$8m Maybach Exelero, World’s Most Expensive Car

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Maybach Exelero, World’s Most Expensive Car

A challenge for engineers at the Mercedez, Maybach to build a car that does not exist in the world. A super car that defines the most luxurious and the most expensive is not so simple task at this time of competition where the competitors are always on for the competition battles. This is what they call Maybach Exelero, a state of the art luxury, which is completely hand made and gives an enormous speed of 700 horse power.

The famous tire company Fulga Tire Company, paid the bills to make this car, in which they can implement the world’s biggest tires of 23”, their initial plan was to make a very big car that can be installed the biggest tires with biggest rims on low profile tires, who can carry 6000lbs weight and can go upto 200 mph. when it comes to price, it cost at $8 million, which makes it world’s most expensive car, and which puts away any other car light years away, when it comes to price.


Maybach Exelero

Maybach Exelero is 19 feet long in length, has 23” inches wheels, and the company says, that it will never built again. The gas mileage is 2.5mpg when it is on full throttle. The world is asking them to built a two seater car as well, so it can be more practical for sport car lovers. But as yet, the Mercedes has no serious plans for that.


Maybach Exelero – Interior


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