Loving Someone From a Distance Requires Some Efforts

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In my previous article, I discussed the long-term relationship and some issues as well as solutions to wind up the situation. Anyway, while I was writing about the long-term relationship another important fact came to my mind and that is a long distance relationship. It is quite visible from its name that this is a relation in which distance involves means partner or married couples are geographically living separate from each other or other ways to define is, a strong emotional commitment among the partners who are far away and often beyond physical access.

Long Distance Relationship Advice

Long Distance Relationship

A simple relationship itself takes an effort to maintain, such as you need to nourish it with love, physical attraction, intimacy and with trust throughout the life and when we talk about distance relationship it requires a great deal of maturity and emotions. In distance relationship, people already lack in some sustaining ingredients and they only left with love, so people have to make sure that they put their all efforts towards it. Those people who have more interest in physical intimacy in a relationship than emotional bonding then this relationship is not going to work for them but if someone more serious about each other than physical interaction then it does not bother them, all they care about their love and they can’t replace their beloved one with any other face.

long distance relationship ideas

Do The Long-Distance Relationships Last Long:

It can be tricky to retain a relationship when both partners are far away from each other but it also depends on the people who involved in it and the way they going to carry out their commitment. It requires lots of hard work and determination to keep sentiment and sensation alive in their relationship. So, the answer to this question can’t be generalized. You most probably heard that romantic saying “If you in love, distance does not matter” but practically it does make a difference because there will be a time when you want to feel his or her physical appearance around you rather than telephone. If you can align your thoughts and stay focus on your goal due to which you are living apart from each other than you can make your relationship last long. I know, not an easy task but nothing is impossible.

How to Survive a Long Distance Relationship?

There is no doubt that a long distance relationship can be tough but It has surprises too. Sometimes really perfect amazing couples break up due to distance. Distance has a major impact on a relationship which can’t be denied but it doesn’t mean that it can’t be work, so people sometimes need to seek help and advice. Dedication, communication, and consistency are three fundamentals that can make a relationship work and work well. Here is some handy and simple advice to ensure that you can run your long distance relationship healthy and smoothly.

Be positive and believe in you that you can make your relationship work.

Trust builds a relationship strong but there will be a time in your life that your trust being tested by different situations such as you might not be able to access your partner over the phone when you need them or maybe they don’t respond promptly to your messages. If those situations lead your thought towards doubts on your partner then you should communicate your feelings with him/her and also hear their perspective and hopefully, you both come up with the solution to ease those thoughts and align yourselves.

Try to keep check balance on jealousy feeling. We all know that in our life we meet several people and some of them become good friends, while partners living far away from each other probably have a chance that they make new friends and form new social network but it doesn’t mean that they fall in love and planning to elope.

Be in touch on a regular basis which doesn’t mean that you have to be 24/7 on the phone. Schedule a time when both partners are free for online or phone chatting and call it special couple time where you share and updates about happening in each other life so it doesn’t give you a feeling that he/she completely disappear from your life.

Be honest to yourself about how you feel about certain things and if there is something bothering you discuss with your partner rather than keeping inside because it’s going to build up within you and going to explode one day which will leave a bad impact on a relationship.

Give some space to your partner I know that you are already at distance from each so both have their individual space but this can get ruined if one start playing a detective game on other. Your partner will pick up on the intrusive nature of your inquiries and they will not feel welcome and there is a high chance of getting irritated and start avoiding you.

Be there for your partner even when you not actually there, means moral support. Your partner lives miles away from you but they still passing through their ups and downs of the life to be there for them to support, care and love, even though you can’t physically see them.

Sex in Relationship From a Distance

The sex life in those couples who are a hundred miles away is different from those who live together and there is no science in it, it is very obvious that they do not see each other daily but it leaves a mind-blowing effect on your sex life. Now the question is that how you going to work on it to balance that basic need of sex in human. Experts with research came up with the intimation that might be helpful to work through sexual tension, frustration, and reunion.

Try to talk about, means have a discussion including your plans and preferences for the next time which going to help you feel comfortable with each other. It also gives an opportunity to use your imagination to explore new territory of sexuality and when you catch up with your partner in the same city you can feel the connection and you might be ending up having a sex which neither of you had it before. Sex is not only physical mingling it is way beyond that, it is a heart and soul connection but only for those who really understand the meaning of sex and research show that it is well built in those couples who are far away because they were in touch with each other with those ingredients.

The Reason For Breaking Up In Long Distance Relationship

In long distance relationship distance, sometimes become the main cause of breaking up, I tell you how? When you are unable to see each other very often due to the distance, the emotion of loneliness start building up. To align your emotions you have to be really focused and believe that eventually, you both going to be together and look forward to the positive aspect of your relationship. But unfortunately all people are not strong enough and they lose patience and start demanding more and more from their partner such as want them to pick up their calls all the time no matter where ever they are and if they fail to do so then they make their life miserable with series of doubting questions. Sometimes people even spy on their partners. This situation of possessing get tense and tense day by day pushing another partner to take a decision of breaking up a relationship because this love taking away all happiness from his/her life rather than  care and firmness

Another cause due to a distance that contributes toward breaking up is losing interest and feeling towards your partner. It might sound weird to you but it is quite a natural thing and many couples went pass through this situation. The relationship, in which people sometimes enjoy the dependent feeling where they look towards their partners and expect that they will take care of things on their behalf. But when you alone then you miss that feeling and start managing everything on your own so your feeling of dependency start converting into independence and the value of your partner start fading out or may be replaced. When you are far away, both of you have your own circle of friends to socialize and there might be a friend who helps you with a certain thing in a good gesture to ease your load. if you not getting enough affection, care, love, and strength from your partner which require to keep a spark of the relationship alive than 99% chance of getting replace which is a natural behavior. We all know that the relation starts when someone makes you feel special and always stand side by side you physically or virtually.

Is Breaking Up a Long-Distance Relationship is Harder Than Normal Relation

It depends on people but generally, there are some differences between a long distance relationship and partners that live together under the same roof. From the research, I came to know that people appreciate their partners more if they don’t see them on regular basis. While living apart, partner miss on little things such as a hug and cuddle, all they have a telephonic conversation, so for expressing their feeling they have to communicate and that how you came to know more about them rather than guessing a situation on their behalf. Same goes for the sex life, they have more crave and somehow it is more meaning full when both partners have to wait for it. If people able to maintain their long-distance relationship, then this relation is way stronger compare to close relation and unfortunately if due to some reason partners have to break up distance relationship then it will be hard and even recovery is going to be hard too. Do you know why? Because it based on the virtual association which runs deep inside you.


Long distance relationship does have advantages and disadvantages the same as any other relation. Once again it depends on people that how they going to carry on. You can make it work if you really want, experts are out there to guide you but your will and concern are the keys to make the relationship last or lost forever.

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