Free Standing Pull up Bar for Muscle Ups

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A brief intro to the free-standing pull-up bars

To perform an acute upper body exercise using the weight of your own body, free-standing pull-up bars are the best choice. Moreover, pull-up bars are very much useful and cheap to buy if you are willing to own a carved physique.

There are many different kinds of a pull-up bar, with the quality of being easily carried or transferred. In general, they are made up of metal, foam and rubber grip. They can be securely attached to a door frame or wall, etc and allows the person to raise him/herself off the ground using the upper body muscles.

Benefits of using free standing pull up or chin bars

You can do pull-ups anywhere at any time as they are an amalgamation that helps various muscles to work together. Likewise, they make you physically strong with increased endurance, strength and muscle mass. At last, pull-up bars also help to promote grip strength which improves your deadlifts.

Incredible free standing pull up bars

01. Ultimate Body Press XL Doorway Pull Up Bar

Ultimate Body Press XL Doorway Pull Up Bar
Doorway pull up bars have deeply and rightfully earned the respect of fitness aficionado. It is effective in making muscles across the chest, arms and back. The ultimate body press XL pull-up bar is composed of heavy steel tubes, premium hardware, complete ABS bar couplers and high-density foam padding. So no more worries, as it gives effective results in very less time. Inevitably, the three grip positions target individual muscle groups which give you the feel of a mounted bar. Ultimate Body Press provides a piece of high-quality affordable fitness equipment for real workouts that adjust with your spaces and the way you like to exercise.


  • Pull-up bar weight: 10.20 pounds
  • Doorways: 24″ to 36″ wide (adjustable)
  • Bar sets: 10” from the wall and 1” above trim
  • Motion range: better
  • Warranty: 10 years
  • Brand: Ultimate Body Press
  • Designed in the United States of America

02. Merax Wall-Mounted Pull-Up Bar

Merax Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar
Merax Pull-Up Bar is optimized for wall mounts and is a compact unit. It is manufactured with a wide support surface, added V-struts and give plenty of solidity and power. It allows you to build the upper muscle mass of the body and enables you to strongly grip in any workout position. Additionally, parallel bars help to maintain self-balance through arm-rest and the elbow pad to support body weight. The actual construction of the system is really solid and well made with extremely stable, welded corners and diagonal bracing of the frame.


  • Pull-up bar weight: 26lbs
  • User weight capacity: 440lbs
  • Dimensions: 38”x 29”x 23.5” (LxWxH)
  • Colour: Red and black
  • Brand: Merax

03. Durable Body Power Tower Pull Up Bar

Durable Body Power Tower Pull Up Bar
The body power standing pull-up bar is content with multi-function strength training and provides a safe and comfortable integrated back pad. It is composed of heavy steel-frame construction which is applied for a full-body workout for a balanced physique and guarantees solid construction. This equipment serves padded hand-grips for pull-up, dip as well as push-up stations. Specifically, it works for chest, triceps and adds definition to your biceps, forearms, shoulders.


  • User weight capacity: 330lbs
  • Dimensions: 58”x41”x84” (LxWxH)
  • Brand: PayLessHere
  • Pleasant strength training

04. Steel body Strength Training Power Tower Pull Up

Steel body Strength Training Power Tower Pull Up
Nothing is more comfortable than home and if you get a perfectly toned and sculpted body with the Steel body Power Tower, that’s just great. This ergonomic training equipment allows various body strengthening workouts. With the dip station, work for upper-body and define your chest, shoulders, and triceps. The Steelbody Power Tower also features multi-grip handles and sit-ups help foam rollers to ensure comfort and safety. This multipurpose Power Tower is a very good piece of equipment. Being solid, stable, and quality build, this is great for strengthening different muscle groups and executing complete workouts.


  • Dimensions: 58.2 x 91 x 42.2 inches
  • Model: STB-98501
  • Brand: Steel body
  • Solid quality unit

05. Body Champ Multi-Function Power Tower standing pull-up bar

Body Champ Multi Function Power Tower standing pull up bar
For versatile strength circuits, it has five workout stations like pull, chin, push, sit-ups plus, vertical knee raises, dips and crunches. Body champ power tower also engages major muscle groups and provide a comfort-driven anatomical design with a sturdy steel frame and powerful construction. With so many workout arrangements, this piece presents an endless variety of exercises from strength-building workouts to total-body conditioning. These properties make it a great power tower with ultimate high-quality and high;y recommended.


  • Dimensions: 43 x 84 x 48 inches
  • Model: VKR1987
  • Brand: Body Champ
  • Colour: grey

06. DANDU Professional Free Standing Pull-up Bar for muscle-ups

DANDU Professional Free Standing Pull up Bar
This pull-up rod utilizes a high-density threaded telescopic rod for less expansion and more proximate to the wall. It has a good anti-slip property and is divided into three sizes. In like manner, the pull-up rod is composed of high-quality thick stainless steel pipe and can withstand 400kg. It is multi-functional as it can help to do pull-ups and squats.

Utilized by:

  1. Women for perfect body curves
  2. Men to build muscle
  3. Older people to stay healthy


  • Size range: 72 to 124 centimetre
  • Colour: silver
  • User weight capacity: 400kgs
  • Safe and easy to assemble

07. Best Massage free-standing Power Tower Pull-Up Bar

Best-Massage Free Standing Power Tower
The multifunctional power tower is suitable for everyone as you can do various exercises such as pull, sit and push-ups. It is comfortable with cushion support that can protect your back. Similarly, power tower has cushion design in the part directly contacting with your body. In the top and at the bottom of the dip station stand has the same sponge grip. In the middle and back contact position of the dip exercise stand, there is a soft and breathable sponge backplate, which provides a more easy experience.

