3 Ways to do E-commerce Website Marketing

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With the number of retailers online, it can seem like the competition is too much and that you’re lost in a sea of similar businesses. With such choice, consumers are shopping savvy to get the best deals and buy into the best brands that fit with their lifestyle. So how do you fit into that?

It’s a harsh reality that there is a considerable rate of cart abandonment in the e-commerce world, yet there are many reasons which can lead to a customer neglecting their goods at the final hurdle. While it may seem challenging to try and persuade customers to hit the check-out button, this task isn’t as daunting as one may think.

E-commerce website marketing can be a tough nut to crack but if you’re looking to expand your efforts in these areas, take a look at some of the ways to build on your existing strategy.

Utilize social media

If your company is not using any social media platforms, then you’re indeed missing a trick. With many consumers buying through recommendations, these are the perfect channels to build up a personable reputation with feedback and ratings from your targeted audience.

There are so many platforms to choose from nowadays, but sticking to a few will help you build momentum and gain a base of followers who want to hear what you have to say. Be careful about overly promoting on these sites though, as most people don’t want to be bombarded with constant offers. Instead, carefully select content based on trends and seasonal information, plus encouraging user-generated content is an excellent way for you to gain free exposure.

Optimize your website

Optimizing your website is an element that covers a range of areas. Not only do you have to design and implement a fast and efficient site that is easy to use, but you also have to make sure people can find it through the use of on-site and off-page SEO or PPC campaigns. Luckily, there are many companies, such as eventige.com, who offer assistance in both effective web design and digital marketing. By looking for a partner who deals in both web design and marketing, you can reap the benefits of both user-friendly and beautiful web design as well as marketing skills that’ll improve your site’s online visibility.

Consider PPC advertising

Everyone wants to be on the first page of Google and most importantly number one in the SERPs, but for this to happen, you need to have a good SEO and PPC campaign in place. PPC, or pay-per-click advertising, enables you to bid on specific keywords and pay for each click they generate. A common platform to use this on is Google Adwords, but you can also use this type of marketing on sites such as Facebook and Instagram to generate likes, follows and conversions. Furthermore, you could also hire the help of influencers. Ensuring you fully understand this type of advertising will help you utilize and improve it performance over time to build profitable sales.

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