PETRONAS Twin Towers

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The Malaysian Twin Towers (88 floors) were considered the world’s tallest building when completed in 1998 and remained so till 2004 when Taipei surpassed it with 101 floors. The other comparable towers were the Willis Towers and the World Trade Center Twin-Towers with 110 floors. Quite often tall pinnacles or antennas are erected at the top to increase height rating.

The standard rules differ. However, according to U.S. based CTBUH such antennas are regarded superficial structures to confuse height and do not add to structural use or design. Accordingly when Willis Towers 250 ft. tall antenna was excluded, the PETRONAS Tower was assessed 10 meters higher.

The PETRONAS Towers are designed by architect Cesar Pelli. These Towers have the deepest bedrock or a 120 meter deep concrete foundation. The beautiful design reflects Islamic motif art and its circular structure presents a very picturesque outlook. High strength reinforced concrete is used for stability against strong winds. The Tower’s main strength comes from its 23 x 23 meters in concrete core. The supporting columns spread in outer circle to provide clear office space ranging up to 2000sqm each floor.

The floors below ground level, house Suria KLCC, the biggest shopping mall. It also has KLCC Park spread over 66,000 sqms. jogging paths, fountains, pools and children playgrounds are all provided. Further Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra is also there.

PETRONAS Twin Towers Occupants

The PETRONAS and their subsidiary companies and associates occupy Tower One. The Tower two tenants include well reputed companies like Al-Jazera, English Boeing, IBM, Mckinsey & Co., Microsoft, Reuters, Krawler Network and so on.

Twin Towers Sky Bridge

The two storey bridge is build connecting the two towers on 41st and 42nd floors. The world’s highest bridge is 58m long and weighs 750 tons. Visitors are allowed up to the bridge through free passes. The sky bridge is also a safety device for facilitating evacuation in case of any emergency in any tower. The staircases and multiple lift systems are sufficient for total evacuation if needed. A drill trial was conducted successfully.

The lifts

Otis lifts are installed in the centre of each tower. The double Decker lifts service two floors at a time. This sophisticated system consists of dozens of lifts arranged for “short haul” servicing floors up to 20 and “long haul” servicing up to floors 42, the podium. From here people change lifts to reach top floors in pattern, similar to lower floors. Besides these, “shuttle lifts” operate non-stop from G/1 to floor 42. In case of emergency these help vacate people from top floors quickly.

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