Tips to Get You Backpacking Around the Globe Sooner Than You Thought

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If you don’t mind a bit of dirt and roughness with your travels, then backing makes for the perfect platform for you to get out and see the world or romantic resorts and everything that it has to offer. However, as cost-effective as backpacking is, many people are still restricted by their budgets. If this sounds like you, below are four great ways to stretch your dollar even further when backpacking.

Save on Your Backpacking

One of the first mistakes that any traveler wanting to go on a backpacking experience will do is to buy everything brand new and at full price. Instead of buying a new backpack, speak with your family and friends and look for one which you can borrow for your adventure. The same goes for anything else which you think you might need for your trip.

If there is anything which you can’t find, don’t pay full price. Sites like the Groupon Coupons page for Nine West have deep discounts on hiking shoes and accessories. If you are shopping in a store and you see an item which you think would benefit you, take down its details and look online for available discounts.

Take the Train. Everywhere.

Traveling between cities and countries is often the most expensive part of any backpacking experience. And with good reason; airport taxes and rising fuel prices all work to raise the prices. However, the same doesn’t apply when it comes to the train. Whether it is a local train or an overnight sleeper, when you are planning out your journey and its costs, look for train routes which you can take to keep your costs down.

Just remember that trains, as cost-effective as they, will often come with a degree of danger. Be sure to always keep your personal belongings with you at all times.

Food and Drink

It can be hard for a first-time backpacker to resist walking towards the light of a familiar fast-food chain sign. After all, being away from your local cuisines (yes, even fast-food counts as cuisine when you’re traveling) can be hard. However, these aren’t the places you should be eating because they are the most expensive places around.

Instead, look through the streets for a street vendor with the longest line. The longer the line, the most delicious the food is likely to be! After all, the locals eat there every night so they know exactly where is good and where isn’t. This is also a great way to make friends while you wait in line for food. Locals in these types of food places are always happy to meet friendly travelers and share their stories and histories.

Don’t Let Money Get in Your Way

If the cost of travel is what is preventing you from exploring the world, this article has just removed the financial burden from four common aspects of backpacking and travel. So if you have been staring at the world map for the past few months dreaming about trekking through a forest in a foreign country, now is the time to take the plunge! Get out there, and enjoy!

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