The Best Cell Phones Ever Made – A Review

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It is quite hard to imagine a day without a mobile phone. A mobile phone has essentially acquired a special place in everyone’s life. Cell phones and prepaid phones make life more convenient and let users stay in touch no matter where they are located. Not only because of its communication features, but due to the various other special functions made available. The functional capability of a mobile phone is virtually unmatched in the modern world.

Best Mobile Phones Ever

As newer and newer versions of mobile phones are hitting the market, it is quite a difficult task to pick the best mobile phones. Thousands of models are available for sale. The popularity and sale of a mobile phone depends upon the following factors


An attractive design is obviously a good choice for many people. The design is most likely to attract the customers to a particular cell phone.


The inbuilt features determine the popularity of a mobile phone. If the phone boasts of a myriad variety features, it is naturally going to be sold like a hot cake.

Processing power and memory

Naturally, if the phone has a high processing power then it likely to be sold quicker. Greater processing power can enable higher task execution. Also the presence of a higher memory power can assist in storing large data quantity.


If the cost is lesser, then the mobile phone is likely to be preferred by general sectors of the public. For mass scale marketing, cost is often the key factor. Expensive cell phones on the other hand represent higher quality features.
A compilation of some of the best mobile phones ever made has been provided below. It is a list based on the overall criteria of judging the cell phones.

Samsung Galaxy S2

Photo by Samsung

Arguably the best cells phone ever, it has a virtually unparalleled processing power. It is basically a Smartphone. The operating system is of Android, provided by Google. Varieties of multimedia features and general purpose functions have been incorporated in this cell phone. The display and connectivity features are top-notch too.

HTC  Sensation

Photo by HTC

Another android based Smartphone; this cell phone is quite advanced in its features. It has an array of security functions. Presence of a dual core processor enables high speed execution of processes. The connectivity features are the best amongst its contemporary models.

Apple iPhone 4

Photo by Apple

The cell phone is developed by Apple. It is a Smartphone as well, having the operating system of iOs. Branded as a new generation video calling mobile phone, it has multiple other features too. Fingertip sensitive contact screen makes the navigation easier.

Motorola Atrix 4G

Photo by Motorola

It is a Smartphone with operating system provided by Google. It uses the operating system Android froyo 2.2. Also a NVIDIA Tegra dual core processor is present. Tricolour LED identification and fingerprint scanning are the other important characteristics. The cell phone is very light in weight as well.

The Motorola Brute i686

Photo by Motorola

The cell phone boasts of an exquisite design combined with some excellent connectivity features. The cell phone has a special water-proof quality as well. It can be immersed in one metre depth of water up to half an hour.

LG Optimus 2X

Photo by LG

A Smartphone designed by LG company, it uses the Android operating system developed by Google. It has the privilege of being the first phone to use a dual core processor all over the world. Aprt from that, it has great display and storage options. For a Smartphone, the camera function is quite good too.

Google Nexus S

Photo by Google

The cell phone has a special NFC capability and incorporates a super sensitive AMOLED screen display. Operating system used in this case is Android 2.3, developed by Google itself. It is quite sturdy and surprisingly light for a Smartphone.

INQ Cloud Touch

Photo by INQ

The cell phone has a very slick and stylish design pattern. It has become a cult favourite amongst those who prefer connectivity. Various applications are provided for accessing social networking sites easily.

Orange San Francisco

Photo by Orange

A super smooth display, great design and amazing technology is what you can expect from this phone. All this is provided at an extremely low price. People who operate on budget and want a very good cell phone, too often opt for this phone. It uses the Android operating system developed by Google, version 2.1 though.

Nokia N8

Photo by Nokia

High quality hardware components and great camera features, certainly guarantee a place for this cell phone in our list. Photography and recording is quite amazing, considering it is after all a cell phone. Also the audio quality is quite good too. All this is available at a fairly affordable price too!

The above cell phones are produced by different companies, but serve a common goal of delivering sheer quality. As the cell phone technology has really bloomed in the last decade, all these cell phones are from this decade.


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