The new Era of .CO domains are about to come!

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.CO Domains

The new domain extension is being launched to open the doors on the internet once again after the .com domains. Over 83 million domains has been already registered with the .com extension, hence it is very difficult now to get your company’s domain on .com extension. The .com domains have been most successful till now and used for common usage, that is why almost occupied on the net.

The new .co Domains are being called the .CO Founders Program and designed to sell only to the relevant and registered firms. it is no longer be on first come basis. There will be an application procedure to purchase the rights of this domain. The company owners will have to submit applications with their complete company details, available on the website of .CO Founders. After going through the details and verification processes, they will allow you to become the owner of the domain/s.

The benefit of doing this will also discourage the black marketers, and it will let the real deserving people to get the best domain extension for their company. The new .CO domain is for general use like .com domain, it can be used for COmpany, COrporation, COmmerce, COmmunicate and COllaborate.

2 Replies to “The new Era of .CO domains are about to come!”
  1. Mike Swift says:

    I think the COinternet have gone about this in the correct way to discourage cybersquatters. Also, the Landrush stage allows the .CO to highlight it’s value in the auction process. Although your post does mention that “it will be start for sale by the 10th of June 2010” you can preregister .CO domain names at numerous registrars: is the one I’m using for the Landrush and General Stages.

  2. Mickey Maffia says:

    For how many years have you been having this blog? It’s really good.

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