Four Personal Skills You Should Develop for a Better Life

Written by | Published on April 20, 2022

Throughout our lives, we all develop and add to our skillset; from a young age, we’re taught various things about our lives and how the world works. It’s something we never really stop doing, and in recent years more people have discovered new personal skills online, as discussed by Forbes
However, it’s not just practical skills that people are learning, as having more time at home has allowed people to pick up or learn more life skills.

Everyone picks up their abilities differently, so some essential skills that may be well developed for one person can be underdeveloped for the next. It’s vital, though, to develop these skills as they can help you reach your full potential.

Therefore, today we will discuss four personal development skills you should seek to learn and develop in 2022. 

Personal Skills

Communication skills 

The act of personal expression, both verbal and non-verbal, is vital in everyday life for everyone. Improving effective listening skills allows us to understand better and interpret the meaning of what people around us say, rather than just hearing a chain of words coming out of the person’s mouth. Being able to clarify what is being said can help prevent misunderstanding and confusion. A better understanding of meaning and tone of voice also allows us to build a rapport, developing trust. 

Emotional Intelligence

Managing our emotions is also one of the most important skills to have, but we’re not just focussing on the negative as recognizing positive emotions is just as essential to help us move forward in our lives. It is covered by LHH in a piece around essential skills that emotional intelligence is about managing these feelings so they don’t become damaging. People who can manage their emotions achieve far more significant personal growth. They are often motivated, can show empathy, and have better general social skills, and that’s where they can then utilize those communication skills we’ve already mentioned. 

Numeracy Skills 

Many people struggle with numeracy skills, but developing your abilities with numbers can have a profound boost in your life. It can help you in your career, and it can help your well-being by creating a better understanding of the world around you. Big Think states that math plays a vital role for everyone. It’s something that’s all around us; it helps formulate budgets, and it even dictates the algorithms on this website you’re reading now. The examples are endless. Although you might not notice, you benefit from the results every minute. 

Decision making 

Every day, we all have many questions that need answering, from whether it’s time to get out of bed to whether we stay a little longer at work and push through to finish that last task. So, learning to take the best course of action based on our knowledge at hand allows you to have more confidence in the future in making decisions. Becoming an effective decision maker saves time and will likely lead to better results. 


No matter what you do, these are skills that can help you move forward with your life. There are so many different situations in which these skills can be used, they have practical uses at home and work, making them things everyone can benefit from. But what’s even better is that when we’re developing our skills, we’ve often done it by interacting with others, which speeds up our learning in double-quick time! 
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