Is Cryptocurrency an alternative to fiat currency system?

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A cryptocurrency is a form of digital money that is very famous these days due to being more secure and anonymous as compared with fiat currency. Generally speaking, it’s money related to the internet that uses cryptography; a process that can turn any information into a set of uncrackable codes.  Due to this feature; being more secure, it is becoming very popular. Cryptocurrency emerged when Satoshi Nakamoto invented Bitcoin. Satoshi told in his official announcement that he never intended to invent a currency but his goal was to develop a peer-to-peer electronic cash system in which he succeeded as well. The plus point of Bitcoin is that it’s a peer to peer network due to which double spending is not at all possible. This new cash system is completely decentralized. This feature makes cryptocurrency highly secured.

In a decentralized system, you don’t have a server so, every single part of the network do the job of confirming the transaction itself and in this way, any attempt to double spending can be hindered and stopped. Making transactions through cryptocurrency is very simple once understood completely. In simpler terms, if you make any transactions using cryptocurrency once it’s confirmed its known immediately by the whole of the system and it cannot be undone and a block-chain is created.

What is money why is it important?

But here the question arises, what is money, and why do we need it? Money can be defined quite simply as money is a random medium in which values of things are stored or measured. In ancient times, people used rare objects like; precious metals, precious stones etc, to be considered and used as money. Today, in the modern era we use coins or fiat notes issued by state banks to be used as a form of currency. The real value of any form of currency lies in it exchange rate i.e. the currency that you are offering must be readily accepted by the other person as well. If it’s not the case then your currency or money has no value.

Cryptocurrency as a form of money:

Money is generally something that we can physically use. So, how can we use cryptocurrency as a form of money? A cryptocurrency is a form of digital money that is associated with the internet. It is designed to be highly secure by using special private keys for security purposes during the transfer and confirmation of funds between two parties. Apart from this, it keeps a complete record of previous transactions by the use of blockchain technology.

People or more clearly financial investors are looking forward to other forms of currency which are less volatile when compared with fiat money. One of the biggest concern shared by all financial experts in the printing and distribution of fiat money into the market. Due to this power in the hands of central banks for management of the value of local fiat currencies into question. The central bank can print as much currency notes as it thinks is needed by the government for use as the value of local fiat currency is determined by its ability to serve as a tax credit. As by doing so the central banks and governments can cause inflation. This point makes the value of fiat currency suspicious in the eyes of fiscal experts. As this point is considered to be the cause of the major financial crisis in the world which has also created a doubt on the future values of leading fiat currencies of the word like Euro and U.S Dollars. As a result of this inflation causing factors many financial investors has turned back to investing in gold as the value of gold is more stable when compared with fiat money due to the constrained supply of gold. This is the main thing which makes cryptocurrency as a better alternate for fiat money as it cannot be made unlimited there’s a certain limit till which can be created by the software and after reaching that so-called hard limit cannot be broken down.

Characteristics of Cryptocurrency:

Definite supply:

This the most important characteristic of cryptocurrency which makes it an ideal alternative to fiat money. The cryptocurrency is very rare and limited i.e. it cannot be printed unlimited like the fiat currency notes. All cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litcoin etc have a limit which is determined by the software and no one can create the more certain type of cryptocurrency. This limit is known as the hard limit.


This is the only point in which Fiat currency rules over cryptocurrency; its acceptance as a form of money. You cannot buy everywhere directly through your cryptocurrency at the moment. But, the situation is changing quite fast and with the more exposure of market to cryptocurrency the greater is the rate of its acceptance as a form of payment method.


The endurance or durability of cryptocurrency is much more than any form of fiat currency as it’s not physical. It’s in the form of data but that form of data which cannot be destroyed like hard drives pen drives etc. due to blockchain technology each and every data of cryptocurrency (up to eighteen decimal places) is distributed across the nodes in the system and it is not possible to destroy every node. So, the data is very durable and so is the cryptocurrency.


Cryptocurrency is highly portable as well. As it is data it is stored in the “cloud” so, all you will be needing to pay with cryptocurrency is just an application on your smartphone and a working internet connection to access the block-chain network.


Cryptocurrency is highly divisible it can be divided down to 18 decimal places. When you break any fiat currency its value goes down as well but this is not the case in cryptocurrency as its nonphysical so you can divide it as much as you want without having to face any sort of decrease in its value.

In the end, we will be seeing a lot more of cryptocurrency as compared to fiat currency as it’s a step into the future.

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