Do Kawasaki Jet Skis Always Feed the Hunger of Speed and Comfort?

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In March 1966, a dream and hard work inaugurate American Kawasaki platform. The first warehouse acted as a low rank starting to hit the US market in Chicago. At the time of beginning, Kawasaki had nothing to show the world; no name, no customers, or no platform. However, they had a never-ending dream which was going to take Kawasaki to the whole next level. Kawasaki jet ski helped a lot in order to hit the reality of the company’s dream.

In 1973, Kawasaki began the own watercraft platform with diversity. Though, this company is acting as a leader in the exploding market with its Jet Ski. Moreover, the company’s annual revenue crosses 1.6 billion dollars. Besides this, 480 workers and approximately 1,500 dealers linked with this great firm.

Kawasaki Jet Skis

Kawasaki has earned a name in the industry and its jet skis are incredibly excellent to meet user’s needs. From the 1970s to 1980s, Kawasaki created original Jet Ski models.

Kawasaki Jet Skis logo

Today, a wide range of personal watercraft is offering by Kawasaki. Moreover, these are also the best competitors of Yamaha Wave Runner and Sea-Doo on the basis of performances, specs, and price.

Moreover, 3 passengers’ ultra-series and Jet Ski SX-R models are market highlighted. So, we’ll explain each model of Kawasaki Jet Ski with specifications and powers.

Jet Ski Ultra 310LX

Kawasaki Jet Ski

Performance, luxury, and extravagance consolidate the lead Jet Ski Ultra 310LX model. A roots-type Eaton Twin Vortices Series (TVS) supercharger is installed within its motor. Moreover, 310 horsepower pumps out by its incredible engine. Though, it is quite useful to hit a top speed close to 70 MPH. This model likewise includes profoundly supported many features.

  • Visiting seat with warmth reflecting the vinyl spread
  • Electric trim
  • A power-decreasing “eco” mode to save money on fuel
  • No-wake mode
  • The JETSOUND® sound framework

However, the sound system enables riders to tune in to music through the 2×20-watt appraised intensifier and 30-watt speakers.

The Ultra 310LX Jet Ski is accessible in Candy Lime Green with an MSRP of $17,999 for 2019.

STX-15F model

For unadulterated value for the money, it’s difficult to beat the revered Jet Ski STX-15F model. It comes at just $9,699.

Besides this price tag, the 160 HP drive variant of the 1.5-liter Kawasaki motor injected to the STX-15F. And it will effortlessly hit 60 MPH in top speed. At this tag of price, it is also a great 10 MPH quicker than different models such as 90-torque Sea-Doo Gti-SE and 130-pull Yamaha WaveRunner EX Deluxe.

STX-15F is offering the following features

  • Electronic switch control
  • Increasingly steady speed
  • Agreeable structures

Its 2019 series comes in Ebony/Lime Green.

SX-R Stand-up Model

Kawasaki finally offers enthusiasts of the stand-up PWC its Jet Ski SX-R. As compared to the older model of stand-up Jet Ski, SX-R is wider and lengthy. Additionally, it considerably more dominant. The SX-R makes the phenomenal experience fun and available to those without a challenge permit.

The 2019 Jet Ski SX-R includes another Ebony/Lime Green skin and a $9,999 MSRP.

The Premium Jet Ski Ultra

The top-notch ultra-line incorporates five models. These models offer 22.5 degrees of deadrise with 11-foot 1-inch deep-Vee structure. Moreover, this structure gives perfect & precise handling power, 3 seats for passengers, a smooth ride, and a five-position movable handlebar.

Besides these powers, under-seat combination, Bow compartment, and Glovebox provide you the roomy storing limit of 56 gallons. Moreover, fuel tank limit is a class-driving 20.6 gallons. The similar fuel-infused 1,498cc (1.5-liter) engine with twofold overhead cam is the main reason behind the power of every one of the 3 models. A manual switch available to port for engaging the reverse gear.

Although, Kawasaki does not have the feature of the electric invert or braking control available on Yamaha Wave-Runner and Sea-Doo models. The whole lineup is additionally secured by a year restricted guarantee. Moreover, a discretionary 12, 24, 36 or four year Kawasaki Protection Plus arrangement accessible is also available for excellent customer care.

Jet Ski Ultra LX

Kawasaki Jet Ski Ultra LX

Without the supercharged power and the related price tag, the greater part of the extravagance and comfort of the 310LX offer by Jet Ski Ultra LX. A regular suctioned rendition of the equivalent 1.5-liter motor engine injected in the Ultra LX. Moreover, it evaluated at 160 pull and quite useful for a top speed of around 55 MPH. This motor still has also a lot of intensity for pulling tubers.

Besides all the above, it will likewise convey much better efficiency of fuel consumption. However, it consequently substantially provides more range than the supercharged motor. Though, JET SOUND system option isn’t available in this model.

The 2019 Ultra LX model is accessible in Ebony/Metallic Tungsten Gray with an MSRP of $11,199.

Jet Ski Ultra 310X & Ultra 310X SE

Kawasaki Jet Ski 310X

The 310 horse-power supercharged motor engine also injected in the Jet Ski Ultra 310X and Ultra 310X SE. However, these two models give lesser features than other Ultra models. Though, you can get them at a very low price as compared to any other ultra.

A flat three-traveler seat situate available in Ultra 310X at price of $15,299.

Kawasaki Jet Ski 310X SE

While the 310X SE which comes at $15,799 has a supported three-up seat and increasingly complex paint and illustrations.

The two models are outfitted with the following features:

  • Electric trim
  • A five-position flexible handlebar
  • Cruise control
  • No-wake mode
  • Eco-mode

The 2019 Ultra 310X comes in Ebony/Sunbeam Red. And the Ultra 310X SE arrives in an Ebony/Candy Steel Furnace Orange plan.

Ultra 310R

Kawasaki Jet Ski 310R

On the off chance that you need to go truly quick on vast water, Ultra 310R is a decent apparatus for the doing you. As the 310LX model, it also includes the equivalent 310-drive supercharged motor. Moreover, it is outfitted with a non-customizable motocross-style.

Specifications offer by 310R

  • Electro-cleaned tempered steel handlebar
  • A restricted race-style seat
  • Canvassed in grippy vinyl

The JET SOUND system does not come in this ultra-model. The 2019 Ultra 310R model highlights an Ebony/Lime Green shading plan with an MSRP of $16,299.

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