Plan the Ultimate Getaway to Montclair With These 6 Experiences

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Montclair, New Jersey, is a lively city with quaint shops, art galleries, museums, and tempting restaurants. It is the state’s coveted family dining and entertainment destination. This means it’s the ideal place for visitors who want to explore the area and enjoy the culture.

Travel to Experience Montclair New Jersey

For a perfect getaway, begin by choosing a hotel with convenient amenities that is centrally located to the following six activities around the city. So you can make your time in Montclair really count.

Fluorescent Rocks of Sterling Hill Mine

Visit the biggest collection of publicly exhibited fluorescent rocks in the world at Sterling Hill Mining Museum. They have over 700 fluorescent objects and a beautiful rainbow tunnel that glows under a shortwave UV light, X-rays, or electron beams. They also have a 10-foot-long interactive periodic table with each of the 112 compartments containing a sample of the actual element, its ore, and an item made from that element.

Tripod Rock at Pyramid Mountain

Go hiking at Pyramid Mountain, which is a 4.6-miles round trek with multiple trails crisscrossing each other, some which are moderate and others intense. Hikers often take either white or blue trails to Tripod Rock. However, the orange trail takes you alongside a reservoir with stunning views. The route covers rocky walkways, several streams, fascinating glacial erratics such as Tripod Rock and Bear Rock, and two overlooks.

Tripod Rock at Pyramid Mountain
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The Deserted Village of Feltville

Explore the historic village of Feltville located in the Watchung Reservation. With its spooky-looking houses, which were abandoned years ago, it’s filled with rich history and ghost stories. When David Felt purchased the land from the Willcox family, he named the village Feltville. He sold the land after 15 years of managing and developing the town. Since then, various businesses made multiple attempts at reviving the community of Feltville, but none succeeded. Slowly, the village of Feltville dubbed a “deserted village.”

South Mountain Fairy Trail

Take a short 2.25-mile hiking trip along the Rahway River to the world of fairies at South Mountain in Millburn and look for miniature doors within the roots or tiny ladders hanging from the stem of trees. They have intricately made miniature fairy houses with tiny chairs made from acorns. Moreover, ladders made from twigs, beds made of moss, and roofs made of tree bark.

Morris Museum

Visit the famous collection of mechanical musical instruments and automata at Morris Museum. Founded in 1913, the museum exhibits over 700 antique mechanical figures and machines. Apart from music and automata, the museum is home to collections on American Indian tribes, dinosaurs, mammals, rocks and minerals, and model trains and railroads. They have a theater and host special performances, series lectures, Jazz, and a children’s theater.

Waterloo Village

Explore the serene and stunning views of the 19th-century historic canal town of Waterloo, located within Allamuchy Mountain State Park in Stanhope. The village grew because of its convenient location along the Morris Canal. It was also used for transportation of coal and other goods. It features 19 buildings undergoing various restorations, the canal museum, and a large-scale, outdoor concert venue.

There are many other fun activities to do in Montclair New Jersey, but these six are especially worth the visit during your trip. With its unique art shops, beautiful gardens, museums, theaters, and eateries, Montclair will be sure to have you coming back for more.

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