Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Buy Nissan Sunny

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Nissan has already made their mark in the Indian auto industry with their smaller car Micra but the company has decided to improve their market portfolio with the launch of Nissan Sunny that offers the best sedan experience. Although, Indian auto market is flooded with wide range of domestically made and international car models in the sedan market Nissan claims that Sunny can offer the best in class sedan experience unlike any other sedan in the market. If you are interested in buying a sedan in the Indian market here are the top reasons why you should look out for Nissan Sunny compared to any other sedans in the market.

Outstanding Exterior


Believe it or not, but Nissan has designed Sunny to be accepted in the global market and this means that the car design has been appreciated in various countries around the world. If you are really conscious about the style factor of your new sedan Nissan Sunny will not disappoint with its simplistic design that also looks aggressive and sporty at the same time. The bold lines on the exteriors of the car make it look muscular and trendy and modern at the same time. The front fascia of the vehicle looks better than any of the sedans in the Indian market. The jewel-shape headlamps offer better looks and functionality while the chrome finished front grille makes the car look premium. The sedan is also equipped with alloy wheels and tubeless tires for style factor and also from safety point of view.

Superior Performance

If you are looking for a decent sedan that offers better performance on road you might look out for Nissan Sunny that offers a better deal to you. Of course, there are better sedans that might offer you similar performance but not at the same price point. Nissan Sunny is available in petrol and diesel versions and therefore buyers certainly have the choice to decide what kind of engine they want in their new sedan. The petrol version of Nissan Sunny sports 1.5 liter four cylinder engine that has the capability to produce 100 PS and 134 Nm of torque. The diesel version of the car offers K9K four cylinder diesel engine that has the capability to produce 86 PS and 200 Nm of torque. Both the versions of Nissan Sunny offer five speed manual transmission which is something that you get on other sedans as well. In terms of fuel efficiency, the petrol version Nissan Sunny delivers 15 kmpl in the city and 17 kmpl on the highway which is pretty standard, but the diesel version delivers an impressive 21.64 kmpl in both conditions.

Comfortable Interior


Most buyers that look out for sedans in the Indian market also look out for comfortable cabin and that is where Nissan Sunny excels better than any other sedans. It offers the class leading interiors and cabin comfort that makes Nissan Sunny a winner globally. The car offers dual tone dashboard that is integrated with instrument cluster, automatic and manual AC controls and vents and audio system. The front passenger glove box is large and spacious enough to store many items that are required. There are audio controls on the steering wheel which makes it easier for the driver to handle music experience while driving and without taking their eyes off the road. Nissan Sunny also offers superior legroom space for back row passengers which is something that buyers will not find in many sedans in the market. The iKey factor also works well for locking and unlocking the door which is missing in some of the top sedans in the Indian market.

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