8 Tips to Follow to Apply for ITIN in 2018

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If you do not possess any social security number, but have reasonable earning enough to fulfill the criteria of the taxpayer, you need to apply for ITIN, the Individual Taxpayer Identification Number. As the name suggests, it is a processing number certified by Inland Revenue Service to the citizens who don’t have social security number, as said above, or claimed as dependent on US tax return. It is not only about income but also if you are receiving stipends, or scholarships from famous universities.

How to Apply for ITIN?

The answer to the question that why is it important to have an ITIN number lies in the fact that without any social security or an ITINnumber, the claim of returning tax will not be accepted. Many people find themselves confused as to how to apply for an ITIN number.

The procedure to apply for ITIN is somewhat made difficult in new legislation during 2015, however, here we are going to suggest few tips that would help you get through the whole process:

  • Open a Bank Account:

Before you proceed to have access to financial perks, consider opening a bank account in the U.S. Your bank account number will ensure your identity and access to the financial services.

  • Produce Original Documents:

Many people make a mistake to submit a copy of their important documents which leads to the delay of the procedure and wastage of time on the part of the applicant. Before application makes sure you keep original document such as birth certificates, Visa, Passport, Driving License etc. as per the requirement by the IRS department or certified organizations which can collect the documents.

  • You Can Contact the Certified Organizations:

There are few organizations or agents such as the CAA (Certified Acceptance Agent) which are delegated authority to collect and verify the original documents submitted by the applicants. As these agents work in collaboration with the IRS, it can be easier to contact and mail them your documents. It can help the procedure speed up.

  • Write Dates in Proper Format:

One of the other rules which people skip is that they write their date of birth or other dates in the wrong format. As per the rules, you must write the month, day and then the year, for example, January 6th, 1970.

  • Non-residents Can Also Obtain an ITIN:

A fact that many people do not know about is that non-residents can also apply for this service. As this applies to the individuals who fulfill the requirement of federal taxpayers, both residents and non-residents can apply to claim a tax return.

  • Fill up the Form Separately:

There are separate forms available for taxpayers or dependents such as their spouse, or children. These forms need to be filled separately to get the ITIN.

  • ITIN for Non-residents:

You may not be aware of the fact that a non-resident who intends to apply for a joint tax return with a U.S. resident spouse but is not eligible to receive a social security number can apply to obtain ITIN. Moreover, non-residents scholars, researchers in the same case can also apply for this service.

  • The Application Forms:

The application forms are available to apply for a new identification number or for ITIN renewal the existing one which has been expired. Last but not least, remember, to fill the forms in the English language.

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