Why is the Divorce Rate so High?

The UN record global divorce organization update its divorce rate data every year. According to the recorded data, there is a dramatic change in the statistic of marriage and divorce due to the emotional factor. And the most common reasons are incompatibility, physical and mental abuse, drug and alcohol addiction, and disloyalty. But it doesn’t end up here I still didn’t mention other contradictory factors. Those factors that push the couple to think of quitting and end their marriages.

Why is the divorce rate so high?

Researchers after all their work came on a conclusion. Therefore that states that certain factors such as marrying young people, limited education and financial. Living under one roof before getting married, premarital pregnancy, feeling of insecurity, no religious affiliation and coming from a divorced family. So these are the factors that play a vital role in increasing a divorce rate among the people.

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Do intelligent couples have a lower divorce rate?   

It may or may not. From all my research work I am unable to find a clear vision to this question. And all I can say that people with high IQ levels have better ability to resolve the problems but it depends. Moreover, they are going to practice that in their married life or not. Because if they do then chances of their marriage last longer compare to others. However, personality and temperament play a major role. So it is 50/50 chance of having a divorce rate lower among intelligent couples. 


What is a military marriage divorce rate?

The profession does affect marriages. And it also creates a problem for people in some career path compare to others. People working in a certain field have a high rate of divorce at the age of 30. In recent research by analyzing the U.S Census data came to know that the military supervisor is enlisted in the first line with the highest divorce rate of 30%. 

Is the divorce rate is higher among men or women?

The answer to this question based on the survey with over 2000 couples at least. And it came to know around 70% divorces initiated by the women. When men and women or either of them has therapy about marriage conflict, its often women who express more about the conflict and dissatisfaction about the state of marriage whereas men talk about the feeling that arises due to wives dissatisfaction. Women need emotional and financial support which they can get by marrying again, however, men are the one who has to give child support and alimony so they don’t afford to marry too many times

 Do religious people have a lower divorce rate?

If the people practice their religion the way it mentioned then those reasons will never ever arise due to which couples are getting separated and divorced.  Some religion gives the provision of divorce even though divorce considers as the worst action which people need to avoid but if the situation at the ending note where is no solution except divorce then there is no choice.

What is the rate of divorce in love marriage?

Love and arranged marriages can be successful or unsuccessful depending on individuals involved in relations. According to the study in 2012 by Statistic Brain, the global divorce rate is 6% for arranging marriages from overall 55% of marriages so the success rate is high. Love marriage divorce rate is a little bit higher, the reason is a lack of guidance from the families. Baecause they don’t get much involved when couples get married by themselves.

What percent of the couple will be divorced in 2050?

In the coming years its hard to tell the exact percentage but base on the current study, the number of one parent families will rise considerably. In 2050 it expected that 700 thousand families will be one parent against 450 thousand families in 2005. The most frequent one parent type family will have one child because the divorce rate will be more common among the couples with one child compare to two or more children families.

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Which countries have the top 10 highest divorce rates today?       

List of the countries with highest divorce rate are as follow

Country NamePercentage
The United States46%
The United Kingdom42%
New Zealand42%

Which country has the lowest divorce rate and why?

India has the lowest divorce rate in the world. 13 marriages out of 1000 ended up in the divorce because Indian’s abide by the principle of Hinduism which belief in “one man and one woman” policy. In India when a marriage takes place, it does involve the whole family rather than the bride and groom so if they have any issues afterward then their elders are available for their guidance. In India, divorce for women is not consider to be a good option. Because they think that women are trying to oppose the rules and tradition of the society and on top of that woman had to bear the high cost of divorce

Why is the divorce rate in the US and Russia so high?

In the United States of America 40 to 50 percent of marriages end up in a divorce. Every 36 seconds 1 divorce take place in America which means 2400 divorces per day, 16,800 per week and 876,000 in a year. An average time span of marriage that ends up in divorce is 8 years. Well the divorce rate varies from country to country, research shows that Luxembourg one of the smallest countries in Europe with the highest around 87% divorce rate in the world 

There are several bitter reasons due to t which the divorce rate is quite high in the US and Russia. In Russia, people get married at an early age compared to their western peers which add immaturity to the relationship. Americans and Russians have very liberal thoughts and view which appalling divorce rate. Life in Russia is very hard, income is low and work is hard so the stress level is high. Other factors such as adultery, parenting, high expectation and so on.