The Guide to Buying the Ultimate Ski Pants In 2019

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  • Last Update: July 12, 2019

Winters are just around the corner and with that, we should start preparing for the wardrobe change, especially update the sports gear such as best ski pants.

A lot of people spend their winter vacations riding the slopes or skiing on snow covered peaks. Whether you are an amateur or a pro, it is important to have appropriate gear for skiing. Proper gear ensures that you are safe and comfortable during skiing. It also prevents lethal injuries in case of accidents. However, choosing the right gear can sometimes, become a dilemma. If you’re confused, like many others, about which ski pants to buy, then worry no more. We’ve rounded up some of the Top-Rated Ski Pants for both men and women. Choose one of them.

Top 15 Men’s Ski Pants You Should Buy Right Now

With that said, here are the finest ski pants for men that you should consider buying right now. All of these were reviewed on the properties mentioned above, so, we’re sure that you will find something to your liking.

10 Good Ski Pants Women to Buy

Ski pants can be unisex but sports gear companies have manufactured them separately for women. Size is a big issue when it comes to buying gear for women but the ski pants mentioned below have remedied this situation. So, here are some of the best ski trousers in the market that women should buy-in 2019.

Why you should Refer to this Buying Guide

We have reviewed all the products on this guide based on their features. All of them have their pros and cons. We’ve also based our opinion on customer’s views about each product. In addition to that, here are some categories we tested these ski pants on.

Types of Ski Slacks

Ski pants are of different types. Not every type is suitable for all skiers. What type of pant you should wear depends primarily on what kind of skiing you’re going to do. Different types of ski pants are:

  • Insulated – these are for pro and heavy skiers. Insulated pants are multilayered and made to keep you warm on the snow for a long period of time.
  • Uninsulated – these are for regular use. Uninsulated pants are only windproof and waterproof. They do not have layers to keep you warm because they are for light skiers, who only spend an hour or two on the snow.
  • Shell Pants – there are further two types of shell pants, that is softshell and hardshell. Softshell pants are very light and made for warmer weather, when you go skiing in summers. Hardshell pants have stiff outer layer to protect you from freezing wind.
  • Bibs – in order to keep the pants in place during rigorous skiing, bibs are the best option. Over the shoulder straps ensure that your pants do not fall or ride low during skiing. Plus, snow cannot get inside your clothes because bibs do not have a waistline.


Ski pants come in various designs and features, suitable for different types of skiing as well as the weather. Hence, they vary greatly from each other. It is understandable that the price range for these ski pants will also range differently. The pants described in this guide were rated on their price as well.

Weather Resistance

As long as the snow stays outside of your clothes, buying waterproof pants is not necessary. However, no one can guarantee that snow won’t sneak inside your clothes. That’s why you need waterproof ski pants. Also, rain can happen at any time and if you don’t wanna be drenched, then weather resistance is a quality you need in your ski pants.

Fit and Comfort

Obviously, you can’t get tailor made ski pants. But it is necessary that the pants you buy are suitable for your size. They shouldn’t be tight as they can restrict your movements. However, if you can’t buy ski pants of your size, go for one size larger because the base and middle layer can fill up the gap. If you’re buying a bib, then make sure it is comfortable and not riding up your crotch, which can be very irritating.


You are bound to sweat on the snow, that’s why you need pants with good ventilation. There are ski pants made of wick away fabric, which can take the sweat from inside to the outer layer of the fabric where it evaporates more easily. You can also buy pants with zippers that can be opened when you need to cool off.


Since ski pants have multiple layers and are well-insulated, it can become congested for your skin. Make sure you buy pants with considerable openings such as zippers or Velcro straps for easy access. Fabrics with wick away properties are best for breathability on snow for long periods of time.


In addition to keeping the wetness away, ideal ski pants should also be able to provide warmth. Fabrics such as fleece is good for single layers as it is light and provides a little bit of warmth. However, for skiing in temperature below 40, you need extra padding. Hardshell pants with multiple layers of insulation are better for that.

Style and Color

Although, it doesn’t matter as much as the other characteristics and most people choose the color of ski pants according to their preference. But, it’s best to stay away from colors like green, brown, black and white because they can camouflage you. Stick to bright and neon colors like orange, yellow and blue to make it easier for the rescue team to spot you in case of accident.

Additional Features

A perfect pair of ski pants should have additional features like adjustable waist, zippers for vent as well as pockets to stash away protein bars and snacks, for when you need instant energy. Moreover, it should have boot gaiters integrated in the pants so you won’t have to buy them separately.


There are numerous ski pants available in the market for both men and women. You can buy them at varying prices but your priority should be their function and sustainability. The perfect pair of ski pant is the one that works for you.