Antique Statues

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Antique Statues

We are detailing below the most unmatched, appreciated and most visited statues of the world. They have rated the best master pieces without confusion. The world-renowned masters have put in their utmost skills to pronounce in-depth details that livened the statues with unbelievable outward beauty reflections that remain unmatched till date.
These Ultimate Sculptors claim an edge over each other when their different works are compared.

Further, the rating assessment as 1st or 2nd often involves the examiner’s own likes and observation intuition depth. The less expert visitors and readers express differently about their favorite masters. Another aspect is often ignored. Statues most visited for easy excess, or those being more publicized, may not be the best in reality. So the FINE-TUNE rating should be left open for convenience and absolute appreciation dedicated to these masterpieces.
Our space-age and fast developing sciences have a strong impact on our aesthetic senses and intuitions. The new scientific-artists carry a different approach and have created modern sculptures, equally appealing. A few are included.


Anik Messier

The mountain high Lion Head remains the most visited huge statue, still radiating a majestic pride even today. The crude construction techniques used that still baffle the engineers, for lifting very heavy stone pieces, each weighing in tons. These sculptured into the perfect balanced design. Researchers are still pondering over many unanswered questions about this monument.

THE STATUE OF DAVID – Michael Angelo

Rodrigo Soldon

One of the most talented artist and sculptor, who carved uncountable statues, but the most praised is “The David”. The fine detailed and superb balanced figure cut from an originally incomplete work, from a thinner marble block, created an immediate impact on the popularity of Michael Angelo.

THE VENUS DE MILO – Artist unknown



The amazing fine detailed armless statue dates back to 2nd Century BC. This masterpiece of an unknown sculptor still stays undeterred among the top ranks, claiming praise for its creator for centuries now.


The best rendition of Michael Angelo. This represents Mary in her serene youth, lying in the lap. This was his first twin sculpture masterpiece.

Marcia Salviato

THE THINKER – Auguste Rodin

Augusta Rodin created this sculpture after Michael Angelo period. Moreover, it claimed for the best of the time. The artist designed it for placing at the Gates of Hell but it stands alone showing miraculous body muscle combination.


THE KISS – Auguste Rodin

The unique and out of way sculpture from Augusta Rodin is a classical piece. This twin statue gained immense popularity for its finest touches and details, and also for being the most visually seductive piece of stonework.



The statues of Caesar Augustus and his uncle Julius Caesar still standout as leading top works, although some place them much lower. The immaculate facial reflection and precise Roman clothing reproduction need more attention from art lovers.



The Justice statue placed outside the courts of all the countries. The basic idea of the Blind-Folded statue is a deliverance of justice without discrimination. The original statue with a balance appreciated as a feat of artistic skill. Later on, the legal balancing ethics dominated, and the balance adopted as a sign of justice.

Matt Hays


The ancient Greek work of art represents the contrapposto for of sculpture. This exhibits the body in full action, with limbs and muscles in stretching combination in full swing. A  real masterpiece that illustrates sportsman’s muscle development.


THE HERMES – Praxiteles

The Greek sculptor Praxiteles renowned for detailing the hair and facial features, something very rare. His only surviving work, ‘Hermes’ shows his skill very profoundly.



Sylvia Shaw Johnson, a newcomer, made this uncommon theme sculpture in 1936. It’s popularity gained impetus when John Berendt printed it on the title page of his best-selling book “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil”.

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