There are many components in the power tower, so the clear instructions can help you to assemble them easily. Adding to it, the power tower is made up of high-quality materials that ensure the stability and safety of the dip exercise stand and provides you with a safer and more reassuring fitness exercise experience.


  • Colour: black
  • High-quality steel and breathable sponge
  • Safe and easy to assemble
  • Length: 83.86 inches

08. KT Men's Free Standing Pull up Bar, adjustable with Sturdy Frame

KT Mens Free Standing Pull up Bar
Firstly, the standing pull-up bar is quite long heightened that there is no need to bend your legs or limit your movements. It is strong and safe for pull-ups and is highly portable, flexible and foldable. Secondly, the KT pull-ups stand has a large force-bearing capacity and you can do the strongest exercises without causing it to collapse.

Thirdly, it is composed of a high strength steel frame and the antenna structure helps to adjust the height and spread distance easily. Lastly, It’s a piece of fine, sturdy workout equipment and is fairly easy to assemble and can be adjusted for any height. Additionally, you can attach various accessories to this pull up bars like aerial yoga hammock swing chair for kids or punching bag, etc.


  • User height: 4.92 – 6.56 ft
  • User weight capacity: 350 kg
  • Height: 76.7” to 100.4”
  • Product weight: 63.9 pounds
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Strongest pull-up bar

How to choose free standing pull up bars?

With an extensive range of free standing pull up bars, it is such an arduous task to keep your hand off from spending money on this incredible equipment. These pull up bars not only helps you to maintain a healthy lifestyle but also keeps your body defined and shaped. For your ease, we assemble an outstanding collection as well as thorough information of free standing pull up bars to help you buy these remarkable products. Moreover, our assemblage presents the details of the features, their reliability and much more, so that you won’t regret on your hard-earned money.

Features to be observed in a free standing pull up bar before buying

There are countless features of the free standing pull up bars and by taking them into notice can help you to make the best decision ever! Nowadays many pull up bars were produced with the features to work out your bottom as well as the top half.

Free standing pull up bars should be flexible to handle the height of the user and also must be durable. By considering the durability, it will keep the pull up bar safe during vigorous exercise and continued use.

3 common types of pull up bars

1. Foldable

It’s totally perfect as this enables you to pack up the bar just after exercise. This way, you can do the pull ups anywhere at any time.

2. Outdoor designs

These are made up of waterproof and corrosive resistant materials. Adding to it, outdoor designs also adapts more varied workouts.

3. Non-portable

These are multi-functioned as they allow to perform tricep dips, sit-ups as well as push-ups. Simply, with non-portable pull-up bars, you can have an overall body exercise.


Q: Is Ultimate body press XL good for underhand chin ups?

Yes, it is. The only minor issue is the supports are at the spacing. I would like my hands so I end up a bit wider or a bit narrower than my ideal. It’s actually pretty versatile though offering a number of different positions, including side hand on the support bars that also have a grip area.

Q: Difference between pull and chin ups?

Pull up is an overhand grip where your palms point outwards so that they face away from you. Additionally, the most common grip width is slightly wider than shoulder-width. Whereas, the chin up is an underhand grip where your palms point inwards so that they face you. The most common grip width is shoulder width.

Q: Which standing pull up bar is the best?

Top 8 free standing pull up bars are listed below:

  1. Ultimate Body Press XL Doorway pull up bar
  2. Merax Wall-Mounted pull up bar
  3. Durable Body Power Tower pull up bar
  4. Steel body Strength Training Power Tower pull up
  5. Body champ power tower
  6. DANDU Professional Free Standing Pull-up Bar for muscle-ups
  7. Best Massage free-standing Power Tower Pull-Up Bar
  8. KT Men’s Free Standing Pull up Bar, adjustable with Sturdy Frame

Q: What muscles do pull ups work?

Pull up is a compound exercise which includes various muscles and targets your lats better than any other exercise. They work on your:

  • biceps
  • upper back and forearms

Likewise, the act of carrying the pull ups involves your muscles like traps, rhomboid, teres major, infraspinatus, pecs, erector spinae and external oblique.

Q: How heighted a pull up bar should be?

It should be 3” to 4” above the hands to place the pull up bar. Also, the set up of the pull up bar depends upon the height of the user. Just make sure that the height is good enough to do pull ups while the legs and feet are above ground

Q: Does hanging from a pull up bar make you taller?

A pull-up is a fitness move that demands to hang from an exercise bar, holding with your hands and keep your feet suspended in the air. While pull-ups can strengthen your upper body and help you to stand taller, despite the move itself cannot physically lengthen your body.


Freestanding pull-up bars are very advantageous and expedient fitness equipment that do not acquire much space and are very easy to position. Plus, they are inexpensive, which is easy for anyone to buy. The considerable interest is that pull-up bars can be used for an extensive range of workouts which is useful for the complete upper body.

As you can see adding pull-ups to your workout routine offers many satisfactory benefits. This exercise will speed up your muscle growth and increase gripping potential and strength. In the same way, our selection should make it easy for everyone to find some worthy and befitting free-standing pull-up bar products to start working out. So step out and grab the latest collection of free-standing pull-up bars.