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World’s Most Expensive Cars To Insure– Get One Today

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For any car, insurance is a must. Any sort of body deformity to the car structure due to any unforeseen event, can result in large financial expense for the owner. For providing this financial security, car insurance is absolutely mandatory.

Expensive Cars to Insure

The case becomes even more complicated when expensive cars are taken into consideration. First of all, we are talking about lavish cars which are priced high. Even a small scratch, can force the owner to dig deep into his pocket. Secondly, the overall look of the car is easily spoilt even by the slightest damage. A small sized dent can easily spoil the class of an expensive car. There are certain factors which an insurance company uses to determine the premium for a car. We will focus on the world’s most expensive cars to insure.


Insurance companies charge higher for a small sized car. A recent study has backed the fact that smaller cars can be over sped easily. Thus the risk of accidents is higher. This may come appear as a surprise to those who feel smaller cars tend to be secure in terms of damage control.

Repairing cost

It is quite simple to comprehend that if the spare parts of the vehicle are easily available, the premium will be lesser. Compare this to a car whose parts are difficult to get and you may have to pay a higher premium.

Engine power

Higher the engine power, more likely the car is going to be accident prone. Since engine power directly relates to speed; Insurance companies set the premium depending on the engine strength.

Security Features

If the car is security proof, it is likely to be charged less in the form of insurance premium. Advanced security features assist in keeping the robbers away from the car. Latest cars have been manufactured enabled with wireless technologies and keyless entry to implement high level security.

Manufacturing place

If the car is manufactured domestically in a country where the insurance company operates then the insurance premium is likely to be much lesser as compared to an imported car.

Car type

The type of car is also a crucial factor. A family car is less likely to be prone to accidents. A sports car on the other hand is highly susceptible to accidents due to its high speed and ease of transmission.

Car cost

The most significant factor in cars to ensure is the car’s cost. Naturally if the car cost is high, higher will be the insurance premium. Hence expensive cars are insured at sky high prices.

The most expensive cars to insure in the world are

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution

Photo by Mitsubishi

Also known as the Lancer Evo, it has had ten official versions till date. It uses a five speed manual transmission system. Also a unique twin clutch system is incorporated. The car has been the recipient of many internationals wards till date.

Mercedes CL

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Classes as a superior and technically excellent car, it is a sub-class of the original Mercedes series. It has a two door coupe body type. The newer models of the car incorporate a seven speed automatic transmission system.

Bugatti Veyron

Photo by wikipedia

The car has the dual distinction of being the most expensive and fastest on-road car in the world! It employs a seven speed transmission to achieve such superior performance. Usually the body style is of a two door coupe.

Dodge SRT-4

Photo by wikipedia

It is basically a sports car manufactured by the Dodge Company. It incorporates a five speed manual transmission. The car is basically a four door Sedan. The car also inculcates the side skirts and a stylishly designed rear fascia.

Subaru Impreza WRX

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It is an all wheel symmetric car, available in dual modes of hatchback and Sedan. It has the simple configuration of a four door car. The car also has a wonderful suspension system in addition to the razor sharp braking system.

Jaguar XK

Photo by Jaguar

Available in the dual mode of a coupe and convertible, the car is known for its stylish nature. It was the first eight cylinder car manufactured by the Jaguar Company. The vehicle is made available in a two door format.

The above cars are insured at very high prices. It is very essential to consider the various factors before choosing an insurance policy for the most expensive cars to insure.


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