Ultimate Sculpture, made of 100’000 toothpicks!

Sculpture “Rolling through the Bay”

Quite a few Master indulge in unthinkable adventures in art using unusual materials. The renowned Artist, Scott Weaver wave a real but complicated and truly absorbing sculpture “Rolling through the Bay”, using household toothpicks. He made this outstanding piece technically universal, by sourcing the raw material which is the toothpicks, from around the world, through friends, relatives and from where he traveled himself.

The sculpture, showing San Francisco and its tourist attractions, was completed 35 years ago using over 1’00’000 toothpicks. He still continues to add, details with newly sourced material. Just imagine the long intensive hard work put into this project in over 3000 hours that the artist estimates.

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Scott Weaver comments that the ‘Heart’ displayed in the Palace of Fine Arts, was made from toothpicks that people wasted at his wedding.

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