exterior, though. They also cut to frame a body, a snug fit that doesn’t restrict movement. Textile motorcycle jackets also frequently have extra padding in the lining at key protection points, to minimize the effect of road rash if you tumble.

Riding Pants for Women

Riding pants have a similar design, but with a few extra features for riders:

  • Extra pockets in strategic locations on some brands
  • Breathable material that doesn’t compromise toughness
  • Innovative materials designed to keep you comfortable and protected

Motorcycle protective clothing is not a complete safety solution on its own. You’re going to need to make sure you have the right helmets, knee and elbow pads. And other safety equipment for the riding style you are embracing. That means specifically outfitting for dirt riding if you are getting into off-road motorsports, as well as understanding the difference between a good off-road helmet and one you’ll want to wear at speed on a highway.

Things to Consider Before choose riding gears?


When I ask a man what size he wears, there’s dependably an answer: “34/32 pants” or “medium shirts”. If I ask a lady what size she is, “I don’t have a clue” is a typical answer. Commonly, she doesn’t have an inkling what her dress size or genuine estimations are. What makes this extremely significant is the way that cruiser gear for ladies isn’t vanity estimated the way pants and T-shirts are. In what manner can you know your actual size when one brand says you’re “X” yet another says you’re “Y”? So before choosing you must know about your actual size for proper fitting.


Further convoluting this issue, motorcycle gadget size graphs are regularly conflicting. It can differ starting with one brand then onto the next. What’s more, we can’t disregard the way that we regularly have bends. So you may be an alternate size from your upper half to your lower half! There is basically no simple method to make an interpretation of from easygoing garments to well-being gear.


We have additionally been prepared to take a stab at garments before a mirror, not on a bike, so it’s incredibly hard to promptly comprehend the manner in which our rigging should fit while situated on a bike, not remaining beside one. These measuring difficulties are huge in light of the fact that it can affect the manner in which our gear performs while riding and in case of an accident. Jeans should run somewhat long with the goal that the knee reinforcement slides consummately into the right spot when your feet are on the pegs. Gloves ought to have a pre-bended fit so they feel great when holding the bar. Boots should restrain your foot from over the top forward or in reverse development. At last, everything should fit cozily with the goal that the protection remains set up should you tumble off.


A ton of thought is put into how a bit of gear will make your ride as agreeable, advantageous, and sheltered as would be prudent. Jackets intended to work in more than one season should have removable liners and deliberately set ventilation for more wind current. Waterproof coats ought to have secured or fixed zippers to keep you dry. Some jeans can change your knee protection up or down contingent upon how tall you are. And jackets may have straps on the sleeves to help keep defensive layer set up. The more highlights like this an article of clothing has, the almost certain it is to be both agreeable and practical crosswise over many riding conditions.

Protection and Safety

The two key criteria for insurance are effect and scraped area obstruction. Body protective layer is basic. In the event that an article of clothing doesn’t oblige protective layer, at that point it probably won’t be very crashworthy. A few brands do exclude covering yet offer pockets so you can include your own, and outsider defensive layer is accessible for these or as a move up to the fundamental shield included with certain things. For scraped spot opposition, the primary issue is the material a piece of clothing is developed from. Materials like calfskin and Cordura give essentially more scraped spot obstruction than denim or different textures. Additionally, think about the creases: Are they sewed with a material that will guarantee that the piece of clothing won’t self-destruct upon effect? The rigging must be developed so that it secures you regardless.

Find Your Gear

The best way to find riding gear for women is to look at the biggest curated selection online. Check out your options today and get the gear you need.


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